Detective Conan: The Culprit Hanzawa- Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Episode 7

Episode 7 of Detective Conan begins with Hanzawa calling a recruiter to apply for a job. Hanzawa tells himself that the job he applied for does not require experience, so even if he makes a mistake, his new coworkers will overlook them.

Hanzawa interviews for the job and then awaits a call from the recruiter. Hanzawa is overjoyed when he calls with good news. He’sbeen hired and his training will begin in three days.¬†Hanzawa parties with the co-living facility residents (most probably in his head!) before preparing for the first day on the job.

On his first day, Hanzawa wonders what his co-workers are like. When Hanzawa enters, he finds the manager dead, and the detectives suspect Hanzawa because he is new to the job and has a knife with him.

Surprisingly, the detectives were using Hanzawa as bait, fully knowing that he’s not the true murderer here. When Hanzawa suspects that they are detectives, they inform Hanzawa that they are on an undercover mission to investigate the company’s rumors. Furthermore, they request Hanzawa to keep everything they told him a secret.

When Hanzawa begins work, there is a large crowd of people who have only come because a murder occurred in the store. Furthermore, when a Hawk is assigned to work on the register, many customers post it online, resulting in an increase in the crowd, which enrages Hanzawa.

Hanzawa is seen resting on his weekend off. A phone call from a detective, however, wakes him up. A detective asks him to cover her shift on his day off because she is in an explosive situation. Hanzawa is incapable of refusing her request.

The Episode Review

This episode confirms that all events are a projection of Hanzawa’s perception. This is clear when the detectives are deducing and blaming Hanzawa for killing the manager, but we only see them say “blah blah blah” after Hanzawa is terrified, indicating that the audience is shown what Hanzawa perceives. This also means that the events in the show are inaccurate because Hanzawa is unreliable.

The episode concludes with Hanzawa believing that the detectives are taking advantage and walking all over him. Hanzawa then decides to stand up for himself. We know from the episodes up to this point that Hanzawa is very concerned about how people perceive him and is terrified of people judging him. It’ll be interesting to see if he can confront the detectives.

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