Destined With You – K-drama Episode 10 Recap & Review

Episode 10

Episode 10 of Destined With You starts with Joseon-era Mu-jin and Aeng-cho embracing while in present, Sin-yu professes his love for Hong-jo. Hong-jo is shocked by the confession and mocks Sin-yu when he has a girlfriend. Sin-yu asks Hong-jo to wait for him and stay out of a relationship with anyone because he needs some time to end things with Na-yeon, this time for good.

Sin-yu asks Hong-jo to hold off her feelings for Jae-kyung as well because he is aware she has a crush on him. The two flirt with each other and leave to go to their respective homes.

That night, Sin-yu meets Eun-wol and tells her that he is certain that he knew Hong-jo from his past life. He tells the shaman that he is going to keep knowledge of their past lives a secret because he fears she will not believe him. Eun-wol tells Sin-yu to give his relationship with Hong-jo some time.

That evening, Na-yeon and Hyun-seo have drinks together. She tells Hyun-seo that she’s hooking up with him because Sin-yu doesn’t give him the emotional support that she needs. She also tells him that she really loves Sin-yu and wants to end up with him.

The next morning, Sin-yu meets Na-yeon and tells her that he has very strong feelings for Hong-jo and is not able to get over them. Na-yeon desperately tries to convince Sin-yu to stay with her and eventually breaks down when Sin-yu refuses to back down. At the same time, Hong-jo hallucinates that both Sin-yu and Jae-kyung are fighting for her.

Meanwhile, at the office, Sae-byeol finds Sin-yu ignoring her and paying an awful lot of attention to Hong-jo. During lunch, Sin-yu and Jae-kyung have lunch with Gi-dong but Na-yeon joins them. Hong-jo, who is having lunch with her colleagues, grows jealous upon seeing Na-yeon with Sin-yu.

Hong-jo overhears the conversation where Jae-kyung states that he is already in love with someone. Sin-yu argues with Jae-kyung in code and the two discuss their respective feelings for Hong-jo. After lunch, Sin-yu scolds Na-yeon for clinging on to him and goes back to his cabin. He calls Hong-jo but instead of discussing the situation at lunch, he talks to her about work, leaving her disappointed.

Yoon-jo meets up with Wook to take the relic back home. She tells him that she is depressed because of her husband’s attitude towards her and that she needs help. Wook asks her to restart her acting career but Yoon-jo tells the lawyer that she is too old for that now.

That evening, Na-yeon calls Hong-jo out for some drinks. Na-yeon lies to Hong-jo and tells her that she is soon going to marry Sin-yu. Hong-jo appears unaffected by Na-yeon’s claims about her relationship but in reality, grows jealous. Na-yeon brags about her relationship with the lawyer and states that one phone call from her will see Sin-yu come running to help her.

Sin-yu is having dinner with Wook where he tells his friend that he has fallen in love with someone for the first time. Just as he narrates the story of his reincarnated love, Hong-jo calls Sin-yu, asking him to pick Na-yeon up. Sin-yu shows up in no time which adds fuel to the fire and makes Hong-jo upset. She gets mad at Sin-yu and storms off as Sin-yu goes back inside to take Na-yeon home.

That night, Hong-jo accidentally uses pepper spray on Jae-kyung who was waiting outside her house with food from their landlady. Hong-jo is embarrassed by her mistake and takes him inside her house to help him clean his eyes. Jae-kyung uses the situation to his advantage and convinces Hong-jo to go out on a date with him.

Unwillingly, Hong-jo agrees to go out with him. Sin-yu asks Na-yeon to stop interacting with Hong-jo before dropping her off at home. On the other hand, Hong-jo can’t sleep because of her jealousy. The next day, outside the office, Sin-yu spots Hong-jo getting out of Jae-kyung’s car while she’s dressed in fancy clothes. He calls Hong-jo to his office and accuses her of not keeping her promise to him.

Sin-yu states that she is still hanging out with Jae-kyung despite her feelings for him. On the contrary, Hong-jo tells Sin-yu that she cannot trust him because he is still keeping his relationship with Na-yeon going while demanding “purity” and loyalty from her. Sin-yu asks if Hong-jo doesn’t have faith in him and tries to kiss him when Gi-dong shows up at his cabin without knocking at the door as usual.

