Delivery By Christmas (2022) Movie Review – Good acting can’t save this Christmas flick

Good acting can’t save this Christmas flick

Netflix’s “Delivery by Christmas”, previously called “Jeszcze Przed Swietami” is a Polish romantic drama that revolves around Maria, an efficient and considerate 30-year-old who struggles to deliver her shipments on time. When a colleague wrecks all of her orders, she ultimately decides to rectify the blunder. Maria is presently in a race against time to deliver all the gifts to their intended recipients before it’s too late. Krzysztof, a cautious customer who also gets his shipment exchanged, joins her on this journey.

Delivery by Christmas is a pleasant Christmas watch with some heartwarming components. Not every hero dons a cape and here, in this flick, we get to see how not every Santa has a sleigh. The movie’s lead character is doing everything in her capacity to deliver the presents on schedule, just like Santa races to deliver every surprise gift on time.

The various issues that the storyline touches on within the comedy will somewhat entertain, humor, and move you. The movie is a semi-feel-good story about how miscommunications can result in beautiful beginnings.

The drama is mildly pleasant and entertaining because of its Christmas-themed setting. The sequences that feature a slightly vibrant backdrop are beautiful. Furthermore, the holiday comedy showcases a dedicated and considerate courier person as she juggles through work on Christmas day by making sacrifices in the present, giving up temporary happiness for her child’s future.

Given that everyone is constantly rushing to finish their tasks, the story feels incredibly relevant in current times. Even though the tale is entirely made up, it taps into the demanding work of courier workers. They help ensure all the items are delivered on schedule so customers can enjoy their presents, regardless of the weather or the much anticipated holidays.

Delivery by Christmas showcases that in order to rectify the situation and make deliveries to the right places, Maria climbs gates and she also tends to leave her child with acquaintances, working throughout Christmas Eve. She puts a lot of effort into her profession so she can support her child. Many single mothers who work so tirelessly to make their children happy can relate to Maria’s challenges.

Christmas movies frequently have vibrant sets and are meant to make the viewers feel happy. The commotion in Delivery by Christmas prevents anything of the kind from being felt. Moreover, since most of the action takes place in a car, the movie moves kind of slowly because little transpires theatrically to heighten the tension or really obstruct their path.

We are presented with a few mini-subplots about characters who were impacted by the concerns and received the incorrect gifts throughout the movie, but they’re not as humorous as they should have been or were meant to be, and they can occasionally be a little too somber. If that wasn’t enough, the plot includes several flashbacks, which aren’t particularly effective. On the contrary, they’re an odd addition and give the movie a clumsy feel.

The drama provides us with a window into contemporary families and relationships. Alongside Maria, we also see the family members of the individuals who received the incorrect packages. Every character’s life is depicted as a whole, together with their problems and resolutions. Although some relationships seem to work out after a miscommunication, others fall apart and come to an end.

The rom-com has some strong components, and it had the potential to be a terrific movie. Unfortunately, the writers wreck the moment and craft a subpar film. The ending is certainly a point of contention too.

Although Krzysztof and Zuzia’s partnership isn’t seen much, there are indications of tension since Krzysztof doesn’t seem to be in a pleasant mood. His journey starts with the idea of popping the question to his fiancée and culminates in a less-than-desirable outcome.

With her grounded-in-reality portrayal of a working-class single parent who has undoubtedly already taken far too many life punches, Frajczyk keeps the drama slightly intact. Furthermore, she showcases the screenplay’s comical elements since the character has a profession that is underappreciated by society.

The movie’s central characters are far too dull though, and while there are some entertaining moments, they are not enough to improve the overall premise. Krzysztof is a pointless character who only exists to annoy Marysia, a kind and hardworking young woman, notably around Christmas.

With all that said, Delivery by Christmas is not up to par. Even though the actors give it their all and the movie addresses a few significant issues, the overall goal is unclear and the storyline far too chaotic. What a shame.


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  • Verdict - 3/10

4 thoughts on “Delivery By Christmas (2022) Movie Review – Good acting can’t save this Christmas flick”

  1. I really enjoyed it – thought it was kind of like “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles” meets “Love, Actually.” Lots of twists and turns – some funny, some somber, some clunky – Ultimately it was about how humans connect.

  2. Great film. Original. Different. Smart. And different from the over-acted, over-coloured films this year from the USA with the same old same old stuff. This is about REAL people. Well timed, well written and the acting is fabulous. This needs at the very least a 4 out of 5 stars..

  3. It’s never “enough” fun for you North Americans. Never enough ” feel good ” moments. Not everything have to be perfect in your not so perfect lives. We Europeans depict life as is and Christmas is no different. We don’t need your fake Holywood ” feel good” movies to make us Love this one! Absolutely enjoyed it! What a great European Christmas movie! 🎄

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