Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – Season 3 Episode 6 Recap & Review

The Demonic Slayer

Episode 6 of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba season 3 titled ‘Aren’t You Going to be a Hashira?’ begins with Tanjiro being surprised by Genya’s unnatural appearance. He suddenly sees that even though the four clones are decapitated, they are regenerating. As he rescues Nezuko from the ruins, he realises that there is a fifth clone.

At that moment, Genya suddenly chokes him and claims he will be the one to defeat the Upper Rank Demon and become a Hashira. Tanjiro genuinely voices his support for him and Genya is confused. Amidst their confrontation, all of the clones heal and attack. Tanjiro tells Genya to stall with the help of Nezuko while he finds the fifth demon. 

Karaku accidentally blows away the sulphuric smell and Tanjiro uses his olfactory sense to find the fifth demon – the original Hantengu hiding underground. He sends Genya after it and covers for him. However, Tanjiro and Nezuko aren’t doing well in trying to hold the clones off. Meanwhile, Tokito is stuck in the water prison which he can’t slash through. He knows that he will run out of air soon while Gyokko gloats.

Back to the clones, Aizetsu stabs Nezuko but Tanjiro is faster and Sekido realises that he is quick at adapting to the situation. Nezuko too uses her blood demon art and Sekido starts getting worried. Genya, meanwhile, is unable to find Hantengu. Tanjiro tries to guide him and he realises that Hantengu has turned into the size of a mouse and runs after him. Genya is pissed that such a small demon is so powerful.

He finally slices at him and shoots him but Hantengu is too powerful and the sword breaks. At that moment, Sekido aims for his neck from behind and Genya resigns to his fate as he knows that he cannot regenerate if he is stabbed in the neck. He starts recalling his regrets such as wanting to be acknowledged by his brother, Sanemi Shinazugawa by becoming a Hashira and apologising for an incident. 

In a flashback, we see that he feels sad for his mother who had a small stature, worked too hard and never slept. His father abused all of them and she would bodily protect him from his father’s attacks. One night, as she fails to come home, Sanemi and Genya start worrying. Genya wants to go look for her with him but Sanemi makes him promise to stay at home.

All of their other siblings wake up and they wait all night. Genya takes on the role of the big brother as he assures them that Sanemi will bring her home. Just as the sun is rising, they hear a noise and as they go to open the door, someone enters and fatally wounds them all.

As it heads for Genya, Sanemi enters and drags the demon away. Genya goes to find a doctor for his siblings but they are all dead. As he runs for help, he suddenly finds a stunned Sanemi standing over the body of their mother after killing her. Genya is horrified and runs to her while swearing at him. 

Now on the brink of death, Genya says he never apologised as he realises his mother was a demon and Sanemi killed her thinking she was a stranger. He feels guilty for not trying to understand the pain his brother must have gone through on realising he killed their mother. He remembers Sanemi telling him that they need to protect the family after their father is killed. But he is sad they failed. 

Suddenly he hears Sanemi say that scum like him can never be his brother. It is revealed that Genya cannot use any breathing technique which means he can never become a Hashira. At that moment, Tanjiro comes to his rescue and tells him not to give up. As he attacks Sekido, he tells Genya to just focus on killing Hantengu.

Aizetsu attacks Tanjiro head-on and he is unable to dodge the attack. But he realises he is safe as Genya shields him and holes are blown in his body. Genya says that he cannot kill Hantengu and gives the task to Tanjiro as he goes on to attack Aizetsu. Tanjiro finally finds Hantengu and draws his sword.

In the epilogue, Tanjiro asks Genya if he is alright since he has not eaten since they met at the Butterfly Mansion. Genya is annoyed that he always tries to get into his business. Tanjiro says that is because they are friends since they hung out in the hot spring and entered the final selection in the same year. Genya says he hates Tanjiro’s overfriendly nature but the latter simply looks forward to working with him.

The Episode Review

While the action sequences of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba season 3 have been super cool with smooth animation and creative fight choreography, for once it feels boring in episode 6. That may or may not have something to do with the clones’ storyline being exhausted unless something new pops up. But what we wouldn’t have minded is a whole origin episode for Genya. 

With his mother being a demon, it seems that he could be part demon. But then with none of his siblings or his big brother showing any such qualities, Genya may have some other ability. But whatever it is, hopefully, they give Genya and his backstory more screen time as it is so fascinating.

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