Deliver Me – Episode 2 “Why is My Son Dead?” Recap & Review

Why is My Son Dead?

Episode 2 of Deliver Me starts with a flashback from when Bilal was alive. Douglas’ father introduces Bilal to his friends and speaks highly of him in front of his son. Douglas appears jealous at first but later, the two friends sneak out and take a drive in Douglas’ mom’s car. The two boys chat and keep an eye out for the cops.

As soon as they see a police car, Billy texts Mehdi’s thugs who scatter away. One night, Leila puts the kids to bed and tells Bilal she is heading to work. Bilal heads out and meets Douglas. The two meet Mehdi and Awad. Mehdi takes Awad away and asks the two boys to be on the lookout for cops. Bilal watches Mehdi beating Awad up for selling drugs at a higher rate and for keeping the profits.

After this, Mehdi drives Douglas and Bilal back home. Before dropping them off, Mehdi asks Bilal to take Awad’s spot and sell drugs for him instead. The episode moves back to the present day where Douglas is in the detention centre. Detective Josef asks Douglas to get changed and shows him to his room.

Meanwhile, Farid thinks about Douglas while Svante briefs his team about finding the gun used to kill Bilal as well as the burner phone Douglas used to call the cops. At the same time, Mehdi can be seen having a meal with his father. He calls one of his friends and asks him to see how the cops got to his mother. The person on the other line tells Mehdi that they had their eyes on Douglas.

Mehdi asks his friend to track Bilal’s brother as well. Leila and her kids come back home after laying Bilal to rest. Leila asks her kids to hide the truth about Bilal from the cops as she is certain the police are not going to help them. A flashback shows Bilal’s brother – Tusane finding the drugs he was pedalling. Bilal bribes his brother and asks him to keep this a secret from their mother.

At the detention centre, Douglas notices a familiar face and panics. He goes back to his room without having a meal to avoid him. Farid, Lana and Svante discuss the crimes committed by Mehdi’s group. Svante asks Farid to talk to Bilal’s family as well as Douglas as he knows the boys already. Farid visits Leila and her three children – Aisha, Tusane and Rawdah.

He asks them questions about Bilal’s involvement with Mehdi. Leila has no answer for Farid and he is forced to leave. On his way out, Farid gives his mobile number to Aisha in secret and asks her to reach out to her if she has any information about her late brother’s involvement in the gang. Mehdi’s goons spot Farid leaving Bilal’s house and tell Mehdi about it.

At the same time, Josef meets Douglas in his room and learns that he is having drug withdrawals. Douglas asks Yousef to stay behind with him as he is feeling lonely. Meanwhile, Tusane misses his brother and Aisa decides to share a video with Farid. The video shows Bilal’s alleged murder and the cops are shocked to see this. The video shows a masked man shooting Bilal while Douglas is standing beside him.

That night, Farid goes back home, thinking about how he might have put Bilal’s life at risk. The next day, he goes back to visit Leila, asking her more questions. Leila calls Farid out for failing to protect Bilal when he promised to. Leila tries to put on a brave face in public but breaks down at the convenience store, thinking about Bilal.

At the detention centre, Dougal tries his best to avoid the familiar boy. Josef keeps Douglas company, keeping the guy from talking to Douglas. The boy causes a commotion at the detention centre, forcing Josef to step away from Douglas. He uses the opportunity and threatens Douglas, asking him to watch out.

That night, Mehdi’s father talks to Mehdi’s mother, asking her to call Mehdi back. He tells Mehdi’s mom that Mehdi needs to go back home in a few days. The police, who are tracking Mehdi’s mother’s phone learn about his location and rush to arrest him. At his father’s house, Mehdi is successfully arrested.

At the same time, Farid meets Douglas for an interrogation. Douglas reveals that he had lied to Farid the last time. He reveals that Mehdi had nothing to do with Bilal’s death and states that he was under the influence of drugs. Farid claims to have seen the video of Bilal’s murder and wonders if Douglas was being threatened into protecting Mehdi.

Farid promises to protect Douglas but the latter confesses to killing Bilal. On his drive back home, Lana tells Farid that Mehdi is under arrest. A the same time, Douglas tries to sleep but still has memories of Bilal. He is kidnapped from the detention centre by a man dressed in a red jumpsuit. The man in the jumpsuit, along with two others put Douglas in the trunk of a car and drive away as the episode ends.

The Episode Review

The show is interesting yet slow and with such young kids in the mix, it is aggravating to see their parents sitting on the side-lines while their children enter the world of crime and drugs. The show tries to highlight the existence of gangs and drug pedalling among the youth of the present generation. However, one cannot help but notice how the characters on Deliver Me are edging towards racism. With the drug pedlars all being Black and Muslim, the show is bordering on being controversial.

Keeping that aspect of the show aside, it is clear that Douglas knows the guy who is at the detention centre with him. With him confessing that it was Mehdi who asked him to kill Bilal and with video evidence from Aisha, it would be pretty easy to incriminate Mehdi. However, it looks like Bilal’s family is hiding something from the cops which could further complicate the case for Farid.

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