Destined With You – K-drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

Episode 7

Episode 7 of Destined With You starts with Sin-yu and Jae-kyng arguing as he calls Sin-yu a cheater for troubling Hong-jo when he already has a girlfriend. Sin-yu asks Jae-kyung to mind his business and to stop meddling.

Upon hearing this, Jae-kyung asks for an explanation and to stop the two men from fighting, Hong-jo reveals the truth about the spells and the love potions. Jae-kyung is baffled by the explanation and claims that he does not think something like this would exist in real life.

Sin-yu believes that his ancestors killed the author of the spell book which is why his lineage was cursed with an incurable disease. Meanwhile, Hong-jo believes that the spells did work which further shocks Jae-kyung. He cannot comprehend that Hong-jo believes in spells and magic. He thinks Sin-yu was probably in love with Hong-jo and made up for the fact that the love spell worked.

Jae-kyung asks for solid proof to show that the spells really worked and Hong-jo decides to cast a new spell to make Jae-kyung believe. Sin-yu waits at Jae-kyung’s house while Hong-jo gathers the ingredients to set this into motion. The two men argue about the powers of spells, while Hong-jo casts a new spell upstairs.

Once the spell is cast, Hong-jo calls Jae-kyung to her apartment to check its results which pisses Sin-yu off. He tries to race Jae-kyung to Hong-jo’s apartment and the two men behave like children. After finally ending their passive bickering, the men sit with Hong-jo who tells the men that she has cast a spell to increase her beauty.

Jae-kyung doesn’t see any difference in Hong-jo but maintains that she’s pretty nevertheless. Sin-yu on the other hand, believes that Hong-jo was a lot prettier than before and her skin is radiating. With both men praising her, Hong-jo starts blushing as her cheeks turn red all over again.

Jae-kyung asks Sin-yu to quit acting like spells work and confess that he actually had feelings for Hong-jo before the spell was cast. Finally, Sin-yu leaves Hong-jo’s apartment to go back home and wonders if Jae-kyung is right. Hong-jo is worried when she also realises that Sin-yu may really have feelings for her.

Later that night, Jae-kyung decorates their rooftop with lights and calls Hong-jo up for drinks. As they chat, Jae-kyung tries to flirt with Hong-jo but fails to make her blush. On his way back home, Sin-yu spots the garden shop owner and Hong-jo’s stalker – Na Joong-beom.

Sin-yu calls Hong-jo to ask her to be safe but is shocked when Jae-kyung answers the call on Hong-jo’s phone. He asks Jae-kyung to relay the message to Hong-jo and sulks about the fact that the two were hanging out together this late in the night.

Once Hong-jo comes back outside, Jae-kyung tells her about the warning from Sin-yu and asks why she maintained a relationship with the lawyer despite how he treated her. Hong-jo tells Jae-kyung all about Sin-yu’s medical condition in order to make him see that the spells really worked.

The next morning, Sin-yu meets his doctor and discusses his current state of mind. The doctor believes that he’s experiencing something known as “neural coupling”. He also tells Sin-yu that the neural coupling had made him feel that his disease was cured but in reality, it was all in his head.

On his way to work, Sin-yu notices Hong-jo outside the City Hall and is certain that he really has feelings for her. He meets Jae-kyung and starts to tell him the reason behind his behaviour towards Hong-jo.

Sin-yu learns that Hong-jo has already told Jae-kyung all about his medical condition and is hurt. He calls Hong-jo to the office rooftop and tells her that the spells are all fake. Sin-yu is upset with Hong-jo for invading his privacy and for telling Jae-kyung about his medical condition.

The two argue with each other after Sin-yu learns that Hong-jo has saved his contact information as “Groot”. Hong-jo’s colleagues see her with Sin-yu and tease her for chumming up with Sin-yu after first chasing after Jae-kyung. Eun-young interrupts the conversation and claims that dating at the workplace was not a good idea but Seo-goo claims that he was not opposed to the idea as a female employee from a different department has asked her out.

Eun-young is seemingly jealous and asks the employees to go back to work. Meanwhile, Hong-jo goes out to work on the new decorations outside the City Hall. As it starts raining, Joong-beom shows up and offers to walk Hong-jo back to the office under his umbrella. Joong-beom touches Hong-jo inappropriately and weirds her out. She borrows an umbrella from an elder worker of the City Hall and asks Joong-beom to leave her alone.

