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Episode 11

Episode 11 of Destined With You starts where we left off with Sin-yu and Hong-jo by the beach. She is startled when Sin-yu pushes her back and asks to take him to the hospital. Sin-yu deflects her concerns by asking to make a wish by the sunset and flirting with her. The two then go out shopping for a new outfit for Hong-jo as he wants to take her away the morning after.

Since it’s a few hours from sunrise, Sin-yu takes Hong-jo to his apartment and tells her that he was taking her to see the sunrise on first day of the New Year.

Jae-kyung, on the other hand, is concerned with he finds that Hong-jo’s desk left as it was since that afternoon when Sin-yu dragged her outside the office. He wonders if it would have been better if he dealt with the issue involving the mayor instead of letting Sin-yu handle it.

Na-yeon shows up at Hong-jo’s office and runs into Jae-kyung. The two have an argument but Jae-kyung puts Na-yeon in her place before leaving. That night, Hong-jo and Sin-yu get back to his apartment and wash up. Sin-yu is worried about the red hand incident at the beach when Hong-jo touched his cheek. Hong-jo though is conscious about spending the night in Sin-yu’s apartment. 

After a while, Hong-jo goes to check up on Sin-yu and he drags her to bed with him. The two cuddle and get some shut-eye before waking up at dawn. Sin-yu takes Hong-jo to see the first sunrise of the year where Hong-jo recalls how she dreaded this ritual when her dad used to make her do it when he was still alive.

Hong-jo adds that after his passing, she made staying in bed on New Year her own ritual because she did not want to go all by herself.

Hong-jo thanks Sin-yu for bringing her there and they hug. The new couple hold hands walking back when they run into Jae-kyung, who’s in the same place to see the sunrise. Hong-jo grows tense and invites Jae-kyung to have breakfast with them at Sin-yu’s house. After Jae-kyung mocks Sin-yu for being talentless, Sin-yu tries to look at an online recipe to prepare breakfast.

Sin-yu notices that Jae-kyung and Hong-jo are having a lot of fun in each other’s company so he makes a fuss about being stuck cooking. Jae-kyung takes over and prepares a delicious breakfast for the trio. Sin-yu and Hong-jo flirt at the table, which makes Jae-kyung uncomfortable. Later that day, Hong-jo is back at her apartment when she thinks about the incident at the beach.

Hong-jo wonders why Sin-yu may have pushed her back and thinks about his generational curse. She calls Sin-yu and tells him that she had planned to cast a new spell on him to help control the symptoms of his illness. The new couple spend the rest of the night talking to each other on video chat as they fall asleep.

The next morning, Gi-dong tells Sin-yu that Na-yeon has left a plant in his office. Sin-yu tells Gi-dong that he is dating Hong-jo now and is sure he will spread the news across the City Hall. Hong-jo apologises to Eun-young for taking a half-day without former notice.

In order to punish employees who follow such behaviour, Seo-goo offers to open a sinking fund where every rule violation will be penalized with a fine. The sinking fund will then be used for the wedding gift of the next employee who gets married. Na-yeon shows up at Sin-yu’s office and berates him for breaking up with her and moving on so easily. He tells her that he has always liked Hong-jo and was the first one to chase her around.

Na-yeon is hurt by Sin-yu’s comments but the latter leaves the office and goes out to meet Seo-goo. Sin-yu asks Seo-goo about his contract with the flower shop owner Joong-beom and reveals that City Hall’s recent transactions with the contract worker looked suspicious. Seo-goo clarifies that the City Hall had a long-term contract with Joong-beom because he was in a bad place after his wife went missing and he was turned into a suspect. 

Seo-goo is worried about being sued for taking bribes from Joong-beom and asks for Sin-yu’s help. Sin-yu tells Seo-goo that the best thing for him to do now is to terminate their ongoing contract with Joong-beom and promises to take care of things if he is honestly not bribed by the flower-shop owner.

At the office, Eun-young asks to have a team dinner with her employees but they all, including Seo-goo bail on her. Sae-byeol and Su-jeong take Hong-jo out for a meal that night and ask her all about her outing with Sin-yu the night before.

