Detective Conan: The Culprit Hanzawa – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

Episode 1

Episode 1 of Detective Conan: The Culprit Hanzawa begins with Hanzawa getting off the train at Beika town. The passengers warn Hanzawa from getting off at that station because its crime rate is very high. Hanzawa says to himself, ” Don’t worry about me, just worry about my victim”.

When Hanzawa is walking out of the metro station, he has an internal monologue in which he tells himself that he knows his victim is in Beika town and that if he finds him, his victim will wish he had never been born.

Hanzawa runs into two girls at the metro station, and when he trips, one of them laughs. Hanzawa considers killing the girl and has dark thoughts about it, but he decides to spare her life because it would be a petty reason to kill her.

Hanzawa begins looking for an apartment within his 50,000 yen budget as soon as he arrives in town. When he finds an apartment that appears to be perfect for 32,000 yen, he is suspicious, and his reasoning is downright insane. Following that, he devises an entire strategy assuming what the agent will say and how he will react if the agent starts deceiving him.

When Hanzawa meets the agent, the agent shows him an apartment for 32,000 yen that seems to be exactly as advertised. However, there is a catch, that the agent informs Hanzawa of. The apartment is cheap because a murder was committed there. Hanzawa fears that he will have to plan his victims’ murder in a room where a real murder has already been committed.

Out of fear, Hanzawa requests the agent to show him more apartments. Surprisingly, murders have taken place in those apartments as well. The agent informs Hanzawa that the apartments’ low price is subject to murders that have occurred in them.

When Hanzawa requests that the agent show him apartments where no murders have occurred, the agent shows him an apartment where he will have to pay a large sum of money in exchange for very few amenities. When Hanzawa questions the agent about it, the agent explains that it is because there are very few apartments like that available in the town due to the town’s high crime rate. Hanzawa then requests the agent to take him back to the first apartment that the agent showed him.

Hanzawa tries to bargain with the agent, but when the agent refuses to lower the price, Hanzawa considers killing the agent. When the agent asks Hanzawa if he wants to rent the apartment, Hanzawa asks the agent to give him some time to think about it.

When Hanzawa walks around town, he notices how crowded it is. Hanzawa thinks to himself that his victim is buried somewhere in the crowd and that he will find him no matter where he hides and then kill him.

The Episode Review

The episode centers on Hanzawa, a shadowy man with only visible eyes and a mouth who appears to be a possible serial killer. His puzzling demeanor is most likely intended to represent the unidentified criminals who lurk in the dreaded Beika Town, who are waiting for an opportunity to engage in a crime.

The first episode appears to be a complete antithesis of everything. For instance, we have a morally shadowy protagonist who is supposed to be frightening because he is a potential serial killer, but he is actually hilarious. Furthermore, the protagonist has a motive to torture and kill his victim, but rooms where murders have occurred frighten him.

The show has a clever sense of humor which is rather fascinating. The protagonist appears to be delusional, but when his murderous intent is masterfully combined with his tendency to exaggerate everything, the show ends up being quite witty and entertaining. Additionally, the show’s sound score is impressive, as it flawlessly complements the theme of the show and the temperament of the protagonist.

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