Destined With You — K-drama Episode 15 Recap & Review

Episode 15

Episode 15 of Destined With You starts with Sin-yu meeting Hong-jo at the park. He professes his love for her and admits that they have no reason to be apart when they have finally found each other after so much effort.

The security guard tells Sin-yu that the cops are waiting to meet them. The cops tell Hong-jo and Sin-yu that Joong-beom is nowhere to be found, asking them to be on alert at all times. Sin-yu convinces Hong-jo to go home with him.

With the added security, the couple finally spends some romantic time together but they are woken up by Sin-yu’s parents who are outside his door the morning after. Sin-yu convinces Hong-jo to meet his parents but the latter is not happy to do so after how she left things at the hospital.

Eventually, Sin-yu’s parents – Se-heon and Yoon-jo – meet Hong-jo formally for the first time. Se-heon is furious and berates Hong-jo for being reckless. He calls her out for spending the night with Sin-yu, knowing he was still recovering from the stabbing incident. Sin-yu tries to defend Hong-jo but Se-heon ignores his son.

Hong-jo apologizes to Sin-yu’s father and promises to stay by Sin-yu’s side going forward, no matter what. Yoon-jo lashes out at Se-heon and scolds him for being so harsh to Hong-jo. The couple then have an argument where Yoon-jo accuses Se-heon of being particularly mean to Hong-jo in contrast to how he treated Na-yeon when she was dating their son.

Se-heon claims that Na-yeon was ‘one of them’, hinting that Hong-jo was not someone who has the same social standing as Na-yeon. Yoon-jo points out that she too hailed from a poor family and wonders if Se-heon thought their relationship was failing because of her background.

Meanwhile, Hong-jo tells Sin-yu that she is going home and promises to text him once she gets back safely. At her house, Hong-jo finds her landlady waiting for her at Jae-kyung’s house. The old woman is happy that Jae-kyung is looking after her and asks him to be there for Hong-jo.

Sin-yu shows up at the house unannounced and tells the landlady that he will be taking care of her as he is Hong-jo’s partner. On the other hand, at the City Hall office, Eun-young and Seung-yeon fight with each other over Seo-goo. Despite being taller and prettier than Eun-young, Seun-yeon is defeated in the argument as Eun-young comes out victorious.

The argument ends with the office staff shocked that two women were fighting over someone like Seo-goo. At the same time, Sin-yu and Hong-jo go out on a date around the city and their two bodyguards accompany them everywhere they go.

Hong-jo finally returns to work and receives a warm welcome from her colleagues. She is shocked to learn that Seo-goo and Eun-young are dating. Moreover, Sae-byeol tells Hong-jo that she is ready to pursue Jae-kyung now that Hong-jo is with Sin-yu. She asks Hong-jo to throw a party for the team at her house so that she can be in the same room as Jae-kyung.

Sin-yu, on the other hand, receives an equally warm welcome from Gi-dong. Jae-kyung asks Sin-yu to resign from his job before the mayor can kick him out. Sin-yu tells Jae-kyung that the mayor is legally bound to a contract and cannot be dismissed without disciplinary action. Jae-kyung warns Sin-yu nevertheless and asks him to consider a resignation.

Meanwhile, Jae-kyung witnesses a young boy being bullied by three other boys. She tries to threaten the bullies but the kids aren’t fazed by Hong-jo. Sin-yu shows up there and threatens the kids with legal action and manages to scare them off. The little boy thanks Sin-yu and tells Hong-jo that he approves of her boyfriend.

Sin-yu takes the little boy on a treat. On the other hand, Wook hands out a legal divorce notice to Se-heon on behalf of Yoon-jo. He is furious but Wook defends Yoon-jo and reveals that she had filed her list of grievances against Se-heon that help solidify her case. He reads out the grievances where Se-heon is found insulting Yoon-jo.

Se-heon tries to get in touch with Yoon-jo and learns that he is not with Sin-yu either. Sin-yu calls Yoon-jo to check up on her and learns that she is going to file for divorce. He tells his mother that his only wish was to see her happy and that the divorce did not concern him.

Se-heon, on the other hand, reads the divorce document and realises how he had treated Yoon-jo over the years. At the same time, Seo-goo tries to lie to Eun-young and spend the night out. She gets furious about the fact that he is hiding something from her and kicks him out of her house. Even when Seo-goo saves her from tripping, Eun-young is adamant about kicking him out.

