Delivery Man – K-drama Episode 8 Recap & Review

Delivery Man

Episode 8 of Delivery Man starts with Grandma walking in on Young-min all dressed up. She asks if he is going on a date, and he says he is. She jumps up and down with excitement and helps him fix his hair.

When Ji-hyun sees Young-min, she asks if he has an important event he is going to. In the car, Young-min surprises her by saying that he is taking her out on a date. He wants to give her a day that she will remember forever.

They go to Han River Park, and Young-min tries to hold Ji-hyun’s hand several times, with great effort, until they are interrupted by Seok-jin, who asks him why he isn’t working today. Young-min tells him that he is on a date and says goodbye.

Seok-jin and Eun-su are sitting on a park bench when Mr. Jo comes up, yelling that he saw a ghost. Eun-su tells Seok-jin that many taxi drivers are reporting ghost sightings.

At the hospital, So-ri receives a call from grandma, who asks her if she knows who Young-min’s girlfriend is. So-ri suggests that Young-min lied to Grandma about having a girlfriend to make her happy.

Dr. Do calls Nurse Kim Hee-yeon to his office and warns her to be careful, as he is always worried about her involvement in risky situations.

At the private investigator’s office, the investigator is wondering about the impact of the photos that he took. He picks up a photo of a motorcycle and suddenly rises from his chair.

Meanwhile, Young-min asks Ji-hyun why she hasn’t changed since ghosts are supposed to ascend after they fall in love. He asks if Ji-hyun doesn’t love him. She gets defensive and suggests that maybe Young-min doesn’t love her enough. They start arguing and decide to go home.

Seok-jin visits the shaman about the taxi drivers’ ghost trouble. He tells the shaman the location of the ghost sightings.

The Shaman calls Young-min and asks him to meet at the place where there have been ghost sightings. Young-min asks him why Ji-hyun hasn’t ascended to the afterlife. The shaman says it is because she is really powerful or that she is some other being. Suddenly, they are charged by the evil ghost, and the shaman holds up a talisman to it, making it disappear.

When Young-min gets home, he receives a call from Kang Hyung-soo, Ji-hyun’s dad. He asks Young-min why he wanted him to call him. He tells him that he knew his partner, Mr. Ko and they agree to meet.

When Young-min and Ji-hyun first walk into the café and see Hyung-soo, Ji-hyun starts crying, but she doesn’t know why. She goes outside. Young-min goes after her, inquiring about what is wrong. She says that her heart aches. Young-min goes back inside and tries to get information about Se-ra, Mr. Ko’s daughter. Hyung-soo tells him that she lives in the US but is in Korea right now.

Meanwhile, the detectives are debating whether continuing to investigate Jung-woo is the best course of action.

Young-min and Ji-hyun leave the café, and Mr. Ko tells Young-min that Jung-woo used to keep dangerous drugs in his locker.

Later, Se-ra is giving a lecture at a seminar, and Young-min and Hyung-soo are in the audience. Hyung-soo and Young-min try to talk to Se-ra, but she says that she wants nothing to do with her father and walks away. Hyung-soo stops her and places a flash drive in her hand. He says that it was her father’s, and if she wants to throw it away, then that is up to her. After he leaves, Young-min tells Se-ra that her father’s ghost is there with them. Mr. Ko attempts to talk to her, and Young-min repeats what Mr. Ko is saying to her: that he left her with her aunt and is sorry for not buying her favorite cake for her.

Se-ra puts the flash drive in her laptop. She opens the files to discover videos of her when she was small with both of her parents.

Mr. Ko and Young-min are watching Se-ra’s stage rehearsal for her next presentation when one of the stage fixtures collapses. Mr. Ko is somehow able to push Se-ra out of the way just in time, saving her from being hit. Young-min tells Se-ra about his mother’s accident, and he wishes he could have said goodbye to her. He explains that Mr. Ko was trying to watch out for her.

They meet Se-ra again the next day and visit Mr. Ko’s gravesite. She addresses Mr. Ko and explains that she resented him a lot. She tells him that now she understands that he didn’t really abandon her and that he did love her, but doesn’t understand how he valued work more than her. Mr. Ko tells Se-ra that he loves her, and disappears.

Dr. Do is camping when nurse Kim Hee-yeon arrives and asks why he is doing this on the anniversary of his grandfather’s death.Dr. Do replies that he never liked his grandpa. He asks her to sit and have champagne with him.

Dr. Do has a flashback of his childhood. He is getting beaten with a golf club by his grandpa because Dr. Do poked his friend in the face with a pencil. Suddenly, Hee-yeon comes into the room, explaining that she is his grandpa’s new nurse and that if he hits Dr. Do again, she will call the police. Later, she tends to Dr. Do’s wounds. He asks Hee-yeon to be his older sister.

Back in the present, he asks if Hee-yeon will always be by his side, and she replies that she will, but her face looks fearful. As she says this, we cut across to the detectives who discover a significant motorcycle.

Young-min and Ji-hyun go to the hospital, where So-ri approaches and chides Young-min for lying to his grandma about having a girlfriend. Young-min ignores her comments and asks if she will look in Jung-woo’s locker. She reluctantly agrees, looks but inevitably finds nothing. Young-min asks for Jung-woo’s address, and So-ri tells him that she is worried that he is focusing too much on his mother’s case. He promises to tell her everything that has been going on after he visits Jung-woo’s place.

At Jung-woo’s, they see a faceless ghost standing in front of his door. The ghost asks if they will help her find Jung-woo. Suddenly her face comes visible. They go into Jung-woo’s apartment and see the ghost’s dead body on the ground. She doesn’t know what happened to her, but she knows Jung-woo would never hurt her. In Jung-woo’s room, they find many photos of Ji-hyun and Young-min.

Meanwhile, Hyung-soo is in a hospital room, holding a woman’s hand, who looks like Ji-hyun. The woman appears to be in a coma.

Back at Jung-woo’s place, Ji-hyun says that she feels weird, and it looks like she is about to disappear. She and Young-min look at each other with fear.

The Episode Review

So far, this show has a great track record for having tons of plot elements packed into each episode, and this one is no exception.

So far, everything has made it look like Ji-hyun was murdered, and Dr. Do even said that Ji-hyun is dead… but it turns out that maybe she is alive! Maybe Ji-hyun was never a ghost after all but whether this is actually true or not remains to be seen. Roll on the next episode!

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