Delivery Man – K-drama Episode 12 Recap, Review, & Ending Explained

Delivery Man

Episode 12 of Delivery Man resumes in an abandoned building, with Dr. Do destroying Ji-hyun’s phone and Ji-hyun’s ghost disappearing.

Is Ji-hyun alive?

In Ji-hyun’s hospital room, her monitor flatlines, but then her pulse comes back, and she opens her eyes.

Back in the abandoned building, the police and detectives rush in and put Dr. Do in handcuffs.

Young-min is in the hospital getting treated for his burn wounds. Young-min tells Hyung-soo that Ji-hyun’s ghost was with him until now and about how she was connected to her phone. He cries and tells him that it’s his job to protect her. Hyung-soo says that he has to show Young-min something and asks him to come with him.

Hyung-soo takes Young-min to another hospital facility and shows him Ji-hyun. She is still in a coma, lying on the hospital bed. Hyung-soo explains that when he found her by their house, he took her to the hospital, but someone pulled the plug on her life support devices. He made it look like she died and then he took her to another facility. Young-min cries happy tears.

Will Dr. Do get away with murder?

At the police station, the detectives try to charge Dr. Do with Jung-woo’s murder, but Dr. Do denies everything.

Young-min sits next to Ji-hyun’s hospital bed, stroking her hand. He remembers that he could never do this before because she was a ghost. Ji-hyun moves her hand and slowly opens her eyes.

The detectives come back to Dr. Do with more evidence, but he still refuses to admit to the murders. Nurse Kim appears at the police station and tells the police that she committed the murders. She provides evidence that she did it—phones, the keychain, and a USB. She claims that Jung-woo and her conspired together. As a result, the detectives tell Dr. Do that he may go.

On his way out, Dr. Do sees Nurse Kim and knows that she took the blame for him.

Back at Ji-hyun’s hospital, Young-min asks Ji-hyun if she recognizes him. She calls him by his name, grabs his hand, and touches his face. She tells him she remembers everything, and he hugs her. The detectives call Hyung-soo and tell him that Nurse Kim has confessed.

The next day, a prison guard finds Nurse Kim dead, apparently having killed herself by stabbing herself in the neck with a pen. She did leave a note reiterating her murder confession.

Dr. Do comes into the hospital and asks So-ri why everyone is awkward. She tells him it is because of Nurse Kim’s suicide. He changes the subject and asks how Young-min is doing. She’s doing fine and tells him that Ji-hyun is at the hospital. Dr. Do heads there and seems to be thinking about killing Ji-hyun. He doesn’t show any signs of remorse for Nurse Kim’s death though.

Dr. Do goes into Ji-hyun’s room and starts to put an injection into her IV when Young-min jumps up and attacks him. Dr. Do manages to get away, grabs So-ri, and holds a needle to her neck until he makes it to the parking garage with her, where he lets her go before getting into a car and driving away.

The detectives jump in their car, Young-min also gets in his taxi, and both cars follow after Dr. Do. Young-min ends up trapping him, while the detectives get him out of the car, and Dr. Do holds up a needle to his neck and says that he will kill himself, but Young-min holds his arm away.

At the hospital, Dr. Do is handcuffed. Ji-hyun and Young-min approach him, and Dr. Do says that he will kill them both.

Later in Dr. Do’s prison cell, an evil spirit approaches him, and then several more appear. Dr. Do starts screaming like a crazy person. A flashback displays of Ji-hyun, Hyung-soo, Young-min, and the detectives coming up with the plan to use Ji-hyun as bait to catch Dr. Do in the act.

What about Young-min’s mom, Jin-sook?

At the hospital, Ji-hyun hands Young-min his mom’s hairband. Later, Young-min and Ji-hyun hold hands and walk together, and then Ji-hyun throws a snowball a Young-min and then kisses him.

At the police station, Ji-hyun reports in for work when the detectives get a call about a body being found. They tell Ji-hyun that she can report in for work tomorrow.

Young-min and Ji-hyun meet Young-min’s friends to go bowling. Young-min tells Ji-hyun that he and his mom always used to bowl together, so that is why he wanted to go bowling together.

Later, the couple visits the shaman, who is at first astounded but then realizes that Ji-hyun’s presence makes sense now. Young-min asks the shaman where his mom’s soul is. He tells him that she is at the barbeque restaurant she was going to meet Young-min at before she died. She is not able to leave because she has been trying to keep her promise to meet Young-min there.

How does Delivery Man end?

Young-min drives to the restaurant and sees his mom’s (Jin-sook’s) ghost. He cries and runs to her. She also cries and tells him that she misses him. She tells him to be happy. Ji-hyun cannot see Jin-sook’s ghost, but she apologizes to her for her death, claiming that she was responsible for it. Jinsook tells her that the only fault is the killer’s. She tells her not to cry and to smile.

Young-min explains to her how he came to meet Ji-hyun. Ji-hyun tells Jin-sook that she will care for and love Young-min for her. Jin-sook tells them that she can now leave peacefully. Young-min tells Jin-sook that he loves her. Jin-sook says that she is proud of him, and as she is leaving, she asks if she may go.

Another day, Young-min brings Ji-hyun to meet his grandma. Grandma has a dream that she cooked food for Ji-hyun, and she thanks her for keeping her company. When she wakes up, Ji-hyun is there, and she hands her some flowers. Grandma is stunned and hugs her.

Later, Young-min picks up Ji-hyun from the case station and tells him about what she is working on. They leave in Young-min’s taxi to go investigate. They pick up a ghost passenger and ask her if she went missing. Young-min translates what the ghost says for Ji-hyun, where they tell her that they are the ghost taxi service and help grant ghost wishes. Young-min asks if he’s met the ghost before but she doesn’t answer, saying that she hears that a lot. They drive off to help her as the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

At last, all of our questions have now been answered. They really dragged out the one about where Jin-sook’s ghost was, but we can finally be relieved that Young-min got to reunite with her one more time.

Young-min always wanted to be a police officer, but instead of pursuing that, it seems like he is teaming up with Detective Ji-hyun to help with her investigations while keeping his taxi-driver role. So he is still getting a similar lifestyle to that of a policeman. Overall, this was a pretty nice wrap-up!

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