Detective Conan: The Culprit Hanzawa- Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Episode 6

Episode 6 of Detective Conan begins with Hanzawa looking at his passbook, which shows that he has no money in his bank account. He tries to confront the lady at the weapon shop, but it has been closed since the day he was robbed. He can’t even file a complaint because the cops are too preoccupied with the constant killings.

Hanzawa tells himself that the only funds he has are the 30,000 yen his mother gave him. He considers giving up and returning home, but instead convinces himself to look for a job because his rent is due soon. Following that, he considers working at the convenience store.

When Hanzawa is about to leave, the residents ask him to join a break-up party that they’re having for a fellow resident named Shota. The residents ask Hanzawa to assist them in cheering up Shota. Hanzawa thinks to himself that the partygoers are extremely carefree. He tells himself that if they have enough money to throw parties, they should stop being greedy and lend him some money. One of the residents asks him to pay 3000 yen for the previous party, plus 1500 yen for a fellow resident named Yuka’s birthday. Hanzawa asks the girl to cover him for the time being because he was recently robbed and promises to pay her next month.

The girl reasons with him that they could be killed anytime (because they live in the crime capital of the world). She goes on to say that they party like there’s no tomorrow because there’s no guarantee that there will be a tomorrow for them. She then snatches the money from Hanzawa, leaving him with only 25500 yen.

The new landlady initially consoles him about being pick-pocketed, but she abruptly changes her tone and warns him that if she does not receive the rent by the deadline, he will be evicted immediately. Following that, she raises her voice and tells him that she could be killed if she doesn’t receive the rent on time.

Hanzawa tells himself that living on the street is impossible because he is surrounded by criminals. He instructs himself that he must look for work immediately or he will die.

Hanzawa then digs through job postings to find the ideal position. While looking for work, he realizes that even if he starts work the same day, he won’t be paid until the following month, so he begins looking for jobs that will pay him immediately, preferably on the same day.

The man who was previously amused by the explosion approaches Hanzawa. He then asks Hanzawa if he wants to work for him. Hanzawa suspects the man because of the previous incident, but when he offers Hanzawa a large sum of money (50,000 yen) that he will pay immediately in exchange for him to participate in his experiment, Hanzawa is unable to refuse his offer.

Hanzawa is taken to the man’s laboratory, where he is about to be shot with a tranquilizer dart. The man tells Hanzawa that they kept using the dart on someone, but the person eventually developed a tolerance for it, so it no longer works on him. He informs Hanzawa that they have been strengthening the dart for the past 20 years and that it can now put an elephant to sleep.

The man tells Hanzawa that he has no idea how someone with no tolerance will react to it, but wants to test it all the same. Before Hanzawa has a chance to flee, the man shoots him with the dart, knocking him out.

Hanzawa wakes up in his room and he is surrounded by the co-living facility residents. Hanzawa learns from a resident that he has been sleeping for three weeks. The present landlady informs Hanzawa that his rent is due that very day and requests that he pay her. Fortunately, the man who tranquilized him kept the payment next to him, so he was able to pay the landlady and he survived that month.

The Episode Review

This episode showcases Hanzawa as unstable. Hanzawa appears to shift between moods quite instantly, and while this has a comedic effect, it is clear that he is unreliable.

Another important point is made clear here too. Hanzawa’s instability is most likely projected onto the secondary characters because we see things through his eyes. To support this theory consider the landlady, who quickly shifts from sympathetic to panicked and yelling.

Furthermore, the resident who demanded payment from Hanzawa was seen changing her mood in a similar manner, while the man who tranquilized him appeared to be having a major mood swing too.

The episode concludes with Hanzawa being able to pay the rent. We know he won’t want to work for the man who tranquilized him, so it’ll be interesting to see where he ends up working.

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