Delivery Man – K-drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

Delivery Man

Episode 6 of Delivery Man opens with a memory of Ji-hyun riding in Young-min’s taxi, and his mom, Jin-sook, is driving. Jin-sook lets Ji-hyun borrow her hairband and drops her off at a psychological center.

Meanwhile, in the detective’s office, the detectives are connecting Ji-hyun and Jin-sook’s deaths, as they both died on the same day.

In the hospital, a nurse provides Dr. Do with the hospital’s death rate statistics, which have quadrupled since Jung-woo joined the staff.

Meanwhile, Young-min and Ji-hyun are in the taxi. As they approach a stoplight, they see a woman start to walk across the road when she is suddenly hit by a motorcycle. The motorcycle driver tries to drive away, but Young-min stops him.

Ji-hyun stalks Ga-eun and her friends and finds out that Ga-eun worked at the convenience store so that she could steal cigarettes and alcohol for Mi-ra, the ringleader of the friend group.

At the hospital, Dr. Do calls all of the nurses except Jung-woo to his office to give them money for a staff dinner. At the same time, Jung-woo steals another vial of medicine, but this time Dr. Do has set up a security camera that is recording him.

Young-min and Ha-jun ask Ga-eun if they can talk with her. She gets in the taxi and tries to ask her where Ha-yeul is, but they are interrupted when Ga-eun gets a call from Mi-ra.

Meanwhile, the detectives are driving somewhere while looking over Dr. Do’s case file and discussing his accomplishments.

Young-min and Ji-hyun arrive at an empty park where Ga-eun told them they could find Ha-yeul. Three goons arrive and start attacking Young-min. He tries his best to fight them, all the while protecting Ji-hyun’s phone.

Ga-eun steps out in the street in front of the detectives’ car, then the detectives run to help Young-min and arrest the goons.

Young-min arrives at the hospital with a swollen arm. So-ri calls nurse Kim Hee-yeon over to sign Young-min’s bandage, and she tells him to get better soon as she goes to attend to another patient.

The detectives are in their office, simultaneously looking into Hee-yeon as a suspect.

Mi-ra tells Ga-eun that she knows that she called the police to stop the goons from hurting Young-min.

Young-min and his taxi driver friends are handing out missing person flyers for Ha-yeul when Young-min gets a call from Ha-jun—the police found a suicide note on Ha-yeul’s phone by a nearby river. Ji-hyun is immediately suspicious.

Ga-eun is working at the convenience store and makes herself some cup noodles. She recalls Ha-yeul asking why she is stealing cigarettes for Mi-ra and Ha-yeul making cup noodles for her. She finds Mi-ra and throws cold coffee on her. She tells her to stop bullying people and walks away, leaving Mi-ra shocked.

Ga-eun contacts Young-min, and he picks her up in his taxi. She tells him the truth about Ha-yeul—that Ga-eun was in the woods getting bullied by Mi-ra and her friends when Ha-yeul came and tried to stop them. Ha Yeul got into a fight with Mi-ra, and Mi-ra pushed her down a hill, where Ha-yeul hit her head on a rock and passed away. Ga-eun tried to call an ambulance, but Mi-ra stopped her and made all of the girls cover Ha-yeul’s body with dirt.

Ga-eun tells Young-min she will turn herself and everyone else in to the police. They go to the woods to find Ha-yeul, believing that she might still be alive. While trying to find her, Young-min slips and is about to fall down, but Ji-hyun somehow grabs his arm, preventing his fall. They find Ha-yeul, barely alive, and rush her to the hospital.

The hospital staff rallies to help Ha-yeul. Dr. Do enters and aggressively pushes Jung-woo out of the room, telling him that he will never help another patient again.

Dr. Do tries to do CPR on Ha-yeul for a long time, but it’s too late. She passes away, and her ghost appears next to Ha-jun, who was waiting outside the hospital room. She apologises for missing his birthday and then disappears.

Dr. Do is still doing CPR, and just as he gives up, Ha-yeul’s vitals come back. She is alive. Later, Ha-yeul is sitting up in her hospital bed and thanks Young-min for saving her. Her grandmother tries to give Young-min some money, but Young-min tells her to keep it for Ha-yeul’s education. Ga-eun visits and brings Ha-yeul some cup noodles.

The detectives call Ji-hyun’s dad and ask him if Ji-hyun had any friends at the hospital. He replies that she did have one friend, but he doesn’t know their name. He tells the detective they should look into Jung-woo.

Back at the hospital, Jung-woo corners Dr. Do and is about to punch him when So-ri interrupts. Jung-woo makes a bitter exit, and Dr. Do asks So-ri to have dinner with him.

Meanwhile, Young-min tries to do a lot of sweet things for Ji-hyun. He buys her a car scent she likes and makes a comfy bed for her. She feels herself falling for Young-min, but recalls what Sin-woo told her before he disappeared: that a ghost who falls in love will fall into a blissful state and disappear, so she better not fall in love with Young-min.

Ji-hyun tries to push away Young-min’s romantic interest, but Young-min is sure that he really likes her and resists her attempts. He takes her to a place where lovers put their names on locks and lock them to a guard rail. Young-min has just locked a padlock with their names on it when Dr. Do and So-ri show up. When Ji-hyun sees Dr. Do, she remembers that she asked him out before and tells Young-min to show him her picture. Dr. Do says that he knows her.

The Episode Review

The storyline for this episode was really captivating. The surprise twists with Ha-yeul were really unexpected and a nice addition to the story. Now that we’re marching past the halfway point, it would seem that Young-min and Ji-hyun’s love is doomed. Is there really a chance for a happy outcome?

The show has been well written for the most part and these later episodes have really stepped it up a gear too, with some great drama and romance. Hopefully the next episode follows suit!

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