Delivery Man – K-drama Episode 5 Recap & Review

Delivery Man

Young-min had just turned the car around from heading to Sin-woo’s shop and fully realizes that he likes Ji-hyun as episode 5 of Delivery Man begins. He drives home and adamantly starts avoiding Ji-hyun, leaving her very confused. Meanwhile, Sin-woo is left waiting.

Young-min decides to leave the house and keeps the phone there, leaving Ji-hyun there, too.

The detectives are doing a stakeout when they see someone on a motorcycle delivering a package to someone in a car. They leave in their vehicles, and the detectives follow them to the hospital. The detectives ask the staff to see their security camera footage. On the footage, they see the ER entrance that the goons go into. They rush into the hospital but are delayed by Jung-woo, who tries to prevent their entrance. The detectives eventually enter, but they do not find the culprits.

Meanwhile, Ji-hyun is back at home having a one-sided conversation with grandma about Young-min’s romantic prospects.

Young-min goes to a bathhouse and starts sleeping on the floor. He wakes to find someone lying next to him—the Shaman. The Shaman almost confesses the real reason why he is sometimes possessed by someone else, but their conversation takes a different direction, and the Shaman finds out that Young-min likes Ji-hyun and scolds him. Young-min asks the shaman some ghost-related questions.

The detectives are interviewing Ji-hyun’s dad again, and he mentions that Ji-hyun had a long-time friend named Min-seo, who died shortly after becoming pregnant. Ji-hyun thought the death was foul play. She was investigating it and found out that the number of patients who have died at the hospital has rapidly increased in recent years. Ji-hyun was suspicious of Ji-hyun’s husband. Her dad was upset that she kept investigating Min-seo’s death, believing that it was an accident.

Back at home, grandma is plotting Young-min’s love life and calls So-ri, who tells her that she is with Young-min at that moment.

Young-min is taking So-ri somewhere. She is carrying some coffee that she bought for Dr. Do because she likes him. So-ri asks for a phone charger, and Young-min suddenly remembers Ji-hyun and that when the phone runs out of charge, she disappears. He quickly drives home.

Young-min arrives at home, and Ji-hyun makes jealous remarks about So-ri while he charges her phone.

Young-min decides to take Ji-hyun to see Sin-woo. When they get there, Young-min pulls out a gift for Ji-hyun—new clothes that he knew she wanted. She happily puts them on. Sin-woo asks Young-min not to interfere with his plans to put a ring on Ji-Hyun’s finger and lock in their love for eternity.

Young-min calls Seok-jin for advice, and he tells him not to give up on his love before it’s too late.

As Sin-woo is working up to put the ring on Ji-hyun, she informs him that she wants to stay and find her memories with Young-min. Sin-woo says that his heart is still full because his wish to have a date with his first love was fulfilled. Sin-woo disappears just as Young-min comes rushing in.

In the meantime, Eun-soo’s mom is in a wheelchair now. Her health is not that great, but Eun-su is optimistic that she will get well and that they will go on a trip together one day.

Young-min takes Ji-hyun to meet the Shaman, who places a yellow paper talisman on the phone. Ji-hyun misunderstands that the Shaman is trying to help her recall her memories and yells, causing the paper to blow away into a puddle.

The Shaman tries again and explains to Young-min that ghosts who have as much power as she does could quickly become evil spirits and warns Young-min to be careful.

Ji-hyun starts having memories of her life. She remembers visiting a private investigator’s office. Ji-hyun and Young-min go to the office but find it empty. Ji-hyun remembers pinning the PI down and asking him why he was taking photos. The man replies that someone asked him to, but he doesn’t know why.

Young-min opens the taxi to customers, and a little boy named Ha-jun hops in. He wants to find his sister, Ha-yeul, who has disappeared. He is able to see Ji-hyun and asks them for help. They take him to his grandmother’s house, and Ji-hyun asks the boy some questions about his sister.

Back at home, bankers come looking for Young-min. Grandma calls him, and he tells Ji-hyun that they need to go home. Ji-hyun asks to stay with the boy and help him find his sister, and Young-min allows it.

Thanks to the banker’s visit, grandma becomes aware that the house may go to auction if the payments aren’t made soon and is very distraught. But Young-min assures her that he will find the money.

Ji-hyun and Ha-jun go to a shop where Ha-jun’s sister was planning to buy his birthday present. They find out that his sister visited it with a friend, Ga-eun.

At the hospital, So-ri sees Jung-woo pocket some medication. She tells Dr. Do, and Dr. Do says that he will investigate it.

Ji-hyun and Ha-jun go to the convenience store where Ha-yeul and Ga-eun work and the boss tells them that Ga-eun quit. The boss tries calling her, but she doesn’t answer. Ji-hyun and Ha-jun plan to visit the girls’ school the next day.

Grandma asks Young-min to sell a very rare and expensive plant that she has. Young-min posts it online and immediately gets a buyer.

Ji-hyun and Young-min both separately debate whether to call each other. Young-min finally calls Ha-jun, who relays what Ji-hyun is saying to Young-min. Ji-hyun says that she won’t come back until she finds Ha-yeul.

Young-min shows up at Ha-jun’s home the next day and picks up Ji-hyun. They go to Ha-yeul’s school and find Ga-eun with some friends. Young-min pretends to be Ha-yeul’s uncle and asks Ga-eun and her friends about Ha-yeul. It is not clear yet to Young-min and Ji-hyun, but clips are shown of Ha-yeul interrupting a shady transaction between Ga-eun and a strange guy, and of Ha-yeul’s body on the ground in a forest.

She is lying next to a bloody rock, and one of the girls screams that if any of them reveal the truth, she will make what happened to Ha-yeul happen to them too.

The Episode Review

This is another episode chock-full of surprising elements. We are finally seeing the connection to the hospital deaths and how they relate to Ji-hyun, and some exciting side-stories along with that.

It looks like Young-min is going to be able to make the house payments, and he and Ji-hyun are definitely falling for each other. Let’s hope the next episode is just as good!

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