At the same time, Seo-goo shows up at Eun-young’s house with his suitcase full of clothes and hands her an official proposal, asking to move in with her. Eun-young initially rejects his proposal but then asks him to rework the document so she can consider moving in with him.

Meanwhile, Sin-yu texts Hong-jo, asking her out for dinner but she texts back telling him she is with her colleagues. Sin-yu shows up with Gi-dong at the same restaurant Hong-jo was at and interrupts them. The five then go to a Karaoke bar where Sae-byeol and Su-jeong sing to impress Sin-yu.

Sin-yu sings a romantic melody for Hong-jo before taking her back home as the rest of the team disperses. Sin-yu asks to spend the night with Hong-jo but she asks him to go back home. She leaves him with a kiss and goes inside her house to find a drunk Jae-kyung waiting for her.

He is upset that Hong-jo moved on from him in 100 days. Jae-kyung tells Hong-jo that she should call him by his name just like she calls Sin-yu before going inside his apartment.

The next morning, Hong-jo confronts Jae-kyung who is already embarrassed about his behaviour from the night before. However, Joong-beom spots them talking and takes pictures of the two together. Sin-yu meets his doctor and tells him about his hallucination. The doctor asks him to get an MRI and meet a psychiatrist. 

That night, Sin-yu is in his house, holding a manuscript of a curse spell when he recalls seeing someone who looks like him writing the curse spell on a piece of paper. He meets Hong-jo and the two go out on a walk. He tries to ask her if she recalls anything from the past and gives her a bracelet as a gift. Joong-beom sends the photo of Jae-kyung and Hong-jo to Na-yeon, who spreads it across the City Hall group chat.

The next morning, Hong-jo’s colleagues are disappointed in her. Furious by her actions, Hong-jo meets Na-yeon and wonders why she is stalking her. Na-yeon tells her that she hadn’t hired anyone to stalk him but was being stalked because she was the talk of the town. The women in the office talk badly about Hong-jo, calling her promiscuous for being with two men at the same time.

The news reaches Sin-yu, who decides to solve the issue on his own. Hong-jo’s colleagues tell her how she was betraying them by acting innocent when she was close to both Jae-kyung and Sin-yu. Sin-yu checks up on Hong-jo via text and she lies to him, stating that she’s fine. Meanwhile, Joong-beom meets Sin-yu in his office and learns that the lawyer is investigating his missing wife.

Sin-yu tells the florist that he found him suspicious and the two chat for a bit. The episode moves to Seo-goo who calls Sin-yu for help when the City Hall workers discover skeletal remains beneath an ancient unearthed tree. Sin-yu suspects that since Joong-beom was responsible for the beautification of the park, the skeletal remains belonged to his wife.

Hong-jo visits a deep forest all alone after seeing a post about a deep manmade pit there. The episode ends with Sin-yu trying to reach Hong-jo, when Joong-beom appears out of nowhere and pushes Hong-jo into the pit.

The Episode Review

Oh, dear God! The twists and turns this show is taking have me really worried about how this will end. We still have very little information from their past lives, possibly one of the most interesting parts of the show that I wish the makers would have given more screen time to.

There is so much going on all at the same time and it makes me sad for Rowoon who is really trying to make it as an actor. With a failed project just as he quit his boyband to focus on acting, his career may suffer despite the fact that he is the best thing on the show. I am still trying to understand why Jae-kyung, who used to be an understanding person, is behaving so childishly.

The entire shift of genres in the drama is unsettling and I wish they stuck to one and focused on exploring it well. This episode tried to make the show a suspense thriller comedy fantasy melodrama. Just as too many cooks spoil the broth, too many genres spoil the show!

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  1. The character Hong-jo is living in two different realities. 1) She is failing at maintaining at relationship, lies to any person who ask a concerning question, and drinks to the point of sleeping at bus stops etc 2) The wooden box is really to much for her to handle. Instead of living in the past discover away to break the course. I agree too much is going on and not enough attention to what matters the most.

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