That night, Jae-kyung meets Hyun-seo and tells him that he’s not able to convince Sin-yu to leave his job. Hyun-seo asks Jae-kyung to start working for him in exchange for a huge sum of money. The episode then moves to the next morning where Hyun-seo shows up at Sin-yu’s office. He asks Sin-yu to be careful because someone very powerful has joined hands with him.

After learning that his family construction business is failing, Sin-yu calls his father. Se-heon lies to Sin-yu in order to keep him from worrying. Sin-yu then shows up at Jae-kyung’s office and tries to figure out if he is working for Haum and Hyun-seo. Jae-kyung claims that he needs to change his old righteous ways in order to keep up with the rest of the world. Sin-yu leaves his office, still confused about Hyun-seo’s threat.

Seo-goo wears a tuxedo and brings flowers to Eun-young. He brings a cassette player with him too and proposes to her. Instead of responding, Eun-young runs away, leaving Seo-goo waiting.

Later that day, Hong-jo finds Sin-yu waiting for her and realises that something is wrong. Sin-yu diverts the conversation and tells Hong-jo that they need to rush in order to meet his mother for dinner. Hong-jo decides to get Yoon-jo a gift on her way to the restaurant.

Meanwhile, Wook tells Yoon-jo that Se-heon is not willing to sign the divorce papers and asks her to try and chat with her husband. Yoon-jo tells Wook that she is happy that Sin-yu is supportive of her decision. Yoon-jo invites Wook to join them for dinner where Hong-jo manages to impress Yoon-jo.

After dinner, Wook tells Yoon-jo how he’s feeling left out when everyone was moving forward in their lives. Yoon-jo goes back home after learning that Se-heon’s business is failing. She tells Se-heon that she is going to wait until his business is back on track.

Se-heon is apologetic towards Yoon-jo and tells her that she matters more to him in lieu of his failing business. Sin-yu asks Hong-jo to come home as soon as she finishes work. Then, she learns that she is going to be at a school reunion that evening.

At the reunion party, Na-yeon tells her friends that she is getting married to someone soon. She accuses her ex of cheating on her with Hong-jo. However, Hong-jo shows up and fights with Na-yeon, asking her to stop using her father’s power and causing trouble for Sin-yu and his family.

The catfight turns aggressive and Hong-jo brings up their high school incident. She accuses Na-yeon of asking her boyfriend to forcibly kiss her. Hong-jo reveals that Na-yeon tried to frame Hong-jo as the woman who tries to trap committed men which caused Hong-jo to be bullied by her friends.

When Na-yeon asks for proof, Hong-jo urges Na-yeon’s ex to tell the truth. Na-yeon throws an angry fit and throws wine at Hong-jo, threatening to ruin Sin-yu and his family business. Hong-jo warns Na-yeon, asking her to steer clear of Sin-yu. Sin-yu picks Na-yeon up on her way back home and the two make love that night after Sin-yu gives her a bracelet.

The next morning, Sin-yu wakes up to a call from Eun-wol who predicts that he will have a baby girl. Sin-yu is scared about the comment but keeps it a secret from Hong-jo. Later that day, Hong-jo is at a local park for work when she meets the little boy’s grandfather. The old man appears scared of the bodyguards, after which Hong-jo asks them to leave.

Later that evening, Sin-yu gets a call from the bodyguards who reveal that Hong-jo has been kidnapped. Joong-beom performs a ritual on Hong-jo as the episode comes to an end.

The Episode Review

Since the show is inching close to its end, one would expect things to wind down but it looks like the season finale is going to be another can of worms. I hope the makers are able to justify the plot, no matter how complex it gets following the episode we just watched.

We have so many new angles, from Na-yeon’s past act to frame Hong-jo to Jae-kyung and Hyun-seo’s pact, as well as Wook’s feelings and Se-heon and Yoon-jo’s failing marriage. We will possibly come to a conclusion in the next episode and I wonder what Joong-beom is up to.

Hong-jo has been naive all throughout the show but the only thing she did wrong in this episode was sending the bodyguards away. Whatever happened to the dead body that was discovered in the park? I hope we are left with no loose ends now that the show has one last chapter as it ends.

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Expect a full-season review once the season ends!


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