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Delivery Man

Episode 2 of Delivery Man is packed with surprises. In the previous episode, the ghost man who Young-min gave a ride to, whose name is Byeong-cheol, gave the impression that he was wealthy when he said that his body was placed in the VP room in the hospital where he died and that he has a gold bar hidden away. But the truth is that he was only placed there because he was a hospital staff member.

Expecting some wealth to come his way, Young-min, Byeong-cheol, and the ghost woman arrive at Byeong-cheol’s wife’s house, and Young-min realises that Byeong-cheol is not wealthy. Byeong-cheol wants a bathroom remodelled for his wife, and he says that he has a hidden gold bar that Young-min can have if he just takes care of the bathroom remodel. It is true that he has a gold bar, but it is small enough to fit inside of a smartphone, where he hid it. Frustrated, Young-min and the ghost woman leave Byeong-cheol’s house.

Meanwhile, police are investigating Young-min’s mother’s death, and the ghost woman wonders who she is. Young-min tells her that she has to stay in the car each night, but she falls asleep on his couch, much to Young-min‘s annoyance.

A nurse at the hospital tries to put a needle in a drunk patient’s arm, and the patient yells at her. The doctor (the same one that Young-min knows, whose name is Do Gyu-jin) takes her aside and makes her feel better by telling her that she can use a lazy co-worker’s arm to practice on.

After some convincing from the ghost woman, Young-min goes back to Byeong-cheol’s house to help him and his wife. They plot how to retrieve the gold, and the ghost woman asks Byeong-cheol how he met his wife, and he reveals their love story: they grew up together at an orphanage but met again as adults when they both started working at a café.

The ghost woman coaches Young-min on what to say, and he pretends to be Byeong-cheol’s friend’s cousin. With some humorous help from his ghostly companions, he clumsily finesses his way into finding the gold bar. Young-min then gives the ghost man’s wife a ride to the hospital, and she briefly collapses in the parking lot but is able to walk inside.

Meanwhile, two detectives come to Young-min’s house, and Grandma asks if there has been any arrest in her daughter-in-law’s hit-and-run case. They don’t have any information yet, but the detectives ask how the taxi arrived back home the day of the accident after Young-min’s mom was driving it.

Grandma says it was parked at their house after the funeral; she thought that the detectives must have left it there. Grandma calls Young-min to ask him what was missing from the car when they got it back, and he tells her it was the dash camera, which she relays to the detectives, who then privately deliberate about what route to take with the investigation.

Back at the hospital, Byeong-cheol’s wife is told she is being awarded industrial accident compensation due to her husband’s death, but then a woman suddenly appears, claiming to be Byeong-cheol’s birth mom. She is in tears, says that she was in jail, and shows evidence that she is his mother.

The bio mom asks to accompany Byeong-cheol’s wife to visit Beyong-cheol at his resting place. When they arrive, they lay out some food, one of which is kiwi. Byeong-cheol tells Young-min that he is allergic to kiwis.

Byeong-cheol’s wife confesses her feelings of grief to Byeong-cheol’s biological mom, along with the fact that their marriage had not been registered yet as they had only been married for a month when he died. The bio mom then takes her phone out of her purse and heads to the parking lot.

Byeong-cheol’s wife gets a phone call from the hospital saying that the compensation will go entirely to Byeong-cheol’s mother, who called the hospital and told them their marriage was never registered. She heads to the parking lot, where the bio mom explains that this is probably what Byeong-cheol would want.

The bio mom and her partner drive away, and she reveals that she stole the jail story from a colleague. Young-min drives Byeong-cheol’s wife home and then proceeds to head home himself, but he stops at the side of the road to fix a sign that says something in regards to his mother’s hit-and-run accident.

Back at home, Young-min doesn’t buy that the woman claiming to be Byeong-cheol’s mom is really her. He tells the ghost woman about his mother passing away, and she suggests investigating the death and figuring out who committed the hit-and-run.

The next day they find the bio mom’s old apartment. Young-min cracks the keypad code by looking at the date of birth on some old mail. The place is a mess, and they find a photo of the fake mom on the side. Byeong-cheol remembers that his mom had a scar on her right hand, and they never saw the woman’s hands because she was wearing gloves. Young-min visits Byeong-cheol’s wife and asks her to fight the compensation award due to the woman being a fraud.

They then get the hospital staff to ask for her fingerprint, and it turns out she has scars on both of her hands. She presses her inked thumb to the paper, but not hard enough for a print to appear. She fools the worker by saying that she worked hard jobs that removed her fingerprints.

She then confronts Byeong-cheol’s wife, and she takes a piece of her hair and puts it on the table, proudly telling them to get a DNA test. But just then, Byeong-cheol‘s wife passes out. The doctor tests her blood, and she is positive for pregnancy. She is shocked, having been told before that she has fertility problems.

The fake bio mom finds out about the pregnancy and confronts Young-min and Byeong-cheol’s wife, accusing Young-min of being the father, greatly distressing Byeong-cheol’s wife. Meanwhile, the ghost woman keeps spewing law-related facts.

They go back to Byeong-cheol’s house and begin the bathroom renovation with the help of some of Young-min’s friends.

Back at the hospital, the fake bio mom and her partner are celebrating victory, but Young-min comes up out of nowhere, slamming evidence on the table: a DNA test proving that the woman is not the bio mom. They were able to test it using the hair that the woman had left and some of Byeong-cheol’s DNA that they were able to find. The woman, outraged, leaves in a hurry, and the police are called.

After this success, the ghost woman ponders why she is there and whether she and Young-min were meant to meet. They share an awkward moment, and he notices that she is wearing something on her arm: his dead mother’s hairband. He questions her with fear and suspicion.

The Episode Review

This was an exciting, humorous, and eventful episode packed with great plot elements. Looking at what happened in this and the first one, it looks like Young-min and the ghost woman will continue helping ghosts and their loved ones.

And it looks like we will eventually find the culprit who killed his mom, too. Overall, this episode gives good feelings and suspense, especially with that hook at the end!

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