Detective Conan: The Culprit Hanzawa – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

Episode 8

Episode 8 of Detective Conan begins with Hanzawa attempting to train Watson, the Hawk so that the bird can sooner or later assist him in carrying out his crimes. The Hawk, on the other hand, is difficult to train and it ends up pecking and injuring Hanzawa.

Hanzawa decides to purchase a pet in order to train it. In the pet store, his attention is drawn to a dog. He convinces himself that dogs are obedient and that they can be trained to do anything. Following that, his attention is drawn to a Pomeranian puppy, that he seems to adore.

When the pet store owner notices Hanzawa looking at the pets, she asks if she can assist him in picking a pet. He informs her that he is looking for a strong, intelligent, and obedient dog. His gaze returns to the puppy, but he shifts his attention back to stronger dogs. She suggests he buy a few breeds, and he chooses one, but the price is too high, and he leaves the store without buying.

Hanzawa tries to persuade himself that he doesn’t need to buy a pet and that he can substitute it for something else that will assist him in his crimes. Hanzawa falls asleep and has a pleasant dream about the store’s puppy.

The following day, Hanzawa can’t seem to stop thinking about the Pomeranian puppy, and it’s affecting his concentration at work. Hanzawa heads to the pet store after leaving work. He refrains from purchasing a pet and informs the owner that he is only there to purchase hawk food. The man who had previously tranquilized him enters the store. Hanzawa assumes he’s there to pick up a pet for his experiments. Hanzawa is concerned that he will take the puppy that Hanzawa has grown fond of.

Hanzawa contacts a detective and requests his assistance in saving the pup from the mad scientist. The detective agrees because Hanzawa looks after his Hawk. Furthermore, the detective requests that Hanzawa pay him for his services by the end of the year.

Hanzawa brings the Pomeranian to his room and gives it the name Pometara. Hanzawa tries to train the puppy at first, but when the puppy falls asleep while being trained, Hanzawa can’t help but cuddle with it.

The Episode Review

Hanzawa’s personality is summed up in this episode. Hanzawa considers himself to be strong, ruthless, and wild. Hanzawa, on the other hand, is far from that. He attempts to appear strong and merciless, but he always comes across as frail and delicate. In this episode, we see him wanting to buy a strong dog, but he can’t stop himself no matter how hard he tries, and he ends up bringing a Pomeranian puppy to his room.

This episode, like the others, doesn’t have an extraordinary plotline, but the approach and execution, by injecting humor in all the right places, truly makes it an entertaining watch.

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