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Delivery Man

At the end of the last episode, we learned that Dr. Do knew Ji-hyun. Episode 7 of Delivery Man then picks up with Dr. Do admitting that she was his patient. She was a detective who died in his emergency room from an accident. Young-min asks Dr. Do if they ever dated, and he answers that they didn’t.

Young-min returns home and tries unsuccessfully to find out more information about Ji-hyun on the internet. He visits the police office and asks the detectives about her. The detectives tell him that she died on the same day as his mom and that it was just a coincidence. They refuse to give him more information.

At the hospital, Dr. Do and So-ri gossip about Young-min while Jung-woo looks on in the background.

The detectives are in their office discussing Ji-hyun’s death and note that nurse Kim Hee-yeon was with Ji-hyun when she died and was at a convenience store when the accident took place. They also discuss the private investigator who has been taking photos, as well as Jung-woo.

Jung-woo comes into the hospital with a knife, threatening to kill Dr. Do.

Dr. Do tries to get the knife from him, but Jung-woo slashes his arm and runs out of the building.

Young-min visits the Shaman, and he tells Young-min says that if love blossoms in Ji-hyun, she will ascend to the sky. Young-min realizes that Ji-hyun must already know this, and that is why she is pushing him away. He realizes that it is better if he hides his feelings for her.

The detectives are at the hospital talking with Dr. Do, who tells them that Jung-woo was fired for stealing drugs.

As the detectives are leaving, Nurse Kim Hee-yeun tells them that since Jung-woo joined the hospital, the mortality rate has spiked. Dr. Do asks what she told the detectives, and she tells him. He assures her that she made the right call.

Young-min is driving when he notices Grandma directing traffic. He gets on to her for taking a job without telling him and notices that she was smiling at another traffic guard across the street, who is of the same age as her.

Back at home, Young-min asks Grandma if she is dating the other traffic guard. And she admits she is. She says she will quit her job.

Ji-hyun tells Young-min to stop nagging his grandmother. Young-min admits that he still has a long way to go to pay off the house payments, but he doesn’t want to have to worry about his grandma’s health, too.

Ji-hyun tries to think of ways that she can help Young-min earn more money and overhears Grandma say that she will only be able to rest in peace once Young-min gets married.

Young-min decides to start acting coldly toward Ji-hyun. He drives away from the house, leaving Ji-hyun there with Grandma. Grandma talks to her boss, who is also the traffic guard she is dating, and tells him that she has to quit.

Meanwhile, Eun-su picks up a rude customer who insults her and her elderly mother with alzheimer’s. She asks him to get out of her taxi. He threatens to sue her for dropping him off. Seok-jin arrives and fixes the situation by telling the customer that he is planning to release the dash cam footage, rescinding his rude comments. The customer apologizes to Eun-su and her mom and leaves. Seok-jin takes Eun-su and her mom to lunch.

Young-min meets with the private investigator to get information about Ji-hyun. The man says that she is dead and unless he is going to hire him that Young-min needs to leave.

The private investigator has a flask back of Ji-hyun’s dad asking him for photos that he took of Ji-hyun. But he refuses, saying eh deleted them. Ji-hyun’s dad tries to reason with him.

Young-min goes to the hospital to talk to So-ri and asks her how Ji-hyun died. She tells him that she was in an accident and died of cardiac arrest. He asks for Ji-hyun’s family’s contact information but receives a stern “no.”

Meanwhile, the detectives try to visit Jung-woo’s residence, but it appears that he is not there.

Young-min arrives home to find Ji-hyun upset and avoids her questions by saying he had urgent business.

Ji-hyun asks to visit the hospital, thinking there might be a lead there, but Young-min says no and continues to be rude to her until Ji-hyun starts crying. He gives in and takes her to the hospital.

In the hospital, Dr. Do sees Young-min talking to himself and grows suspicious.

One of the local taxi drivers, Mr. Yoon, says that he saw a ghost. One of the other taxi drivers, Mr. Jo, doesn’t believe him. But later, when he is driving, he stops to pick up a customer, only to realise that she has no face, and he passes out.

Back at the hospital, Young-min and Ji-hyun run into another ghost who has been there for five years. He asks them for help. They agree to grant his wish, to find his daughter, in exchange for information about the hospital.

The ghost tells them that there is an old police officer named Kang Hyung-soo (Ji-hyun’s dad) who might help them find his daughter. They go to the station, but find out that he is on leave. Young-min leaves his number for Kang Hyung-soo to call when he gets back.

At the hospital, a man and a woman who have been in an accident are rushed in. Dr. Do and the team fight to keep them alive, but only the woman survives.

The man’s ghost comes out of his body and asks the woman, his wife of one day, to wake up. He tries to hold his wife’s hand, but his hand passes through. He has barely realized that he is a ghost when he disappears.

At home, Young-min and Ji-hyun both realize that even if you love someone, you will eventually have to be apart forever. Ji-hyun asks Young-min to stay by her side forever, says he will, and kisses her.

The Episode Review

Well, there we have it—another exciting episode is finished, and there is a ton of mystery in the air.

Who killed Young-min’s mom and Ji-hyun? Where is Jung-woo? And does Nurse Kim Hee-yeun have anything to do with the hospital murders?

Let’s hope the next episode will unveil some answers because so far, this one’s been a really solid watch.

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