Detective Conan: The Culprit Hanzawa- Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Episode 2

Episode 2 of Detective Conan begins with Hanzawa watching the news on the street. The news showcases a criminal who, like Hanzawa, is a shadowy figure. The reporter informs the audience that he has been arrested for a murder he committed in an apartment in Beika town. Hanzawa thinks that while other criminals are slitting throats, he sits doing nothing.

Hanzawa then calculates how the prices of apartments where no murders have occurred will rise significantly while the rates in apartments where murders will occur will decrease. Furthermore, when the reporter inquires about another person’s thoughts on the murderer, the person refers to the murderer as a “disturbed genius,” which makes Hanzawa jealous of him.

Hanzawa tells himself that he needs to find a place to live before he begins planning murders. He then thinks to himself that he has a few broachers of apartments, but they all follow the same pattern of being either priced high because no murder has occurred there, or priced low because murder has occurred there.

When Hanzawa is trying to decide between the two options, his eyes are drawn to a kid crossing the street. The rice-ball-looking kid indirectly teaches him a lesson that living with someone in a murdered apartment isn’t as scary as living there alone.

Hanzawa visits a co-living facility. He finds the place ideal because he will receive the murdered house discount and will also feel safe because many people will be living there with him. When the landlord describes a few of the residents as party animals, he has second thoughts because it could jeopardize his plan to murder his victim.

However, a fellow resident named Hanbayashi arrives, who, like Hanzawa, has a shadowy figure. Hanzawa decides to befriend him after looking at him, and he decides to live there. When the landlord informs Hanzawa that the previous landlord was murdered in the living space, he is shaken, and Hanbayashi lashes out at the landlord, who then leaves.

Hanzawa ends up spending the night in Hanbayashi’s room and the two hit it off. The two of them have similar dark thoughts, and Hanzawa feels immediately connected to him and sees him as a friend.

That night, Hanbayashi murders the landlord, and a small elementary-going kid gets him arrested by providing a witness statement to the cops. Hanzawa wakes up the next morning and says he had a wonderful dream. He claims that in his dream, he repeatedly stabbed the landlord, which he found cathartic.

Hanzawa cannot locate Hanbayashi in the living area. Then he watches the news, and the reporter informs the audience that Hanbayashi has been arrested for murdering the landlord in an alley. The audience is then informed that this is how Hanzawa found an apartment.

The Episode Review

The episode follows a very simple plot in which Hanzawa is looking for an apartment where he can murder his victim. The infusion of humor and exaggeration in the smallest details, on the other hand, is what makes it incredibly entertaining and unusual to watch.

The episode ends on a puzzling note, as Hanbayashi is arrested for murdering the landlord, but Hanzawa has the same dream where he kills the landlord and he describes it as cathartic. It will be interesting to see if Hanzawa killed the landlord, if he was present when Hanbayashi killed the landlord, or if these shadowy figures are somehow connected to each other.

We see the story from the perspective of a potential serial killer, which is quite fascinating. What makes it even more intriguing is that the show does not attempt to paint the protagonist in a sympathetic or villainous light, instead, it makes him look insane.

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