Destined With You — K-drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

Episode 6

Episode 6 of Destined With You starts with Sin-yu waking up in his bedroom naked, wondering what happened the night before. Since he was drunk to the point of blackout, he wonders if he tried to kiss Hong-jo and imagines the two possible outcomes.

Sin-yu concludes that he hooked up with Hong-jo, considering his state while waking up, and is embarrassed. He shows up at the bus stop to meet Hong-jo before work and tries to make sense of what happened. Hong-jo is shocked that he blacked out and doesn’t remember a thing.

Hong-jo advises him to refrain from consuming alcohol ever again to avoid doing what he did. Sin-yu is distracted at work and tries to figure out what he may have done the night before. Meanwhile, after a local filed an angry complaint, Seo-goo announces that he will be helping Hong-jo catch some raccoons at the park. Seo-goo tries to avoid grabbing a meal with Eun-young which sets her off.

In the meantime, Na-yeon calls Hong-jo and apologises for the misunderstanding from their high school years. She claims that Sin-yu had told her about the death of Hong-jo’s father and feels remorse for her loss. Hong-jo asks Na-yeon to stop blaming herself but their emotional moment is lost when Sin-yu shows up.

Sin-yu is uncomfortable around Hong-jo but Na-yeon introduces her as her high-school best friend. Na-yeon’s behaviour towards Sin-yu makes Hong-jo jealous and she leaves the cafe. Outside, Hong-jo wonders why she is feeling this way, while inside, Na-yeon tells Sin-yu that she is going to be working at the City Hall as an interior designer.

She asks him to keep their relationship, as well as the fact that she’s the Mayor’s daughter, a secret. Jae-kyung notices that Hong-jo is having a packed lunch and offers to join her. During their meal, Jae-kyung confesses that he was curious about Hong-jo after she dropped Sin-yu home and wonders if they are romantically involved.

Hong-jo tells Jae-kyung that she had made a mistake, which is why Sin-yu was at her house to complain. She promises that everything will be back to normal after a full-moon night. Hong-jo thanks Jae-kyung for the bouquet he sent her but he claims that he never sent anything. He asks her to throw out the bouquet if she wants to send a clear signal to Sin-yu. 

At the same time, Eun-young and Seo-goo have a conversation where she asks him to give her some space with her ongoing divorce. Seo-goo wonders why he is so concerned for Eun-young’s well-being when she doesn’t care about him at all. He wishes her well and storms off promising to maintain a formal work relationship with her.

However, when a drunk civilian tries to attack Eun-young at the office, Seo-goo shows up and uses a martial arts move to disarm the man and save Eun-young. Eun-young is touched by Seo-goo’s gesture and thanks him for saving her. Seo-goo brushes off the incident and claims that he was just doing his duty.

That night, Sin-yu misses Hong-jo and calls her. Hong-jo who is exhausted after looking for her favourite pyjamas answers the call, immediately asking if he sent her the bouquet. 

He tells her how he was missing her despite not wanting to and she tells him that it will all be resolved after the full moon night. Sin-yu is brought back to reality by this comment and cannot wait for the new spell to be cast. Hong-jo asks Sin-yu to maintain his sanctity and refrain from kissing anyone as it could mess up the spell.

Sin-yu admits they already kissed the night before but Hong-jo clarifies that no such thing happened as she ends the call. The next morning, Jae-kyung is at Sin-yu’s office discussing a new legal case against the company Haum and its CEO, Hyun-seo.

After the discussion, Sin-yu and Jae-kyung talk about Hong-jo. Jae-kyung warns Sin-yu, asking him to stay away from their house and, by extension, Hong-jo. The mayor calls Sin-yu in, introduces him to Hyun-seo, and claims that Hyun-seo was ready to pay the settlement for the case against Haum out of court.

Hyun-seo says that Sin-yu was too talented of a lawyer to be challenged in court. Sin-yu tells Jae-kyung that Haum is ready to pay the settlement amount. He tells his colleague that he needs to be somewhere since it is a full moon night. Jae-kyung wonders if Hong-jo and Sin-yu are up to something. That night, Hong-jo packs up her bags to cast the spell.

