Destined With You — K-drama Episode 16 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Episode 16

The season finale of Destined With You starts with Hong-jo being kidnapped by Joong-beom as he prepares for his wedding with her. However, Hong-jo wakes up and tells him that the little boy’s grandfather – Nam-shik didn’t drug Hong-jo to marry her.

Hong-jo tells Joong-beom that she had followed along with his plan and pretended to be kidnapped in order to have Joong-beom arrested.

What happens to Joong-beom?

While Sin-yu goes looking for Hong-jo in the woods with the cops, she tries to buy time in order for the cops to reach Joong-beom. Joong-boem tries to force Hong-jo to change into a new attire for their wedding ritual when she uses pepper spray on him and flees.

The cops and Sin-yu arrive at Joong-beom’s hideout and learn that Joong-beom has fled, taking Hong-jo with him. However, Joong-beom finally catches up to Hong-jo and knocks her out. He ties her up and waits for nighttime in order to start the ritual.

He poisons Hong-jo to kill her as she is not willing to marry him and he won’t let anyone else have her.

The cops find Joong-beom and arrest him before he can flee. Sin-yu, on the other hand, finds Hong-jo and tries to wake her up. The cops learn that Joong-beom is mentally unstable and make an impactful case against him.

Does Hong-jo die?

Hong-jo is rushed to the hospital in critical condition. The doctors operate on her while Sin-yu is shattered but finally takes a sigh of relief when Hong-jo wakes up. Se-heon tells Hong-jo how he did not approve of her being Sin-yu’s partner because she had a troubled upbringing and he wanted a happy girl for his son.

Hong-jo tries to win Se-heon’s favour by telling him how much she loves Sin-yu. Sin-yu tells his father that Eun-wol has foreseen their future and is sure they will have a baby girl.

Meanwhile, Sin-yu takes Hong-jo home and feeds her well so that she can get her health back.

What happens to Nayeon?

At work, all the colleagues sympathise with Hong-jo when they see a video of Na-yeon insulting her at the reunion. She realises that Na-yeon’s ex had taken the video as an apology for what happened during their high school years. Hong-jo calls him and reveals that she is not thankful for what he did but wishes him well nevertheless.

The video caused a scandal as Na-yeon the daughter of Onju City’s mayor confessed to using her father to manipulate a construction project. Na-yeon, who is unaware of the ordeal, tries to meet Hyun-seo, asking him to marry her. Hyun-seo mocks Na-yeon and tells her that he has no interest in marrying her but is only dating her because she is with Sin-yu. 

Na-yeon learns about the leaked video and shows up at Na-yeon’s house. Hong-jo warns Na-yeon and tells her she has no part in the leak of the video. She threatens Na-yeon, stating that there are CCTV cameras outside the house. In the meantime, the cops show up to arrest Na-yeon for helping Joong-beom to flee.

Do the cops arrest Nam-shik?

Nam-shik tells Hong-jo that the cops will soon arrest him for providing an alibi to Joong-beom when he murdered his own wife. He tells her that he is worried for his grandson and apologises for what Joong-beom has done. 

Sin-yu resigns from his job at the city hall and tells the mayor that he is soon going to be in trouble, owing to Na-yeon’s confession.

Nam-shik is taken in for an interrogation but Sin-yu shows up there as his lawyer to help him out.

What does Jae-kyung tell Sin-yu?

Jae-kyung shows up at Sin-yu’s office and tells him that he had dirt on the Mayor and Haum Constructions’ Hyun-seo. He brings a voice recording where Hyun-seo confesses to bribing the Mayor in order to get the construction project.

Sin-yu provides the evidence in court and the Mayor, as well as Hyun-seo, are arrested for corruption and bribery respectively.

Does Eun-young accept Seo-goo’s proposal?

Seo-goo shows up at Eun-young’s house to collect his belongings but tries to reason with her. Eun-young is persistent and still kicks Seo-goo out. A few days go by and Seo-goo finally manages to convince Eun-young to marry him. 

The two get married at a local park in Onju City where Hong-jo attempts to catch the wedding bouquet. When she misses, Sin-yu grabs the bouquet, hinting that the couple were next in line to be married. 

Jae-kyung tells Hong-jo that he is moving away as he has landed a better job at the Blue House. He tells Hong-jo that he is still open to marrying her if Sin-yu doesn’t propose to her in the next 6 months. He tells her that he hopes to be a political leader in the future as he moves out of the house.

What happens to Wook? Does Yoon-jo get a divorce?

Wook tells Sin-yu that he is quitting his job as a lawyer in order to work as an actor. He reveals that he was joining Yoon-jo in the new acting project which she was the main lead in. Se-heon tries his best to win Yoon-jo’s favour back following their divorce scare.

Surprisingly, Sin-yu moves into the house with Hong-jo after purchasing the apartment. The couple start living together and invites their family for a housewarming celebration.

Eun-wol reveals her dream about Hong-jo being pregnant with a little girl when Yoon-jo and Se-heon come clean about their late pregnancy. Yoon-jo revealed that she was pregnant and would soon be giving birth to a little girl. 

How does Destined With You end?

Sin-yu finally takes Hong-jo to the beach and proposes to her, asking her to marry him. The two dig up a hole in the same place and bury the box with the spell books in order to put an end to their story.

The Episode Review

The show has finally ended and one thing we can be sure about is that Hong-jo and Sin-yu are made for each other. The way he also took his own time to take Hong-jo to the hospital after she was poisoned by Joong-beom shows just how similar they are. 

Nonetheless, this one has ended on a rather happy note with all loose ends tied. It also seems like the final two episodes were packed with a lot of details while the other 14 felt rather slow by comparison.

All the chaos in this drama has finally fallen into place and I am glad that Sin-yu has finally overcome his illness from the curse.

Destined With You had a rocky start but it looks like the finale has tied the story together. 

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