The argument is awkwardly cut short when Sin-yu pushes Hong-jo’s chair away, prompting Hong-jo to scurry outside. Gi-dong tells Sin-yu that Jae-kyung is going to a couple of functions later that evening. At Hong-jo’s office, Seo-goo tells Eun-young that he has finished his work and is going out on a date.

Being his manager, Eun-young refuses to grant him permission to leave but he leaves nevertheless. Eun-young follows after and asks him out for dinner, requesting he cancel his date. That evening, Hong-jo goes out with Jae-kyung as per their agreement. Jae-kyung tells Hong-jo that the couple’s event they were going to had been cancelled. He takes her to an empty parking lot by Han River and they look at the scenery.

Hong-jo complained that she was hungry and the two ordered some fried chicken. She ignores Sin-yu’s text and asks for Jae-kyung’s advice on long-term relationships. Jae-kyung tells Hong-jo that breaking long-term relationships depends on the willingness of the people in those relationships.

He also states that a person who breaks up with their partner and immediately dates someone new ends up comparing their new partner to their ex. He directly tells her to refrain from waiting for Sin-yu and promises to be there for her if she decides to forget Sin-yu.

Later that night, Na-yeon brings Hong-jo’s gloves to Joong-beom who uses that and Sin-yu’s shirt to cast a new spell. The next morning, Seo-goo wakes up naked at Eun-young’s house and tells her that from now on, they are dating. She ignores his comment and asks him to dress up and get to work.

From his cabin, Sin-yu calls Hong-jo but she doesn’t show up. Na-yeon shows up at Sin-yu’s cabin instead and threatens him for breaking his promise to her. She makes a false complaint against Hong-jo and asks her father to help.

The mayor calls Jae-kyung in and asks for Hong-jo to be transferred to the main office. Jae-kyung accuses Sin-yu and blames him for the defamation of Hong-jo and her potential transfer to a different department. Sin-yu tells Jae-kyung that he will deal with the issue himself and goes outside. There, he finds Hong-jo going to the mayor’s cabin and takes her to his car.

Sin-yu drives Hong-jo to the beach and comes clean to her. He tells Hong-jo that Na-yeon had asked him to pretend to date her for a while until her project with the city hall ends. Sin-yu tells Hong-jo that was waiting to date her until after Na-yeon left the office because he did not want people badmouthing her.

Sin-yu tells Hong-jo that he is done waiting for anything and is going to reveal his relationship with Hong-jo to the entire office. Hong-jo tells Sin-yu that she was feeling perplexed about her feelings for him as if they were long-time lovers. Sin-yu tells Hong-jo that they have indeed been lovers for a long time as he kisses her.

The episode ends with Hong-jo touching Sin-yu’s cheek, which makes him recall the Red Hand as he pushes Hong-jo away.

The Episode Review

This episode was excruciatingly painful to watch and we should thank the toxic power couple – Sin-yu and Hong-jo – for it. If one was to compile a list of red flag couples, aka the most toxic relationships, these two would definitely make it on the high ranks of that list.

While one could blame Jo Bo-ah’s bad acting as Hong-jo for this, it looks like the makers are dragging the plot for far too long than it was initially intended, making viewers lose interest in the show. There is no depth in Hong-jo’s character so far and I am worried that things won’t change in the six final episodes as well.

Na-yeon, on the other hand, is a typical rich girl but I can’t blame her for her petty behaviour when we have characters like Sin-yu enabling her. Her excuse for not breaking up with Sin-yu was appalling and the fact that he still made a promise to her despite that is so frustrating.

All this makes the drama an adult version of middle schoolers dating which is all things one does not want in mature K-dramas for adults!

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  1. I sadly must agree. The miscasting of Jo Boah is deplorable. She is adequate in anything fluffy, but she lacks the gravitas in performance for this story. There is something so deep in Rowoon’s character that deserves an actress that can reflect his depth. Jo Boah is very pretty but her acting is subpar. After 8 episodes,I fast forward now through her painful scenes.

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