Delusional Monthly Magazine – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap & Review

Holy Moly! Fight and a Continental Rising!

Delusional Monthly Magazine Episode 10 begins with Goro’s visit to the Research University to search for Four Tune’s articles but finds no records related to the Mo-continent. Exiting the university, he stumbles upon a basement room with an engraved map of the mo-continent. Shortly after, he meets For Tune, actually the Chief of the Moso magazine, who offers him the remaining mo-parts and encourages him to use them as a true scientist would. She reveals that she obtained the mo-parts from a confidential source.

Back at the café, Goro shares the encounter with Giro and Taro, urging them to hand over their mo-parts to raise the mo-continent. However, Taro and Giro are hesitant, suspecting a plot by Noin and Perch from White Pegasus. Goro’s insistence leads to a confrontation, causing Taro to flee to the seaside, followed by Jiro. Meanwhile, Noin and Perch discover their missing mo-parts and Edward Chi rushes to find them.

At the seaside, Taro and Jiro reminisce about their past and how they became part of the Moso Monthly Magazine family. Taro, once unemployed, befriended and cared for infant Jiro, an orphan taken in by For Tune. Eventually, they both joined the magazine’s editorial team.

Meanwhile, Goro, guided by Saburo, reunites with Taro and Jiro. After a heartfelt discussion, they realize Taro’s reluctance stems from concern for Jiro, but with Jiro’s consent, they decide to raise the mo-continent.

Unable to locate the mo-parts or For Tune, Edward returns to White Pegasus headquarters, where he finds For Tune waiting. She cryptically explains the mo-parts are merely tools, intending to prove the existence of the mo-continent, with more to be revealed in time.

Back at the basement, Goro, Jiro, and Taro place the mo-parts on the engraved map, causing the mo-continent to rise. Initially, it seems like the basement will collapse, but they emerge to witness the massive continent floating above the ocean, surprising onlookers who mistake it for a natural disaster.

Delusional Monthly Magazine Episode 10 concludes with For Tune, Edward Chi, Noin, and Perch rushing towards the mo-continent, while Goro, Jiro, Taro, and Saburo witness its awe-inspiring rise.

The Episode Review

Delusional Monthly Magazine Episode 10 covers the important aspect of the revelation and rise of the mo-continent. For Tune’s intent seems to be unclear as she hands over the mo-parts to Goro, allowing him, along with Taro and Jiro, to raise the mo-continent. Even Edward Chi is confused because until now it seemed that For Tune herself wanted to prove the existence of the mo-continent.

The episode ends on a cliffhanger as the rise of the mo-continent unfolds. It covers a few aspects of the origin of Jiro and Taro and how they end up working for For Tune. Some questions remain unanswered, however, such as how Jiro ended up as a child with For Tune if he was the prince of the mo-continent.

The episode gives us a slight hint that For Tune’s intentions might not be as pure as they seem. It maintains the pace of the series, along with Episode 9. The series keeps getting more and more interesting as more secrets and the past of the characters are revealed.

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