Delivery Man – K-drama Episode 4 Recap & Review

Delivery Man

In episode 4 of Delivery Man, the ghost woman is now back from the ghost world after Young-min charges her phone, and it is back to work for Young-min. He tries to pick up a customer, but the customer feels sick with the ghost woman in the car and leaves.

Meanwhile, the detectives talk about a case related to a motorcyclist. One of the detectives visits a woman looking for a notebook but has no luck. They then go visit the ghost woman’s dad, who is looking at call records and is circling a certain phone number when they arrive.

The detectives ask him why he did not allow an autopsy on his daughter. He states that she was murdered and says that he wanted his daughter to look like herself in the afterlife. They ask him if he is going to take revenge, and he doesn’t answer. Then they show him a picture that contains the notebook and ask him where it is.

In the taxi, the ghost woman asks Young-min why he bought the charger for her phone. He replies that, other than him, no one would pay attention to her.

They drive past a strange-looking woman. But the woman reappears again and again as they drive. Young-min says that he’ll probably have to pick her up, and the ghost woman, scared, hides in the car floorboard.

Young-min gives the strange woman a ride, and she asks if he has heard of the Jayu-ro ghost, a creepy woman that stands at the roadside waiting for a taxi. She tries to creep Young-min out, but he treats her like any other customer. The strange woman tries to leave without paying the fare, but the ghost woman grabs her before she runs away. The strange woman disappears, and another one pops up and tells them where they can find a lot of ghosts that need taxi rides.

So-ri and Dr. Do are off work, and Dr. Do is going to the funeral of the young boy who passed away. So-ri asks to go to the funeral with him. At the funeral, the boy’s mom thanks Dr. Do for making sure that she was given her son’s backpack. So-ri confides in Dr. Do that she had a hard time after the child died.

The photographer that was taking photos of Young-min sorts through some pictures and ponders aloud why his employer wants him to keep taking pictures at the funeral home. Dr. Do is in the pictures that he is sorting through.

The detectives are reading the notebook that the ghost woman’s dad gave them and sitting outside a private investigator’s office. The notebook says that she found out some information about someone who drives a motorcycle, and a clip is shown of her pinning down someone’s arms.

Back at home, the ghost woman wakes Young-min up to go to the bus stop, where there are supposed to be lots of ghosts (and prospective income). A young ghost man, Sin-woo, approaches the ghost woman and asks her if she is Kang Ji-hyun from his high school. Delighted, Ji-hyun finally learns her name.

Sin-woo tells her that she used to do kendo. She asks if he knows her parents, but he doesn’t. However, he does have a photo of them from high school.

They take him to a shop where the photo is. The photo shows the young man and Ji-hyun with a group of friends, and one of them is the woman that Ji-hyun saw when she was in the ghost world. The young man tells her that the girl was Ji-hyun’s best friend.

Sin-woo asks Ji-hyun what her and Young-min’s relationship is, and she says that they are business partners. Sin-woo asks Young-min to clean up the shop and do a couple favours for him, and in return he gives him the code to the business safe. Young-min puts in the code and pulls out a wad of cash. Sin-woo is obviously in love with Ji-hyun and tells Ji-hyun about all his memories of her.

Back in the taxi, Young-min asks Ji-hyun if she wants to visit her high school. They visit it and discover that she was a kendo champion.

Back at home, Young-min pulls out the shaman’s card and meets with him. He asks him about ghosts, and the shaman explains that ghosts are usually stuck in places, but his taxi helps them move around. He also tells Young-min that ghosts may change clothes by passing through them. The shaman doesn’t know why Ji-hyun is haunting a phone and thinks it is strange. In return for the information, Young-min gives the Shaman a pen drive. In the shamans’ house, Young-min picks up a mirror that allows ghosts to see their own reflections. Young-min gives it to Ji-hyun, who happily looks at herself in the mirror.

Back at home, Young-mi holds up some clothes for Ji-hyun to try on. She hesitantly passes through them but is able to put them on, much to her excitement.

They meet Sin-woo and go clothes shopping. Young-min buys a suit for him, and Sin-woo looks very suave. Sin-woo asks Ji-hyun if he can pick out an outfit for her, and Young-min ends up buying a lot of clothes. Young-min meets his taxi driver friend, Seok-jin, and confides that something keeps bothering him. Seok-jin figures out that Young-min likes someone and helps him realize that he is getting annoyed at Sin-woo hanging around.

Sin-woo has a bucket list that he wants to complete with Ji-hyun and wants to have a private movie viewing with her. Young-min sets this up for them but loses patience with Sin-woo and tells him to stop addressing him casually. As Sin-woo and Ji-hyun watch the movie together, Young-min stands aside, alone and annoyed.

At the hospital, Dr. Do is keeping an eye on Jung-woo (the nurse who performed CPR incorrectly on the boy who passed away). He tells Jung-woo to take a patient’s blood pressure again after Jung-woo says that he already checked it and it is fine. But now it is elevated. Dr. Do takes him aside and speaks sternly with him about how he is mistreating patients. Jung-woo goes into a supply room and pulls a bottle out of a small fridge, suspiciously pocketing it. Meanwhile, Dr. Do asks another nurse for CPR statistics since the day that Jung-woo joined.

Back at home, Sin-woo wants to have a high-class dinner with Ji-hyun. Young-min sets up a nice dinner for them, but he also invites Grandma, to Sin-woo’s disdain. Grandma starts to sing a song she learned in singing class, which only makes Sin-woo angrier. But he is determined to romance Ji-hyun and asks to read her palms, tracing his fingers over them, while Young-min looks on, annoyed.

Young-min is driving Sin-woo back to his place. Sin-woo shocks Young-min by saying that if he gives Ji-hyun a ring, it is possible for the two of them to leave this world together.

Young-min tells Ji-hyun that she can leave with Sin-woo if she wants. But she gets upset that Young-min never asked how she felt.

The next day, Young-min goes to pick up the rings for Sin-woo and imagines Sin-woo placing a ring on Ji-hyun’s finger.

Young-min and Ji-hyun are driving to Sin-woo‘s shop in silence. Young-min has a flashback of taking a gift bag from Eun-soo and suddenly turns the car around. Ji-hyun questions what he is doing and cries out that now they will lose business, and Young-min replies, “Whatever, I’m already doomed,” thinking, “I like her now.”

The Episode Review

This was another really good episode in a series that has been great so far. We finally get to see what the ghost woman’s name is and learn that she was murdered. And now that Young-min is definitely crushing on Ji-hyun, things are getting more exciting.

What kind of romance can the future possibly hold for a dead woman and a living man?

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