Destined With You – K-drama Episode 14 Recap & Review

Episode 14

Episode 14 of Destined With You starts with Joong-beom stabbing Sin-yu and leaving him on the staircase. Sin-yu tries to get him to stop but the flower shop owner flees before the cops can show up to catch him. Hong-jo, on the other hand, tries to call Sin-yu but panics when he does not return. She goes outside and finds him bleeding by the fire exit.

Instead of immediately calling the doctor, Hong-jo starts sobbing and tries to get Sin-yu to wake up. Sin-yu calls Hong-jo by the name from her past life and apologises to Sin-yu. He is taken to the hospital where the doctors rush to save Sin-yu’s life as Hong-jo waits outside.

The doctors try their best to review Sin-yu but they are not able to find a pulse. The episode then moves into a flashback from his past life when Mu-jin’s father asks him to marry a noblewoman instead of a nobody like Aeng-cho. His father threatens to sell Aeng-cho off and asks Mu-jin to forget about her.

Determined to be with Aeng-cho, Mu-jin meets her during the fire festival and asks her to flee with him. However, Mu-jin’s father’s men beat up the shaman with Aeng-cho and threaten to destroy everyone at the shrine. Aeng-cho then meets Mu-jin at the destined time and place. She refuses to flee with him and ends her relationship with the nobleman. She asks him to marry someone else and move on.

Some time passes by and Mu-jin returns to the kingdom as a royal guard who works for the king. At the same time, the King’s courtesan asks Aeng-cho to cast a spell in order to make sure she conceives a son. Aeng-cho asks for some time to do so and shows up at the royal court. She runs into Mu-jin there and confesses the truth about being forced to end things with him.

Aeng-cho reveals that Mu-jin’s father had forced her to break his heart. The two get back together and spend a lot of time together as romance brews between them. Mu-jin learns that the news of a wicked shaman entering the royal palace has already started spreading and he worries for Aeng-cho’s safety.

At the same time, the courtesan delivers a baby boy. The courtesan then forces Aeng-cho to cast an evil spell and cause harm to the royal heir. She threatens to kill Mu-jin if she doesn’t perform the ritual, which forces Aeng-cho to comply. The royal heir ends up dying and the king orders for the shaman to be brought in. He asks the guard to kill Aeng-cho and destroy her spells.

Aeng-cho refuses to reveal that the courtesan was at fault and blames the king for being negligent with his child. The king is angered by the comment and tries to kill Aeng-cho with his sword. However, she warns the king by saying that the person who would kill her will be cursed with an early death. This curse will run on for generations until the last-born male of his family dies, destroying their entire clan.

The king asks Aeng-cho to be trapped and bound in a well in order to sustain herself. The courtesan asks her guard to keep Aeng-cho alive until the last of her spell books are discovered. Inside the well, Aeng-cho struggles due to the cold and passes out. Mu-jin kills the royal guards who are out by the well and saves Aeng-cho.

Mu-jin takes care of Aeng-cho that night and recalls how she had already told him she was tasked with killing the royal heir. Aeng-cho refused to go ahead with the spell. The next morning, Aeng-cho wakes up all by herself in the room.

The royal guards find Mu-jin and wage war against him for teaming up with Aeng-cho. They start a sword fight and Mu-jin tries his best to defend himself while being attacked by the guards. He loses the wooden box with all of Aeng-cho’s spells that he was supposed to take to her. He is stabbed, presumably to death, in the middle of the snow-clad mountain.

The royal guards show up in the room and learn that Aeng-cho has already fled. Aeng-cho walks barefoot on the snow-clad mountain and goes looking for Mu-jin. The royal guards find her but the guards are afraid to kill her due to the curse. An injured Mu-jin shows up on a horse and asks for permission to kill Aeng-cho.

Aeng-cho thinks that Mu-jin betrayed her because he wanted her spell books. Mu-jin hugs Aeng-cho and stabs her, willingly accepting the curse. Mu-jin tells Aeng-cho that dying by his hands will cause her the least suffering and promises to meet her in another life.

Aeng-cho grabs Mu-jin’s face with her bloodied hand and dies in his arms. The episode then comes back to the present time where the doctors rush to operate on Sin-yu who has just been stabbed. The cops tell Hong-jo that they are looking for Joong-beom and leave while Sin-yu’s parents arrive at the hospital and are worried for Sin-yu.

Hong-jo waits outside for a bit where Jae-kyung finds her. He tells her that Sin-yu was out of the operation and was out of danger. Jae-kyung asks Hong-jo to meet Sin-yu but she states that she is embarrassed to meet his parents after what happened to him because of her. Hong-jo blames herself for everything that happened to Jae-kyung and asks to be left alone in her house. She is afraid that anyone who gets close to her will die.

The following day, Eun-young tells the team that Hong-jo is going to take a few days off. At the same time, the mayor scolds Na-yeon for befriending Joong-beom and doubts her. Sin-yu’s parents are by his bed in the hospital waiting for him to wake up. Se-heon wonders why Sin-yu’s girlfriend was not there with them too.

Meanwhile, Jae-kyung helps Hong-jo pack a bag full of clothes as she decides to go on a trip. She asks him to take care of Sin-yu and informs her about her health. A while after, Sin-yu wakes up in bed and asks about Hong-jo. Se-heon refuses to let Sin-yu talk to Hong-jo but Sin-yu continues to defend her.

Hong-jo has secluded herself and is hiding in a small cottage owned by her landlady. She listens to messages from Jae-kyung and Sin-yu, learning that Sin-yu is much better now and misses her terribly. A few days go by when Sin-yu decides to go to the City Hall. His mother, Yoon-jo, drives him to work while Jae-kyung sends a message to Hong-jo about Sin-yu’s condition.

Sin-yu shows up at the rooftop and forces Jae-kyung to tell him where Hong-jo is. Hong-jo decides that she will quit her job at the City Hall if Joong-beom isn’t caught. That night, she gets a heartfelt voice message from Sin-yu and another from Joong-beom that scares her. He asks Hong-jo to meet him one last time and threatens to kill Sin-yu if she doesn’t show.

Hong-jo arrives at the park but surprisingly runs into Sin-yu. Sin-yu tells her that he orchestrated the message to see if Hong-jo would show up and scolds her for putting her life at risk yet again. Hong-jo tells Sin-yu that she loves him dearly and he hugs her.

Sin-yu tells Hong-jo that he is sure that the curse is over because he died momentarily after he was stabbed. He reveals to have seen everything from their past lives and holds up Hong-jo’s hand to his face, professing his love for her.

The Episode Review

The beginning of this episode was so infuriating and I know that this is a drama but Hong-jo couldn’t be more irritating as a character. I really wish the makers would have narrated the story in a linear fashion, starting with the Joseon era. While Hong-jo is naïve, Aeng-cho is the complete opposite of her.

The story of the past makes a lot more sense than everything happening in the present time but it looks like Joong-beom has a personal vendetta against Aeng-cho/Hong-jo that hasn’t been settled in years. I didn’t think that Jae-kyung from the past would be so brutal towards Aeng-cho.

As the last two chapters in this story remain, hopefully Hong-jo will decide to look for a way to reverse the love spell. That really looks like the easiest way to end this and it will cause Jae-kyung, Sin-yu and Joong-beom, all to be free from their feelings for her. 

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  1. I love this review, and your conclusion that the best ending would be if everyone got over the irritating character of Hong-jo. How could she just sit there crying when he was bleeding to death? Is she meant to be sympathetic???

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