Destined With You – K-drama Episode 9 Recap & Review

Episode 9

Episode 9 of Destined With You starts where we left off with someone following Hong-jo when she goes to check up on the preparations for the upcoming cultural celebration. She gets worried and starts running away from the person and runs into Jae-kyung, who was also visiting the location to inspect the site. Hong-jo is relieved and thanks Jae-kyung for helping her out.

At the same time, Eun-young leaves to go back home but Seo-goo insists on joining her as she needs to fix her washing machine. At the house, Seo-goo manages to help Eun-young with a bunch of tasks that were held up because she no longer had her husband living with her to help her out. Eun-young offers Seo-goo some wine to thank him for his help and asks if he wants to have some ramen (code for hooking up amongst youngsters).

Seo-goo misunderstands her invitation and assumes she wants to hook up with him. He spills the wine on his shirt and stains it. Eun-young helps him clean it and the two share a moment. Seo-goo tells his manager that he will not be going on his blind date now and asks for Eun-young’s permission so that he can hug her. Eun-young starts mocking him but Seo-goo pulls her into a tight hug.

At the same time, Sin-yu is unconscious in the hospital. Yoon-jo creates a scene, sobbing because she had no idea her son was so ill. She scolds both Se-heon and Na-yeon for hiding the news from her. Na-yeon states that she too had recently learned that Sin-yu was very ill.

That night, Jae-kyung shows up outside Hong-jo’s door and finds that she is down with a fever. He tells her that he was at her house to discuss Sin-yu’s worries. Jae-kyung brings some medicines for Hong-jo to have and she recalls how Sin-yu had told her that he suspected him to be her stalker.

Hong-jo asks what Jae-kyung is doing at the location of the upcoming event. Jae-kyung tells her that he had dropped by after the mayor asked him to check up on the preparations.

Hong-jo buys his claim and learns that Sin-yu had asked Jae-kyung to install CCTV cameras outside Hong-jo’s house for her protection. Hong-jo asks Jae-kyung about Sin-yu at first and then asks him to go back to his house instead of letting him stay till she falls asleep.

That night, Hong-jo dreams about the same scarecrow from the shrine outside her house and gets worried. The next morning, the doctor tells Sin-yu’s parents that he is better and will soon wake up. The doctor states that Sin-yu was saved this time because the blood hadn’t reached his brain but needed to take care of himself in the future. From the office, Hong-jo texts Sin-yu asking him if he is doing well.

Throughout the day, Hong-jo is distracted and waits for Sin-yu’s response to her text but is disappointed when she hears nothing. A few hours later, Sin-yu wakes up in the hospital. Hong-jo tries calling Shi-yu and texts him multiple times but gets worried when she does not get a response.

Later that evening, she finally hears from Sin-yu who calls her at the hospital to see him. Sin-yu kicks Wook out of his room and goes outside to see Hong-jo. Instead of talking about his health condition, Sin-yu tells Hong-jo that he is more worried about the fact that he is in love with her.

Hong-jo asks Sin-yu to give her the wooden box with the spell books. She argues that the box belonged to her and she needs to have the spell book because she wants to text something. Hong-jo tells Sin-yu that since she knows the passcode to his house, she’s going to go take the box herself and asks Sin-yu to go back inside.

Just then, someone takes photos of the two together and sends them to Na-yeon. Na-yeon asks the photographer to stop taking photos of the pair and shows up at Sin-yu’s hospital room. Sin-yu tries to push her away but Na-yeon states that Hong-jo had told her the truth about the love spell and now she’s not suspicious that he’s cheating on her.

At the same time, Hong-jo goes back home and reads all about the “Love Destruction Spell”. Hong-jo learns that the person who had cast the spell was in love with her and was trying to curse Shin-yu. She meets Eun-wol and tells her that she is sure Sin-yu is sick because of the curse. That night, she casts a new undisclosed spell to help Sin-yu.

Na-yeon shows up at Joong-beom’s nursery and hands him Sin-yu’s shirt. Joong-beom asks for Na-yeon’s help in order to bring his plan to fruition. The next day, Hong-jo is at the location of the event where she recalls her last conversation with Sin-yu. Sin-yu tells Hong-jo that he won’t be able to attend the event because he is going on a trip with Na-yeon and his parents. He tells Hong-jo that he will not go if she asks him not to.

Later that night, the mayor launches the fireworks festival where all the City Hall employees are present excluding Na-yeon and Sin-yu. The mayor tells the crowd all about the importance of the fire festival and narrates that it dates back to the Joseon dynasty. The event goes ahead but Hong-jo misses Sin-yu and tries to call him but doesn’t wait for him to answer.

A while after that, Sin-yu shows up at the festival and meets Hong-jo. She tells him that she’s certain the spells worked after seeing Sin-yu. Sin-yu tells her that to him, it doesn’t matter if the spells worked or not because he’s in love with her. He proceeds to hug her. Just then, a flashback takes the episode to the Joseon dynasty where Sin-yu and Na-yeon’s past selves – Mu-jin and Aeng-cho – existed.

A young Aeng-cho is brought to the house of an old woman in an unconscious state. There, Mu-jin’s mother had died due to an illness. Aeng-cho helps Mu-jin find the letter his late mother had left behind for him. She also helps him recover from the loss and the two grow close.

Aeng-cho, who has the ability to see the future, sees that Mu-jin would have died if he chose to be a governor like his father. She lies and tells him that his future is bright. Both Mu-jin and Aeng-cho grow up to find each other again and he confesses his feelings for her as the episode comes to an end.

The Episode Review

It’s sad to think the fact that the show took so long to arrive at the most interesting aspect of the story. The past-present parallel was the only thing in the trailer that kept many viewers interested in the show and the makers decided to take 9 long episodes to get to that.

I hope the next few episodes will give a lot of insight into Aeng-cho and Mu-jin’s stories because Hong-jo and Sin-yu’s romance is still seeing no signs of progress. The way Sin-yu shows up to profess his love for Hong-jo at the end of this episode, one can hope that he has broken things off with Na-yeon but by alluding to the fact that she is working with the florist, Joong-beom, there is a possibility that he is still dating Na-yeon.

This, in fact, brings no change to Hong-jo and Sin-yu’s relationship which makes me wonder if the makers will drag this on/off thing until the season finale. With all things considered, I am worried that Jae-kyung is the mastermind behind the curse and is the person responsible for stealing Hong-jo’s pyjamas for the scarecrow.

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