Detective Conan: The Culprit Hanzawa- Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Episode 5

Episode 5 of Detective Conan begins with Hanzawa having a nightmare in which cops arrest him. One of the residents went to check on him after he yelled as he was worried about someone killing Hanzawa, given that the town is the world’s crime capital.

Unable to sleep, Hanzawa decides to go buy cheap alcohol so he can. When Hanzawa arrives at the store, he discovers that it is closed, which frustrates him.

Hanzawa takes in his surroundings and finds the place extremely shady and frightening. Hanzawa then overhears two criminals conversing, which causes him to panic. Hanzawa then flees as quickly as he can and enters a shop that sells crime-prevention tools.

The woman behind the counter convinces him to buy something for self-defense, and he succumbs. Hanzawa asks to purchase a knife, but after hearing the extremely high price, he reconsiders. However, the woman selling it persuades him to buy it, and he does.

After being looted, Hanzawa convinces himself and the audience that he cannot put a price on life because he needed the knife to save his life. The woman behind the counter recognizes that he was looking for a drink and recommends a place. Before Hanzawa leaves, she advises him to be careful.

Hanzawa walks to the bar where the woman suggested he go. The bar is also way overpriced, and the owner tries to take advantage of him. Hanzawa informs him that he does not have much cash, and the owner instructs him to accompany him to the ATM and withdraw cash there. Hanzawa tells himself that he worked several jobs to save money.

He continues to tell himself that the money is for his living expenses and that he will not give it up, before noticing that his wallet is missing. He realizes that the woman at the weapon shop stole it.

The men at the bar search Hanzawa’s bag and discover a 30000 yen envelope that Hanzawa’s mother gave him in case of an emergency. Hanzawa had saved the money so that he could return home with it after taking his revenge by killing the victim.

Hanzawa tells himself that he came to Beika town to kill a specific man, which is why he has suppressed his homicidal tendencies. He then tells himself that the only way to survive in the town is to do what he has to do.

When Hanzawa tries to escape, the bar owners attempt to rob another customer. The man is intoxicated and refuses to pay. The customer’s tough daughter teaches the men a lesson by demonstrating her strength.

When Hanzawa returns to the co-living facility, he is spotted by the residents who are having a party. They ask him what’s wrong when they notice he’s in a bad state.

Hanzawa checks his bank account and discovers that it is empty. He deduces that the lady at the weapons store must have stolen the money. When he realizes he doesn’t have enough money to pay his rent for the next month and that he doesn’t even have enough money for food, he realizes he needs to get a job.

The Episode Review

This episode, like the previous ones, refers to a man that Hanzawa wishes to murder. Hanzawa has the urge to kill people for trivial reasons (but he doesn’t seem capable of doing so). One can’t help but wonder if he wants to kill this person for a petty reason or if he has a genuine cause.

Hanzawa is robbed at the end of the episode, and he decides to get a job. Given Hanzawa’s neurotic and chaotic temperament, it will be interesting to watch him work.

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