Demon Slayer – Season 4 Episode 4 Recap & Review

To Bring a Smile to One’s Face

Episode 4 of Demon Slayer Season 4 focuses on Mist Hashira Muichiro Tokito. Tanjiro arrives at the house just in time to witness Tokito training the Demon Slayers. Tokito, who strikes fear into the trainees, lights up upon seeing Tanjiro. Tanjiro certainly is well-liked by everyone!

While Tokito’s Kasugai Crow clashes with the other slayers—“You shut your mouth, or I’ll gouge your eyes!” it spits while chasing the trainees—Tokito brings Tanjiro into his workshop, where Tanjiro is surprised to meet Kanamori-san. We learn that Tokito asked Ubuyashiki for permission to have his swords sharpened at all times, resulting in Kanamori-san living with him permanently.

During the training, Tokito is as relentless as the other Hashiras. After the session, the trainees chat with Tanjiro about Tokito’s “soul-crushing” tone, to which Tanjiro responds, “But to me, it seems like he’s actually toned it down compared to before,” referring to his meeting with Tokito in the Swordsmith Village. Needless to say, the trainees reply, “It’s hopeless.”

It is revealed that Tokito leaves the house every day to meet and train with Iguro and Shinazugawa. During one of these sessions, we glimpse an upper-rank demon from Tengen’s training. This demon, with hundreds of eyes in the form of tiny spiders, seems to be keeping a watch on all the Hashiras.

The next day, during Tokito’s training, the trainees begin to understand that Tokito is trying his best for their sake. Tokito comments, “I don’t want you to get killed by a demon. If possible, I want you to live long lives.” Later, he spars with Tanjiro and allows him to proceed to the next Hashira after five days. Tokito is in such a good mood that the rest of the slayers seize the opportunity and ask, “Then, can we go, too? Since we’ve been here for two weeks now.” Tokito’s tone changes, and he sternly replies, “You’re not going anywhere.”

Seeing this, Tanjiro challenges Tokito to a paper airplane battle, proposing that if he wins, Tokito should speak more gently with the Corps members. Tokito happily accepts. Although Tanjiro only needs to fly his plane longer than Tokito’s once, he eventually loses. However, this challenge boosts the Corps’ spirits as they battle each other with paper airplanes, softening their relationship with Tokito.

Tanjiro reveals to Tokito that he hasn’t brought Nezuko with him due to the demon threat to her. She is under the protection of Urokodaki-san while Tanjiro completes his training. As he prepares to leave, Tokito says, “Tanjiro, let’s defeat Kibutsuji together for sure,” and he agrees.

The Episode Review

Tanjiro seems to be bridging the gap between the Hashiras and the Corps members one at a time! This unity is exactly what the Demon Slayer Corps needs, especially with the looming threat of a demon attack. They need to be united and ready for battle.

This episode’s signature Demon Slayer humour is embodied in Tokito’s Kasugai Crow, who insults the slayers with lines like, “You people are useless! Go get devoured by a demon and die!” and “What are you looking at, bottom-feeder?” You can’t help but chuckle at the “bottom-feeder” comment, owing to its clever links to the food chain.

The episodes of the Hashira Arc feel shorter than those of previous seasons, with this season being the shortest overall. Honestly, we want more!

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