Demon Slayer – Season 4 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Hashira Unite

The finale o Demon Slayer season 4 begins with Muzan’s dramatic entry into the Ubuyashiki mansion. Shinazugawa and his Kasugai crow alert the slayers and Hashiras of the impending danger. Meanwhile, Ubuyashiki greets Muzan and tells him they hail from the same bloodline, although their blood “is no longer thick” due to Muzan’s birth a millennium ago.

Ubuyashiki captures Muzan’s attention with specifics on how his clan has been cursed because of producing a monster like Muzan. After consulting a priest, they were instructed to devote their lives and bloodline to the annihilation of demons. By marrying daughters of the priests, the Ubuyashiki clan managed to dilute the curse. However, no Ubuyashiki child has ever lived past 30 years of age. The ailing master of the Demon Corps keeps Muzan entertained while the demon watches Hinaki and Nichika playing in the distance, singing a haunting melody.

Ubuyashiki then claims he knows what Muzan wants—eternity—but explains that “eternity is the human will,” which lasts forever. Even if Ubuyashiki dies, the Demon Slayer Corps will continue to live. Conversely, if Muzan dies, all demons will vaporize into oblivion. Muzan prepares to kill Ubuyashiki, irked by his words. Simultaneously, all the Hashiras, along with Tanjiro, make their way towards the Ubuyashiki mansion.

In a brief flashback scene, it’s revealed that despite being at the cusp of danger every day, the Ubuyashiki family has never used the Hashiras for their own protection. “He always insisted that the Hashira are a valuable resource that he cannot use for himself alone,” explains Himejima to the rest of the Hashiras about Ubuyashiki.

As the Hashiras frantically make their way towards the Ubuyashiki mansion, it is engulfed by flames, leading to a destructive explosion that burns the Ubuyashiki family to death. Muzan barely escapes and realizes he walked straight into Ubuyashiki’s trap.

He expects the Hashiras to reach him soon but is hit by a Blood Demon Art that immobilizes him with millions of spikes inside his body. He begins to absorb them to free himself just as Tamayo lodges her fist inside his body. Since he is in the process of absorbing, he absorbs Tamayo’s fist and everything inside it, which is revealed to be “a drug that turns demons back into humans!”

Naturally, Muzan cannot believe it is possible. While conversing with Tamayo, we learn that Tamayo requested to turn into a demon to live longer so she could see her children grow into adulthood. However, she killed her family after becoming a demon and went on to kill many humans. “I killed scores of them out of despair! And to atone for my sins, I’m going to die right here with you!” Tamayo adds as Himejima shows up and beheads Muzan.

In a flashback scene, it is revealed that the plan was orchestrated by Ubuyashiki with only Himejima as a confidant since the other Hashiras wouldn’t have accepted their master as bait. It is also where Himejima reveals he met Ubuyashiki when he was 14 and Himejima was 19. We also discover Himejima mentioning Ubuyashiki’s power of foresight, which is how he knew about Muzan’s arrival at the Ubuyashiki mansion in advance.

The scene shifts to the present, with Muzan regenerating his head, confirming that the Hashiras will have to engage in a long, drawn-out battle with Muzan until sunrise since Ubuyashiki assumes the sun is the only thing that can kill Muzan. This is when all the Hashiras arrive to find the mansion in flames and charge at Muzan.

However, Muzan invokes the Infinity Castle, causing the Hashiras and himself to tumble inside it. Every last demon slayer is also sucked into the Infinity Castle, where the real battle is about to begin.

The Episode Review

It would be an understatement to say this was a goosebump-inducing finale characteristic of Demon Slayer, but on a whole new level! With every new season, Demon Slayer surpasses our expectations in terms of animation, execution, and delivery of all the plot points and scenes from the original manga.

Ufotable outdid itself with the animation of this finale, especially those brief moments before the explosion takes place. One cannot help but hold their breath as one of the most brilliantly animated scenes unfolds before us.

This episode had clever pacing that enhanced the viewing experience tenfold. The first 15 minutes have Muzan and Ubuyashiki talking, where seemingly nothing happens. However, beneath the garb of monotony, the climax builds beautifully like a huge wave, only to crash into one of the most visually stunning and emotionally charged moments of the series.

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