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Delivery Man – K-drama Episode 9 Recap & Review

Delivery Man

Episode 9 of Delivery Man picks up when Ji-hyun and Young-min are in Jung-woo’s apartment, and Ji-hyun is on the brink of disappearing.

In a hospital room, Hyung-soo is holding Ji-hyun’s hand although her vital monitors start rapidly blinking. She is unconscious but regains clarity momentarily before suddenly returning back to stillness. 

Ji-hyun’s spirit stops, looking like she is about to disappear. Young-min and Ji-hyun aren’t able to discuss what just happened because they are still at Jung-woo’s apartment, helping the ghost woman (Mi-kyung) who died there.

In Jung-woo’s room, Mi-kyung says she never saw the photos of Ji-hyun and Young-min that are in Jung-woo’s room. Young-min is trying to call the police when Nurse Kim sees him in the hallway and asks him what he is doing there. She walks into the apartment and sees the dead body.

The police arrive and put Young-min in handcuffs. The detectives take Young-min away, and Nurse Kim calls someone and lets them know what took place.

Young-min is placed in a holding cell at the police station, and Ji-hyun apologizes to him. She thinks it is her fault that he is there.

Young-min’s friends come to the police station to see him. They ask him what is going on, but he’s adamant that all of this is just a big misunderstanding and asks them to keep his arrest a secret from his grandma.

Eun-soo and Seok-jin call Grandma and tell her that a foreigner rented Young-min’s taxi. So Young-min went to the countryside and will be gone for a few days. They add that it would be impolite for Young-min to take phone calls while he is working.

Young-min is interrogated by the detectives while Ji-hyun helps him with what to say. When they ask him why he was at the apartment, he admits that he was suspicious of Jung-woo and that he might have helped cause his mother’s death.

The police tell Young-min that he is free to go and let him know that they believe Jung-woo is the person who caused Young-min’s mom’s hit-and-run accident. They inform Young-min that they have not found Jung-woo yet but are doing their best to find him.

As Young-min and Ji-hyun are leaving police headquarters, Young-min sees a poster. Ji-hyun and her dad are in their police uniforms, smiling. They both realize that Hyung-soo is Ji-hyun’s dad, and she starts crying.

Young-min suggests going to Ji-hyun’s house. She tells Young-min that he should not tell her dad about her being a ghost. She doesn’t want to emotionally distress him.

At Ji-hyun’s home, Young-min asks to speak with Hyung-soo, and Hyung-soo invites him inside. Young-min explains that Ji-hyun was with his mother the day that she died. Hyung-soo says that Ji-hyun also died that day. Young-min tells Hyung-soo that he believes that their cases are related, but he doesn’t believe that Jung-woo is the culprit. Young-min asks how Ji-hyun died, but Hyung-soo says that he doesn’t trust Young-min yet and doesn’t answer his question. He asks for some time to think.

At home, Ji-hyun is sitting in the taxi, crying, when Young-min joins her. She is confused because she doesn’t know why she is still a ghost. This talk saddens Young-min; he asks why she wants to leave so soon, and she says that she didn’t mean it like that.

At the hospital, Hyung-soo is talking to an unresponsive Ji-hyun about his prior conversation with Young-min.

The next day, Young-min is in a depressed mood. He tells Ji-hyun that he wants her by him forever, but he knows that it would be too hard for both of them and that one day they must separate. He apologizes for his behavior, and Ji-hyun says that she is more sorry.

At the detective’s office, the chief detective is suspicious of the photos in Jung-woo’s apartment. He thinks it seems too staged.

Meanwhile, Mi-kyung is adamant that Jung-woo did not kill her. The ghost takes Young-min and Ji-hyun to a place where they used to go fishing—an empty mansion property owned by Nurse Kim. Young-min tries to go inside, but all of the doors are locked. Ji-hyun and the other ghost decide to pass through the walls by themselves. Young-min warns them to be careful.

At the hospital, Dr. Do is looking at live CCTV footage of the mansion on his phone.

The ghosts return from looking in the mansion and tell Young-min that they did not find Jung-woo. Mi-kyung reveals that she was at the mansion with Jung-woo the day that Young-min’s mom died.

Dr. Do makes a phone call to Nurse Kim and lets her know that Young-min just visited the mansion.

Ji-hyun recalls that Nurse Kim did not seem surprised when she saw Mi-kyung‘s dead body. Ji-hyun suspects that she has something to do with the deaths.

They go to Ji-hyun’s house, and Young-min tells her dad their suspicions and asks again to tell him how Ji-hyun died. Hyung-soo tells him that Ji-hyun was investigating her best friend’s death at the hospital. She grew suspicious when she saw a private investigator taking photos of her best friend’s family. Ji-hyun died while she was trying to track down the person who commissioned the photos. Young-min tells Hyung-soo that the same person who killed his mom killed Ji-hyun and that Jung-woo was somewhere else at the time of the crimes.

Eun-soo’s mother collapses, and she rushes her to the hospital. She is still conscious but unresponsive. So-ri tells Dr. Do that Eun-soo is friends with Young-min. Dr. Do tells Eun-soo that it is best to keep her mom admitted for a couple of days.

Later, Dr. Do tells Nurse Kim that he has business to take care of, and she looks concerned.

Young-min and Hyung-soo tell the detectives that they should investigate Nurse Kim. Young-min tells them that Nurse Kim was near the accident when it happened and that there was probably an accomplice. Young-min tells them that Nurse Kim is not wealthy, and she rents a studio apartment but somehow owns a mansion. Hyung-soo says that Nurse Kim may know where Jung-woo is. The detectives are annoyed that they are acting on their own and warn them to stop investigating, but they ignore the detective’s comments.

Eun-soo calls Young-min to tell him that her mom passed away in the hospital.

At the funeral, Dr. Do apologizes to Eun-soo and says that he should have looked over her more carefully. Eun-soo says there is nothing to apologize for. Ji-hyun sees Dr. Do “comforting” Eun-soo with a hand over his mouth. He appears to be laughing.

Hyung-soo and the detectives are at the private investigator’s office, and they open the door to find him dead. They alert their office, and the chief detective notices a box knife lying on the table.

At the hospital, Nurse Kim asks if Dr. Do thinks they can “stop now.” Dr. Do says not to worry and that they will always clean up after themselves, asking her to trust him.

Dr. Do has a flashback from when he was a teenager; he is having a fight with his grandpa and has a bruised face. Nurse Kim rushes in to stop his grandpa from harming him more, but his grandpa continues to shout at him.

A scene plays out at the private investigator’s office. The investigator grabs a photo for “incriminating evidence” before a masked man comes in with a syringe and stabs it into his neck. The man takes the photo from the investigator, as the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

Wow, there were so many plot advancements in one episode! This was highly entertaining, and although much of the mystery is coming together, there are still questions to be answered.

If Young-min can see dead people, why has he never seen his mom’s ghost? Why does Ji-hyun’s dad keep insisting that she is dead when she clearly isn’t? Is he protecting her? And when will Young-min find out that she is really alive?

The show will likely keep up its fast pace, as there are now only three (!) episodes left.

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