A flashback shows Hong-jo thinking about the night when a drunk Sin-yu tried to kiss her. Instead of kissing her, he fell asleep on her lap and had to be dragged home. At the house, Sin-yu tells Hong-jo that he doesn’t want the disaster-repelling spell to be cast because he really has feelings for her.

He hadn’t ever felt like this and adds that he was truly in love with her. Present-day Hong-jo shows up at the park to cast the spell but Sin-yu tries to chicken out of casting it. Hong-jo begins casting after a minor interruption involving a missing dog and the duo head out to look for it.

Sin-yu believes that Hong-jo wants to cast the spell in order to free herself from him and start a relationship with Jae-kyung. However, Hong-jo brings Na-yeon up and claims that it was wrong for him to make her suffer when she clearly loved Sin-yu. Hong-jo manages to cast the spell by writing the word “sacrifice” on a red paper.

She asks Sin-yu to keep the paper with him for 100 days for the spell to work. Sin-yu takes the paper and the two go their separate ways. Early the next morning, Sin-yu calls Hong-jo and tells her that the spell must have worked because he didn’t have a single thought of her all night. The two are happy, and Hong-jo is cheerful on her way to work.

Jae-kyung offers to drive her and is surprised by Hong-jo’s mood. Jae-kyung offers to take Hong-jo to the dog shelter later that weekend as she walks to work after being dropped off at a nearby supermarket. Sin-yu’s parents, Se-heon and Yoon-jo, have an argument before he leaves for work.

Se-heon admits that he was going to cast a model for an advertisement for his company which sets Yoon-jo off. She sells one of his favourite relics to an online buyer. The online buyer turns out to be Wook, who is happy to get an expensive relic for a cheap price. The two go out for coffee and Yoon-jo feels appreciated by Wook.

Meanwhile, Hong-jo is shocked when she learns that Na-yeon is going to be working at the City Hall. She is upset after learning that Na-yeon apologised to her for her own benefit. Sin-yu meets with Seo-goo and Eun-young after receiving a complaint from a civilian who accused Seo-goo of assault.

Sin-yu looks at the CCTV footage of Seo-goo attacking the civilian and concludes it to be self-defence. He promises to help Seo-goo out but is shocked to see that Hong-jo was injured during the incident. Later that night, Se-heon and Yoon-jo have an argument after he learns that she has sold his favourite relic.

The plant shop owner who had consumed a huge amount of the love potion shows up outside Hong-jo’s office and asks her out on a date. She tries to get away from the man after learning that he had sent her the bouquet. Sin-yu shows up just in time and saves Hong-jo from the plant shop owner.

Hong-jo tells Sin-yu that the man had consumed the love potion and was worried that he was in love with her. Sin-yu admits that he is still in love with her and is not sure if the new spell is working. He tells Hong-jo that it is not reasonable to have to wait for 100 days for the spell to work.

Hong-jo takes the bus back home while Sin-yu looks at the red paper that she has given him. He is shocked to learn that Hong-jo had misspelt “sacrifice” and had ruined the spell. He shows up at Hong-jo’s house and tells her that he had messed up the spell and Hong-jo is embarrassed.

She admits that she was overwhelmed because he was looking at her so intently and made her nervous. The two argue, as Sin-yu tries to confess his feelings for Hong-jo. Jae-kyung shows up outside the house and scolds Sin-yu for following Hong-jo. The episode ends with Sin-yu telling Jae-kyung that he has feelings for Hong-jo.

The Episode Review

This episode looks like a hot mess and we are all here for it! There is quite a lot going on here but I am still unsure what to make of the story. The push and pull between the main leads looks repetitive but it is Rowoon that makes us want to come back for more.

The flashback kiss from this episode shows that Sin-yu and Hong-jo have chemistry and hopefully we see a romance between the two characters within the next few episodes. The interesting plot point comes from the time travel aspect, where Sin-yu and Hong-jo travel back from what we saw in the trailer.

The show is not going in that direction just yet and it makes the episodes seem uninteresting. We will have finished half of this season after the release of the two episodes next week so hopefully the pace picks up soon.

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Expect a full-season review once the season ends!


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