Demon Slayer – Season 4 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Stone Hashira Gyomei Himejima

Episode 7 of Demon Slayer Season 4 continues with Tanjiro successfully moving the huge boulder as part of his training under the Stone Hashira. This evokes interesting reactions from his friends.

Inosuke manages to move his boulder as well, while Zenitsu is horrified, exclaiming, “Inosuke managed to move his boulder too! This sucks! That leaves only me! This totally sucks!” At this moment, his messenger sparrow Chuntaro arrives with a note that changes something in him.

After Tanjiro completes his mission, he prepares to say goodbye to the world, feeling he is going to die of dehydration, but the Stone Hashira comes to his rescue. Himejima acknowledges Tanjiro for putting the lives of humans before his demon sister at the swordsmith village.

Tanjiro quickly corrects him, saying it was Nezuko’s decision, not his, and that he doesn’t deserve Himejima’s acknowledgment. This honesty prompts Himejima to genuinely acknowledge Tanjiro for speaking the truth.

Himejima then narrates his story. It’s revealed that he is blind and used to be a teacher, raising children at an orphanage. On a fateful day, one of the children sacrificed himself to save Himejima and the others by leading a demon to the orphanage and extinguishing the wisteria incense that protected them from demons.

The demon killed a few children first, and while Himejima asked the others to stay behind him, they did not trust their blind teacher and tried to escape but were quickly killed. Only a little girl, Sayo, did as she was told, prompting Himejima to tackle the demon. His sole motive was to protect Sayo.

In the course of this, he discovered his extraordinary strength as he kept punching the demon until sunrise when its corpse vaporized. Due to the trauma, Sayo mistook Himejima for the killer, and he was imprisoned until Ubuyashiki took him in.

The Hashira then says to Tanjiro, “But you never ran off. You never turned your gaze away. You never lied. You were pure and single-minded… You are a special child. As someone who’s observed scores of people with the eyes of my soul, I cannot be wrong.”

After dinner, Tanjiro visits Zenitsu to give him his share of fish but finds him different than usual. He leaves Zenitsu reluctantly and we briefly witness Zenitsu being serious as he comments, “This is one thing I have to do, no matter what” while clutching the letter he had received in his hand.

Tanjiro arrives at Water Hashira Giyu’s residence to find him sparring with Wind Hashira Shinazugawa. The Wind Hashira leaves after getting irritated by Tanjiro, while Giyu explains that their sparring was part of their Hashira training. While returning from the other Hashiras’ residence, the Wind Hashira comes across a demon eye and squashes it, realizing they’ve been infiltrated as Muzan Kibutsuji makes his way to the Ubuyashiki mansion.

The Episode Review

In this episode, we explore the Stone Hashira’s painful history of becoming a demon slayer. Tanjiro and Himejima have also built a warm relationship. Along with the usual Demon Slayer entertainment, this episode leaves many questions unanswered, such as the content of the letter in Zenitsu’s possession. What was in it to make a character like Zenitsu seem so serious and determined? We do not know yet.

The highlight of the episode was, of course, Muzan’s appearance at the Demon Slayer grounds! Has he found Nezuko? This penultimate episode foreshadows an exhilarating finale in the coming week. Are you ready, slayers?

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