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Delivery Man – K-drama Episode 10 Recap & Review

Delivery Man

Episode 10 of Delivery Man picks up with Ji-hyun and Young-min at Eun-soo’s mom’s funeral. Ji-hyun has just witnessed Dr. Do covering up an evil laugh.

Young-min greets Dr. Do and asks him if he usually visits his patients’ wakes. He says that he visited because he felt guilty. Ji-Hyun urges Young-min to ask him why he laughed, but Young-min doesn’t.

Young-min and Ji-hyun are sitting with Young-min’s friends at the funeral. Seok-jin says that Eun-soo’s mom had a concussion but recovered. Mr. Jo says that he thinks Eun-soo’s mom died of a heart attack. Young-min and Ji-hyun think her death is suspicious.

When they go outside, they see Eun-soo’s mom’s ghost sitting in the taxi. She asks to see Eun-soo. Young-min gets Eun-soo and tells her that her mom’s ghost is there. They quickly try to convince her by telling her something that only her mother would know, and it works.

They take one last drive together, and Young-min translates what Eun-soo’s mom wants to say to her. She tells her that even though she had Alzheimer’s, her soul remembered Eun-soo. She asks her to do everything that she wants to do now with joy.

When Young-min gets home, he is surprised to see that Dr. Do is there, and Ji-hyun is immediately suspicious. Dr. Do says that he is bringing Grandma her new medicine. Dr. Do says that he needs to use the bathroom but starts snooping around instead. However, Ji-hyun alerts Young-min before he does something.

Dr. Do notices that Young-min has a really old cell phone charger, and Young-min lies, saying that it is for his Grandma’s phone.

Young-min asks Dr. Do what sort of person Nurse Kim is. He tells him that he thinks she helped Jung-woo kill his mom, continuing to mention how Nurse Kim is a good person and chides him for suspecting an innocent person.

Young-min and Ji-hyun visit Mi-kyung. She asks them to find Jung-woo. Ji-hyun reminds her that Jung-woo stole drugs. Mi-kyung tries to explain that she needed the drugs, and he was stealing them for her. But Ji-hyun still insists that he should not have done that and is not a great person because of that. Mi-Kung says that the last time she saw him, he read something and left in a hurry. They try to find what he read, and Young-min finds it in a stack of newspapers. It is a sign that says, “If you need help, come to me.”

At the hospital, Dr. Do tells Nurse Kim that she was supposed to be careful and hands her a photo of a motorcycle. He tells her what Young-min said.

Dr.  Do has a flashback of Nurse Kim trying to persuade him not to commit murder. He reminds her that she is a murderer who killed his grandfather. Nurse Kim says that it was only to protect him (Dr. Do).

In the detective’s office, the detectives find one of the private investigator’s photos of a motorcycle that has the hospital logo’s key chain attached to the key.

At Jung-woo’s, Young-min and Ji-hyun suspect that Nurse Kim, who lives in the same building, left the note. They wait for her to get home. She invites Young-min inside. Young-min asks what kind of relationship she had with Jung-woo. She tells him to stop asking her rude questions. He is about to drink the tea she gave him when Ji-hyun tells him to stop, suspecting she might have drugged it.

Young-min walks outside the apartment. Ji-hyun goes back inside to spy. She sees Nurse Kim holding the hospital keychain.

At home, Hyung-soo calls Young-min and tells him that the P.I. is dead. The autopsy revealed a drug overdose. He sends Young-min the photo that the detectives found. Young-min chooses not to tell Hyung-soo about the matching key chain that Ji-hyun saw.

Young-min gives the note that they found to So-ri and asks her if she recognizes the handwriting. She says that it looks like Nurse Kim’s. Dr. Do sees them talking, and Dr. Do asks what they were talking about, and So-ri lies, saying that it was about money. She asks Dr. Do to dinner, but he declines.

Dr. Do tells Nurse Kim that Young-min was just there, and she tells him that he visited her yesterday. The detectives come into the hospital and say that they are going to do a search. The chief detective shows her the motorcycle photo and asks if she knows who owns the key chain. She says that she doesn’t know, and that many of the nurses were given the same keychain, and worms her way out of the conversation.