At the same time, Na-yeon shows up at Sin-yu’s office and his co-worker, Gi-dong learns that she is the Mayor’s daughter and Sin-yu’s girlfriend. The news spreads across the office like wildfire and everyone, including Hong-jo’s teammates, learns that Sin-yu and Na-yeon are in a relationship.

That night, Hong-jo is worried about Joong-beom’s behaviour towards her and thinks about how Sin-yu was always looking out for her. Meanwhile, Sin-yu and Na-yeon are on a date but he drops a bunch of texts to Hong-jo, to check up on her. Hong-jo reads all of Sin-yu’s texts at home and starts blushing. She calls Eun-wol to talk to the shaman.

Eun-wol claims that she could see the person Hong-jo was going to date but does not make any clarifications as she ends the call. The next day, everyone at Hong-jo’s office is talking about Na-yeon dating Sin-yu and Hong-jo can’t help but feel a pang of jealousy.

At the same time, Sin-yu shows up at Joong-beom’s shop and gives him a warning for stalking and touching Hong-jo without her consent. He threatens to sue him for sexual assault and believes that the city hall will fire him if he doesn’t maintain a safe distance.

Once Sin-yu gets back to the office, Gi-dong forces him to have lunch with Na-yeon at the cafeteria. With everyone talking about Na-yeon and Sin-yu, Hong-jo feels jealous but keeps silent. Later that day, the Mayor asks all employees of the City Hall to take part in the street cleaning event that Hong-jo planned. Sin-yu notices Hong-jo with Jae-kyung and gets jealous.

Just then, Yoon-jo meets Wook in his office and asks to buy back the expensive relic. Wook is more than happy to return it, and asks Yoon-jo to accompany him to see a meteor shower event at an astronomical observatory. That evening, Hong-jo and her colleagues, Sae-byeol and Su-jeong have some drinks after work.

The two women ask Hong-jo how she was feeling after learning that Sin-yu was dating her high school friend. They ask Hong-jo if she ever had any feelings for Sin-yu but the civil servant denies having any feelings for him. After drinking their hearts out, Sae-byeol and Su-jeong take a cab back home while Hong-jo is left alone.

Sin-yu spots Hong-jo sitting across the street in a drunk state. Hong-jo congratulates Sin-yu on his relationship. She accidentally reveals that she really likes him and is heartbroken when she learns that Sin-yu hadn’t saved her contact number on his phone.

Sin-yu shows up at the bus station and forces Hong-jo to drink the hangover drink. He believes that he was worried for her but Hong-jo asks him to move on and stop worrying. Hong-jo takes the bus back home, leaving Sin-yu behind.

The next morning, Na-yeon is having breakfast with Sin-yu and his parents but Sin-yu seems lost. Sin-yu’s father has finalised a date for his wedding with Na-yeon which leaves the lawyer shocked. After receiving photos of Hong-jo and Sin-yu together, Na-yeon drops out of hanging out with his family and confronts him. She asks what Sin-yu is up to with Hong-jo.

At the same time, Jae-kyung and Hong-jo go to the dog shelter where they feed the animals and bond over their love for dogs. Later that night, Hong-jo goes outside to meet Na-yeon. She slaps Hong-jo for preying on her boyfriend and calls her out for repeating what she did in high school.

Hong-jo tries to defend herself and explain her side of the story but Na-yeon insults her and drives off. Hong-jo calls Sin-yu and asks him to meet her. At the same time, a frustrated Na-yeon shows at Hyun-seo’s apartment and hooks up with him.

Sin-yu and Hong-jo meet out in public, where Hong-jo tells him that Na-yeon had slapped her without an explanation. Sin-yu believes that she reacted like that because he confessed that he loved Hong-jo.

The episode ends with Sin-yu promising to take care of his feelings without getting in Hong-jo’s way. He wonders what he could do to make her fall for him as he kisses her, leaving her shocked.

The Episode Review

After so many weeks of wondering what is up with this show, the drama has finally got interesting. It is unclear what Na-yeon’s true motives are but the fact that she is hooking up with Sin-yu’s rival while she clings on to him, which is nauseating. Despite Sin-yu’s multiple efforts to ward her off, Na-yeon still clings and I wonder what she and Hyun-seo are up to.

Sin-yu radiated chaos at the beginning of this episode and it was hilarious watching him bicker with Jae-kyung. I hope the two become friends and bring Wook into the mix to make a chaotic trio. Speaking of Wook, his relationship with Yoon-jo is weird but endearing. I hope she doesn’t leave Sin-yu’s dad for Sin-yu’s friend because that would be weird.

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