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Episode 13

Episode 13 of Destined With You starts with a flashback of Aeng-cho being taken in by a shaman after she is abandoned outside her house. The woman forces Aeng-cho to be a shaman and she grows up as one. Aeng-cho falls in love with a nobleman named Mu-jin but ends up injured after a mysterious series of events.

Aeng-cho meets Mu-jin and accuses him of destroying the spell book. Mu-jin kills Aeng-cho and takes on the curse to end her suffering that would go down for generations.

The episode moves to the present day where Hong-jo asks to break up with Sin-yu. She asks if he knows that the bloody red hand from his nightmares is hers. Sin-yu asks Hong-jo to overlook their past lives and think about their present time together. Hong-jo asks Sin-yu for some space and time to think things through.

A flashback shows Hong-jo’s last meeting with Shaman Eun-wol. The old woman tells her that the two were bound to meet despite their past circumstances. Hong-jo tells Eun-wol that she loves Sin-yu and does not want to let him go for a mistake committed generations ago.

She asks Eun-wol to look for a way to break the curse. Eun-wol warns that nothing will change significantly if the two continue to be bound to each other. Present day, Jae-kyung tells Sin-yu that the City Hall has decided to collaborate with Haum. He reveals that the project was highly profitable but Sin-yu accuses Jae-kyung of teaming up with the mayor, who accepted the deal out of spite. Jae-kyung argues that he was just doing his job.

Knowing that Jae-kyung lives with Hong-jo, her colleagues force Hong-jo to invite them over to her house for a party. Meanwhile, Sin-yu’s father is upset that Hong-jo is not going to show up to meet them. Sin-yu tells his father that he is busy with work and has a lot on his mind.

That night, Sin-yu calls Hong-jo outside her house to give her some food his mother made for them. Hong-jo refuses to take the food and asks Sin-yu to end things for good. She tries to return the bracelet Sin-yu had gifted her. Sin-yu tells Hong-jo that it does not matter to him if he dies but Hong-jo is unwilling to watch him suffer.

Hong-jo reveals that she wants to spend some time away from him in order to make sure he is not in pain due to the curse. Sin-yu argues that he doesn’t have much time left anyway and wants to be with her for the remainder of his life but Hong-jo hands the bracelet back all the same.

The next morning, Hong-jo avoids making any contact with Sin-yu while Na-yeon shows up at his office. Na-yeon tells Sin-yu that she has convinced the mayor to drop Se-heon’s construction company and sign the deal with Haum in order to teach Sin-yu a lesson.

Sin-yu is unfazed by this and tells Na-yeon that her actions have only helped Se-heon go against her instead of being in support of her. Na-yeong states that she done all of this on purpose and will do worse to Hong-jo if he doesn’t come back to her.

Na-yeon gives Sin-yu another chance, asking him to break up with Hong-jo. Speaking of which, Hong-jo is at the park where she recalls her interaction with Sin-yu. She misses him dearly but does not act on it. Just then, Sin-yu calls her to talk about work.

Hong-jo refuses to go to his office and asks him to speak over the phone. After discussing work, Sin-yu tells Hong-jo that staying away is going to be a lot worse than staying together as it is hard for him to move on from her due to the love spell. Hong-jo acts as if she were unfazed by Sin-yu and ends the call.

That night, Hong-jo’s colleagues Sae-byeol and Su-jeong show up at her house for the party. The two girls invite Jae-kyung for dinner and he agrees to join them. Hong-jo tries to be a good host but Sae-byeol and Su-jeong flirt with him nonstop.

On the other hand, Sin-yu is drinking at a bar with Wook. He tells his friend that he misses Hong-jo. Wook tries his best to help Sin-yu with his problem but is not able to figure the whole thing out. The party is over and Jae-kyung helps Hong-jo clear up her house.

Jae-kyung tries to flirt with Hong-jo but they are interrupted when Wook brings a drunk Sin-yu to the house. Wook asks Hong-jo to take care of Sin-yu and flees. Sin-yu wakes up and is very happy to see Hong-jo but she tries her best to avoid him. She tells Sin-yu that she will never miss him and asks him to sober up and go home.