Dr. Do arrives at an abandoned building. Jung-woo is on the ground, and he is tied up. Dr. Do says that he has wanted to kill since the first time he saw him, and he takes out a needle. Jung-woo pleads for his life.

Meanwhile, Ji-hyun and Young-min are in the taxi, discussing their investigation, when Ji-hyun starts to disappear again. In her hospital room, Ji-hyun’s head starts to move around, but then she becomes still again. Young-min comments that Ji-hyun’s flickering keeps happening and then suggests provoking Nurse Kim.

They bring the letter that they believe she wrote and confront her with it. Nurse Kim says that she did write it and wanted to help, but he never came to her.

He shows Nurse Kim the same photo that the detectives showed her. She admits she has a keychain, but so do most of the nurses at the hospital. Young-min says that she has two days to tell him where Jung-woo is before he gives the memo to the police and leaves.

Inside Nurse Kim’s apartment, Nurse Kim looks scared and calls someone on her phone. Young-min gets home and steps out of his taxi. Someone in disguise comes up and hits him on the back of the head with a bat.

After this, Young-min wakes up in an abandoned building. He is tied to a chair, and Ji-hyun is there, yelling his name. He sees Jung-woo’s dead body in the same room. Dr. Do walks in, laughing.

The day that Jin-sook died and Ji-hyun got injured unfolds: Jin-sook is cleaning her taxi. Young-min asks why she is cleaning instead of going to the hospital since she was coughing. His mom says that she needs to earn money, but Young-min reminds her that her husband died from overworking, and he kicks the taxi before walking away to his police training academy.

At the academy, he writes down that he needs to apologize to his mom. He gets a text from her asking him to meet at his favourite barbeque place.

Jin-sook drops off Ji-hyun at a psychology center. Ji-hyun walks up to Nurse Kim, who greets her. Ji-hyun tells her that she wants to learn more about clinical psychology, and she meets Nurse Kim later at her apartment. The two share some wine. Ji-hyun starts snooping around for evidence regarding her best friend’s death while Nurse Kim goes to get more wine.

Suddenly, Dr. Do comes out of nowhere and partially stabs a needle into her. She immediately fights back, Dr. Do tries to record her on his phone, but she wrestles it free and hits him with it before stumbling outside.

Young-min’s mom calls her son to tell him that she parked in front of an apartment building (the same one that Nurse Kim lives in) because the barbeque restaurant was full. Ji-hyun comes out of the building and stumbles into Jin-sook’s mom’s arms. Jin-sook puts Ji-hyun in the back of the taxi. Dr. Do stands outside and makes a phone call, then he approaches the taxi.

As Jin-sook is getting inside the taxi, a motorcycle runs her over. Dr. Do kneels beside her, but a security guard sees and rushes over, asking if he should call an ambulance. Dr. Do says yes.

Young-min abruptly arrives and attacks Dr. Do, asking what he is doing next to his mom, who is lying in the road. Dr. Do tells him that his mom has many fractures and that he needs to perform CPR. Young-min moves out of the way as Dr. Do takes something out of Young-min’s mom’s hand and starts doing CPR.

Emergency personnel arrive and tell Young-min to follow them in a taxi. They allow Dr. Do to get inside and as Young-min starts to take his mom’s car, he stops so that the crime scene may be preserved. As a result, he takes another taxi to the hospital.

In the ambulance, Dr. Do gives Jin-sook an injection, while the motorcycle driver comes back to the taxi and drives it away, with Ji-hyun inside.

Young-min is stuck in traffic and decides to get out and run the rest of the way to the hospital. Hyung-soo is walking when he sees Ji-hyun lying on the side of the road. He calls an ambulance, while at the hospital, Young-min rushes in to find his mom’s face being covered by a white sheet. He cries out and falls to his knees.

Back in the present, Dr. Do evilly says goodbye to Young-min while igniting a trail of gasoline that leads to Young-min’s chair.

The Episode Review

Talk about a cliffhanger. Dr. Do always did give psychopathic vibes given he was just too perfect. And as it turns out, he was also too good to be true as well.

But where is Jung-woo’s ghost, and Jin-sook’s, for that matter? This really isn’t adding up. There are only two episodes left in this series so let’s hope it wraps up nicely (*spoiler alert* there is a pretty good chance that it will!)

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