Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows – Destroy Rebuild | Album Review

Track List

Satellites In Motion
Brighter Side
Outcasts VS Everyone
The Longest Road
What’s the Code for Heaven’s Gate?
Waiting On You
The Arm


This is only the second album by post-hardcore band Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows. The band released their much acclaimed debut in 2011, so it’s been a while since the act has made any music, but it’s feels like they’ve never been away.

Destroy Rebuild is their new record and it peaks as their most revealing, their most insightful and their most innovative. This album bridges the gap between love and hate, and certifying that this outfit knows how to create even more cutthroat tracks.

These songs aren’t for everyone. They don’t show much beauty, but they’re so discerning and lyrically vivid that you’ll feel like you’re part of the staggering story. And Destroy Rebuild eclipses the first LP, detailing deep, prolonged sadness and despair. From the onset, it highlights broken memories, and the band does not chain themselves away from speaking the truth. They’re a bold act, after all.

Terrifying nightmares are explored, old ghosts appear, and the world is examined. The band also feel the pressures of a stagnant existence at times, and they want to change that. This record gives them the chance to express fully their grievances in a big way, offering the listeners a captivating fable in the process.

‘Destiny’ starts the record off. The thunderous guitar presence excels, and the vocals cut through the frantic atmosphere. Lyrically, the band touch on their own destinies and the stern grip of depression. ‘Brighter Side’ comes in somewhat softly, until the instrumentals evolve, and the vocal work yet again cuts in. Everything begins to unravel.

‘The Longest Road’ opens like a ballad, but nothing is suppressed, and the song lifts when the chorus hits. Self-loathing becomes a mainstay here.

Destroy Rebuild is an eventful LP from a band that has taken their time to hone their skills. Their debut album D.R.U.G.S was a smash hit, but this record seems more complete.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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