Sin-yu is heartbroken by the comment and asks Hong-jo to go back inside. Hong-jo breaks down and tells Jae-kyung that she really loves Sin-yu. She tells Jae-kyung that she is staying away from him for his own good. Jae-kyung states that Sin-yu dearly loves her which was why he was not willing to let go of her so easily.

On the contrary, Wook who was waiting nearby shows up again to drive Sin-yu home. On the ride back home, Sin-yu reminisces about the happy moments of his relationship with Hong-jo. The next day, Eun-young tells Sae-goo that he should end things with his blind date because she is going to accept him in her life. Sae-goo tries to break up with his date, Seung-yeon, but is enamoured by her beauty when he meets her for the first time.

Sin-yu finds something fishy in the potted plant that Na-yeon left in his office. He finds his shirt along with Hong-jo’s gloves wrapped together under the pot and shows up to meet Hong-jo. He asks her a few questions which has Hong-jo worried, but claims that he’s worried about her.

Sin-yu meets Na-yeon and asks her what she was doing teaming up with the gardener – Joong-beom. Na-yeon puts the blame on Joong-beom and reveals that it was he who reached out to Na-yeon. Sin-yu threatens to sue them both and asks Na-yeon to team up with him. He warns Na-yeon, asking her to be extra careful as she is the mayor’s daughter and has the most to lose in this situation.

Hong-jo starts cleaning up her house in order to avoid answering Sin-yu’s call. Jae-kyung is on a business trip with the mayor and notices a suspicious man standing outside their house via the CCTV footage. Jae-kyung calls Sin-yu and tells him that he has alerted the cops. He asks Sin-yu to check up on Hong-jo as she is not answering his calls.

Jae-kyung finally gets through to Hong-jo and asks her to be careful but Joong-beom takes hold of Hong-jo from the window. He accuses Hong-jo of flirting with good-looking men like Sin-yu and using innocent men like him. Just then, the police sirens alert Joong-beom and he flees from the scene.

Sin-yu shows up at her house and orders her to pack her bags and move in with him. Hong-jo tries to reason with him but he refuses to listen to her. On their drive to Sin-yu’s house, Hong-jo calls Jae-kyung to let him know that she is okay. Sin-yu thanks him for the heads-up and tells Jae-kyung that he will take care of Hong-jo moving forward. Jae-kyung asks Hong-jo to meet her at the office the following day.

Sin-yu pulls up in his parking lot and notices something worrisome. He rushes to the apartment and brews some tea for Hong-jo. Sin-yu tries to leave to get some medicine for her but Hong-jo asks him to stay with her for some time. Sin-yu asks her to wait for a while and leaves to check the car in the parking lot.

Sin-yu calls the phone number on the car and learns that Joong-beom is in the building trying to get to Hong-jo. He tries to call Hong-jo but she doesn’t answer with her phone being on silent. After someone knocks on the door, Hong-jo checks her phone but is unable to get through to Sin-yu who is taking the stairs up.

Sin-yu manages to intercept Joong-beom in the hallway but the latter stabs Sin-yu with a knife. Joong-beom claims that with Sin-yu out of the picture, it will be easy for him to be with Hong-jo before leaving the building. Hong-jo opens the door and is shocked to see Sin-yu stabbed and bleeding in the hallway.

The Episode Review

Out of all the things that Hong-jo has done all over the show, her phone being on silent has annoyed me the most. This character really does not have a fight or flight response and I am sure things won’t change anytime soon. I am worried that the only way to end the curse will be with Sin-yu’s death and the ending makes me wonder if he would even make it after all this.

Moreover, why are the cops not looking into the issue sooner given that Joong-beom was already a suspect in his wife’s abduction? The skeletal remains were found quite some time ago and it was revealed that the skeleton had some fingerprint remains.

With this considered, it looks the the Korean police are far too slow because finding the identity of the skeleton may majorly help incriminate Joong-beom. As we only have 3 more episodes left, I have some hope for the show to tie up all the loose threads together in the week to come!

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