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Delivery Man – K-drama Episode 11 Recap & Review

Delivery Man

The previous episode left us with Young-min tied up and about to get burned alive. Instead of picking up where we left off though, episode 11 of Delivery Man starts with a flashback of Dr. Do in the hospital. He hands some medicine to Byeong-cheol, who climbs a ladder in the store room but gets dizzy, slips, and falls to his death.

The flashback continues with Ji-hyun asking Byeong-Cheol’s wife if he was in good health, and she replies that he was. She reveals that the police checked the security cameras and did not find any foul play in his death.

Dr. Do shows Young-min a video on his phone of him killing Eun-soo’s mom. Dr. Do says he is planning to frame all of the murders, including Young-min’s on Jung-woo and his girlfriend. Then, he pours a trail of gasoline around Young-min while Young-min screams that he is going to get him. Dr. Do lights the gasoline trail.

Young-min tips his chair over and Ji-hyun runs to him screaming. She somehow creates a protective shield around him. Suddenly, Hyung-soo and the detectives arrive. They rush in and put out the fire, just as Young-min tells them that Dr. Do is responsible for all of the deaths.

A moment from the past displays Young-min asking Hyung-soo to download a tracking app on his phone so the two can know where each other are. This explains how Hyung-soo knew where Young-min was.

In the present, Dr. Do is watching the rescue party from afar. He calls someone and tells them to come see him.

At Young-min’s home, Ji-hyun tells Young-min that his mom is dead because of her, and she apologizes. She goes to the extra bedroom to be alone and cry. Young-min talks to her through the door and emphasizes that nothing is her fault and that she is a victim, too. He asks her not to cry and asks for her help to get Dr. Do.

At the detectives’ office, the detectives and Young-min examine Dr. Do’s relationship with Nurse Kim. Young-min says that the two are definitely accomplices. The detectives bring Dr. Do into the police office, as we cut back to a flashback of Nurse Kim and Jung-woo, where we see Nurse Kim giving Jung-woo a ride. Jung-woo thanks her for helping him after he was fired. Nurse Kim says that she is taking him to the mansion to stay there for a while. She agrees to take care of his girlfriend while he is gone.

In the present, Young-min asks the detectives if he can talk with Dr. Do in the interrogation room. Dr. Do denies trying to kill anyone, and Young-min grabs him, screaming that he murdered his mother and tried to murder him, too.

Out of the investigation room now, the detectives tell Young-min that they have not found any evidence against Dr. Do and that they may need to let him go.

Dr. Do leaves the police station with Nurse Kim, and Young-min watches. Ji-hyun says that they must recover her cell phone data in order to get evidence against Dr. Do. But when they went to the cell repair center before, the employee started to unlock the phone, but Ji-hyun started disappearing, so Young-min asked the employee for the phone back.

They decide to visit the shaman, who says that if they tamper with the phone, Ji-hyun will die for real. The shaman says he does not know what he meant when he said “for real.” He says that when she is about to disappear, it means she will be gone for good.

At the hospital, Dr. Do tells Nurse Kim that he is going to place a camera in Young-min’s taxi because he recalls Young-min asking him strange questions about Ji-hyun and because Young-min seems to be stirring things up. While this is going on, Dr. Do sneaks into Young-min’s taxi and places a camera inside.

The next day, when Young-min and Ji-hyun get in the taxi, Dr. Do sees Young-min talking to the empty seat next to him.

Later, Mi-kyung approaches, and they take her to see Jung-woo’s ghost. Jung-woo realizes that they killed her, too. They come to the conclusion that Nurse Kim killed her. Jung-woo is enraged. He turns into an evil spirit and declares that he will kill Dr. Do and Nurse Kim. Mi-kyung tries to plead with him to stay with her, and he calms down and returns to being a normal ghost, saying that he will stay with her. Jung-woo reveals that he’s made a voice recording and sent it to his grandmother before he died. Mi-kyung thanks Young-min and Ji-hyun; she and Jung-woo disappear.

At the hospital, Dr. Do looks at his phone. Meanwhile, Young-min, and Ji-hyun are getting in the taxi after visiting Jung-woo’s grandmother. Young-min plays the recording. Dr. Do says that he was waiting for Jung-woo, and it sounds like he is hitting Jung-woo. Young-min says that he will send the recording to the detectives.

Dr. Do has a flashback of meeting Nurse Kim and another man in an abandoned area. Dr. Do is giving him a temporary job, and the man is hesitant until Dr. Do pulls out a wad of cash. Dr. Do says that they will begin the experiment.

At home, Ji-hyun and Yooung-min discuss how Dr. Do got away. Suddenly, they both get the same idea and rush to the taxi. Young-min searches until he finds the camera. Through the camera, Young-min tells Dr. Do that he is coming for him and then steps on it.

Young-min and Ji-hyun visit Nurse Kim. She lets them into her apartment, and they ask her where Dr. Do is. Young-min takes out Ji-hyun’s phone and says that he found it in his taxi and that he thinks it is Ji-hyun’s phone. He says that he is going to turn it in to the police. Nurse Kim tells Young-min that he will never get to see Dr. Do. Young-min tells her that Dr. Do used her, and she laughs at him, saying that he doesn’t know what kind of relationship she has with Dr. Do. Young-min calls her pathetic and leaves.

Young-min and Ji-hyun wait in the parking garage. They spy on Nurse Kim, who gets in her car and leaves. They follow her to where Dr. Do is—another abandoned building.

Nurse Kim runs in and tells Dr. Do he needs to leave and that Young-min has the phone. Dr. Do asks Nurse Kim to bring him a certain USB. Young-min and Ji-hyun watch Nurse Kim leave, and Young-min says that the police will be here soon, so he will buy some time by going in to confront Dr. Do.

Young-min tells Dr. Do that he is going to turn in the cellphone, and Dr. Do starts attacking him with an iron bar. Dr. Do knocks the phone to the ground, the phone’s backing comes off, and Ji-hyun disappears. Young-min puts the phone back together, Dr. Do grabs the phone, and then Ji-hyun appears again. This time, Dr. Do can see her and is shocked.

Dr. Do realizes that Young-min and Ji-hyun’s ghost have been working together. Dr. Do hangs the phone over a bin of fire, taunting Young-min. Young-min begs him to keep the phone away. Dr. Do says that he likes the expressions of those who lose someone close to them, and then drops the phone in the fire. Ji-hyun starts to disappear.

Young-min tries to grab the phone, but pulls his arm out in pain. The phone blows up, and Ji-hyun disappears. Young-min falls to his knees, crying out in emotional agony.

As the episode closes out, we cut to Ji-hyun’s hospital room where the monitor flatlines.

The Episode Review

This is the penultimate episode of this show, but as always, some questions certainly remain: will Ji-hyun survive, will Dr. Do be caught, what is this experiment that Dr. Do did, and will Young-min ever meet his mom’s ghost?

Hopefully, these questions will be answered in the finale, and we will finally see Ji-hyun and Young-min unite in person!

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  1. So much lazy writing in this show, lol. They showed the male nurse being super sketchy in the beginning and showed Psycho” Doc investigating hospital deaths, alone in his office. This was clearly done to throw the audience off because there was no reason the actual killer needed to make a show of investigating where no one but the audience could see, lol. So stupid! This was why I did not suspect him immediately. Only when he said “it takes one to recognize one” to the creepy male nurse did I start thinking he was a bad guy. I don’t feel like I just didn’t pick up on it, either. The writers deliberately misled the audience, lol…and not in a clever way either.

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