Detective Conan: The Culprit Hanzawa- Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Episode 4

Episode 4 of Detective Conan begins with Hanzawa taking a shower and he realizes he is out of shampoo. He gets frustrated because the co-living facility did not provide him with any. He then decides to rinse his hair with water.

Hanzawa’s hair is frizzy as a consequence of not using shampoo, which bothers him. Furthermore, he becomes insecure and does not want the other residents to judge him. He starts imagining scenarios in which the residents make fun of his hair and he ends up killing them, drawing the attention of the cops.

Hanzawa believes he should prioritize buying shampoo over killing someone. While on his way to buy shampoo, Hanzawa continues to be self-conscious about his hair. Suddenly, he notices a kid and a man staring at him and he assumes that they are looking at him because of his hair. They both end up following him throughout the remainder of the episode (the kid looks like the kid who got Hanbayashi arrested).

Hanzawa ultimately goes to a convince store to buy shampoo after becoming frustrated because he couldn’t find the shampoo his mother buys. At the store, he spots the living space residents who he describes as party animals. Hanzawa overhears the residents having a conversation, and one of them suggests throwing a welcome party for Hanzawa. Another resident believes Hanzawa is a murderer, and the previous resident completely agrees.

Hanzawa is enraged by their conversation and considers killing them. Suddenly, another resident comes to Hanzawa’s defense, suggesting that they give him a chance because they are family. The residents recognize Hanzawa and invite him to his welcome party. Hanzawa runs away as soon as they spot him and invite him.

Hanzawa returns to his room and rinses his hair with the new shampoo. The residents spot him and invite him to join them at their party, which he does.

The Episode Review

This episode supports the idea that Hanzawa is an unreliable narrator and protagonist, and since we see the events through his eyes, it’s not unreasonable to theorize that the reality of events in the show might be distorted.

Hanzawa seems neurotic and delusional. Furthermore, he seems bothered by the smallest things, such as people judging him, and he gets scared of the smallest things and situations, yet he makes both himself and the viewers believe that he is capable of murder, which makes the show funny.

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