Delivery By Christmas (2022) Ending Explained – Do Maria and Krzysztof get together eventually?

Delivery By Christmas (2022) Plot Synopsis

Netflix’s “Delivery by Christmas”, previously called “Jeszcze Przed Swietami” is a Polish romantic drama that revolves around Maria, an efficient and considerate 30-year-old who struggles to deliver her shipments on time. When a colleague wrecks all of her orders, she ultimately decides to rectify the blunder. Maria is presently in a race against time to deliver all the gifts to their intended recipients before it’s too late. Krzysztof, a cautious customer who also gets his shipment exchanged, joins her on this journey.

Delivery by Christmas is a pleasant Christmas watch with some heartwarming components. Not every hero dons a cape and here, in this flick, we get to see how not every Santa has a sleigh. The movie’s lead character is doing everything in her capacity to deliver the presents on schedule, just like Santa races to deliver every surprise gift on time.

The storyline of the Polish tale makes references to issues like familial ties, the actuality of relationships, as well as the effects of misunderstanding. It covers a number of these elements to provide a thorough picture of both the lives of the main characters and the supporting cast as well. In the flick, each subplot is adequately resolved. So let’s discover if the central characters are impacted by Delivery by Christmas’s resolution:

What sets the plot of the movie in motion?

Among all the other packages Maria needs to be able to deliver, she has one for Krzysztof, who she encounters while doing so. Maria’s deliveries end up at the wrong residences as a result of her boss’s crazy behavior after she rejects his advances.

Krzysztof finds Maria after realizing he doesn’t have the right package containing the ring to pop the question to his partner. They half-heartedly set out to revisit each of the delivery locations.

What’s the situation with the secondary characters?

After a young man’s family finds out that he may have impregnated Milena, their world is irrevocably changed. His parents believe that Mirek needs to toughen up and embrace more responsibilities.

Estera, another customer, feels obligated to remain in her sexless union. Eryk, her spouse, solely watches wildlife programs and enjoys traveling. Estera visits the tailor as her clothing begins to shred. Because Estera and the dressmaker have been on good terms, she also gives him a present for Christmas. He misinterprets the situation once he gets the wrong delivery. However, everything works out perfectly because Estera shares the same feelings.

How does the mix-up of the packages impact the drama’s characters?

Maria and Krzysztof struggle to get along since they frequently disagree on pressing issues and as a consequence, they keep bickering. The two execute what can only be described as something of a Christmas miracle by delivering all the gifts to their appropriate recipients.

Despite how big the disaster is, everyone concerned benefits from it in a constructive way. In hopes for Mirek to figure out how to take on a few responsibilities, his parents kick him out of the house. Milena ultimately helps him come to terms with his individualism and freedom. Estera is given the opportunity to explore her sexual preferences and discover her true desires.

Do Maria and Krzysztof get together eventually?

When Maria is bringing a parcel into an office, Maksiu, Maria’s son, rushes to the restroom, where he finds Krzysztof. Maksiu eventually crosses paths with Maria and Krzysztof. To ask his lover to marry him, the latter requires his grandma’s ring. Krzysztof, therefore, asks Maria to pick that up.

Maria also delivers Krzysztof’s present alongside her other parcels on the final days leading up to Christmas. Maria is first pictured on the balcony by herself. Maria yearns for intimacy in her life as she witnesses how much her neighbors care and cherish one another.

Maria and Krzysztof recently spent the day together delivering the parcels to the right addresses despite the confusion over the parcels. Despite having completely different personalities, they become more compatible when faced with challenges. Although Maria is a contented woman who is spontaneous by nature, Krzysztof is a sensible, well-organized man.

While ducking from the cop car, they seem to have an intimate moment together. Maria and Krzysztof are aware of their chemistry but do nothing about it.

During the resolution of the flick, as Maria tosses the ring inside the riverbed, we witness the duo discussing their emotional issues. Krzysztof has just ended a relationship, therefore he doesn’t start a relationship with Maria.

Although they hold different beliefs and opinions, by enjoying the day there as they could see the good in one another. Krzysztof notices Maria’s dedication and maternal love for her child. Maria is grateful that Krzysztof spent the day assisting her.

Why did Maria throw the ring into the river?

Maria is able to tell that Krzysztof is upset that he cannot give Zuzia the ring. He receives a ring that Maria had previously taken off, we assume after the end of her relationship. Even when he’s not devoted enough to settle down with Zuzia, he hunts for his grandma’s ring the entire time in an effort to pop the question to his partner.

Since his grandpa is aware of this, he chooses not to give Krzysztof the ring. Krzysztof relocates to his grandpa’s flat following the end of his relationship with Zuzia.

We think Maksiu’s dad gave that ring to Maria. In the flick, he is neither referenced nor seen. But Maria admits that the ring embodies her emotional weight, which she wants to let go of.

As a result of the split, it also becomes Krzysztof’s burden. So, when Krzysztof gives Maria the ring back, she throws it into the water as a sign of closure. Using the ring as a symbol of emotional baggage, Maria and Krzysztof start anew with a clean slate after the ring is thrown away.


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