Detective Conan: The Culprit Hanzawa- Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Episode 3

Episode 3 of Detective Conan begins with Hanzawa wanting to change his address after renting a room in the co-living space. Hanzawa becomes an official resident of Beika town after changing his address.

Before Hanzawa leaves, the woman behind the counter inquires if he has a driver’s license, to which Hanzawa assures her that he does. The woman then asks him if he wants to update his driver’s license address, to which he says yes. The woman informs him that they do not handle doing that and directs him to the police station next door.

Hanzawa is terrified of going to the police station because of his motivation to murder his victim. Furthermore, he is aware that the police station in Beika town is hardcore and that it has a 100% clearance rate due to a highly efficient squad of crime fighters. Hanzawa has an internal monologue in which he tries to justify himself by claiming that he hasn’t done anything yet and that he needs to update the address on his driver’s license or he won’t be able to use it as an ID. He then tells himself that obtaining a video store membership without an ID is a huge hassle. He eventually decides to go to the police station after debating with himself.

Hanzawa goes to the police station, which is very crowded because the cops aren’t there since they are busy catching criminals. The police return to the police station, but they receive a call about another criminal and all go to catch the criminal. People in the police station become frustrated and decide to assist the police in catching the criminals.

Hanzawa is terrified as he sees people rushing to help the police catch criminals. Following that, a man approaches Hanzawa and inquires about his well-being. The man assures Hanzawa that the people are only trying to distract themselves from the chaos caused by the crimes.

The man then opens the windows and says, “Ah, spring is in the air,” as he sees blasts in a building. He seems to enjoy the sound of the explosions and compares it to the fleeting nature of spring, which freaks Hanzawa out.

After the police return to the station the next day, Hanzawa has his new address updated on his driver’s license. He then tells himself that was the last time he went to the police station. He then goes on to tell himself that he can now concentrate on planning the murder.

Hanzawa returns to the co-living space to find a package from his mother. His mother sends him his driver’s license and reminds him that his license is about to expire and that he needs to renew it at the police station, which infuriates Hanzawa because his efforts will be futile and he will have to go to the police station again.

The Episode Review

The show continues to puzzle the audience with the rather comical problems that the protagonist, a potential murderer, faces. For example, Hanzawa is terrified of going to the police station to have his address updated on his license, but he needs this done in order to get a video store membership.

The episode concludes with Hanzawa learning that he must return to the police station. He was terrified of going to the police station, but he did it anyway. However, the fact that he will have to go through all of it again makes it simply hilarious.

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