Delightfully Deceitful – K-drama Episode 8 Recap & Review

Is This The End?

Delightfully Deceitful episode 8 begins with Moo-Young giving Yo-Han reasons why he shouldn’t get Na-Sa and Lee Ro-Um arrested. Moo-Young begins by telling Yo-Han that he knows about his late friend, An Yoon-Sik, and proceeds to tell him about her.

An Yoon-Sik had a difficult childhood, which led him into trouble in his teens. He went to juvenile prison, then was released in his early adulthood. He ended up committing insurance fraud, where he would intentionally get himself hurt by throwing himself in front of vehicles and all that so the insurance of the owner of the vehicles would compensate him.

He did this because he had a huge debt accumulated by his parents to pay. An Yoon-Sik ended up dying due to the injuries caused by the frequent accidents he got himself into. Yo-Han was affected by An Yoon-Sik’s passing because he was his only friend and didn’t know what An Yoon-Sik was going through before his death. It’s now Moo-Young’s turn to tell Yo-Han why he shouldn’t send Lee Ro-Um and Na-Sa to the police. And judging by how angry Yo-Han looks afterwards, it seems Moo-Young told him the truth.

Elsewhere, Lee Ro-Um and the others are preparing to get the notebook Jang Kyung-Ja hid in the hotel’s vault. But before they begin, Na-Sa begins telling others how weird it is that they’re only going to get the notebook and not any other valuables from the vault. Lee Ro-Um is having none of that.

Lee Ro-Um goes over the plan with everyone before they begin. The plan here is to time when Jang Kyung-Ja makes her way into the vault. As she receives a code enabling her to open her safe inside the vault, they’ll do something to her phone that will make her leave it inside the vault and exit without it.

Once she’s outside the vault, she’ll be unable to get inside again since she doesn’t have her phone. So, she’ll call the hotel’s concierge using another phone. That is when Ring-Go, who now works at the hotel, will cut the line to the concierge’s office, preventing Jang Kyung-Ja from calling the office. Jang Kyung-Ja will be forced to use the elevator, and Ring-Go will shut down the elevator, giving Na-Sa time to sneak into the vault, open the safe using Jang Kyung-Ja’s phone and take out the notebook.

They begin executing their plan, but soon realize Jang Kyung-Ja is heading to her office at Navis Well-Being. It turns out Jang Kyung-Ja is signing a deal with a client concerning a considerable amount of gold, which is why she planned to go to the vault in the first place. This means Jang Kyung-Ja will have extra security, which will make things difficult for them.

While at the office, Jang Kyung-Ja switches off her phone. She switches it back on as she heads to the hotel, and the technology Moo-Young used to access her phone in the last episode doesn’t work anymore. Da-Jung tells the others the bad news, so they’ll have to cancel their plans.

Moo-Young asks Da-Jung if there’s another way they can access Jang Kyung-Ja’s phone. Da-Jung tells Moo-Young that they can send Jang Kyung-Ja a link that she has to open so they can access her phone. Moo-Young offers to trick Jang Kyung-Ja into opening the link.

Moo-Young then meets Jang Kyung-Ja as she enters the hotel and asks her if she has also come to the hotel because of Lee Ro-Um. Moo-Young lies to her that the culprit behind Lee Ro-Um’s parents and An Chae-Hong’s murders is in the building. He then tells Jang Kyung-Ja that the culprit’s identity has been sent to her phone. Jang Kyung-Ja opens the link Da-Jung anonymously sent her, and they manage to re-access her phone. After that, Lee Ro-Um asks Moo-Young to go home.

Yo-Han goes to visit his mother. It turns out his mum, Shin Seo-Ra, was the talk show host who interviewed Jang Kyung-Ja in the last episode. Yo-Han finds Moo-Young’s psychiatrist, Mo Jae-In, there and asks her to leave so he can speak with his mother.

It turns out Moo-Young told Yo-Han that Shin Seo-Ra was the one who psychologically analyzed Lee Ro-Um, Da-Jung, and Ring-Go. She then recommended them to Jeokmok Foundation as the most suitable “students” to be groomed into criminals. Although, it’s unclear if she knew what Jeokmok Foundation was doing, so Yo-Han went to Shin Seo-Ra to confront her about it.

Back at the hotel, things go as planned until Jay finds Ring-Go turning off the elevator that Jang Kyung-Ja was in. He beats the guy up and locks him in a locker inside the hotel. Jay then goes and turns on the elevator.

Na-Sa gains access to the vault, but he starts taking the gold inside Jang Kyung-Ja’s safe. He then takes the notebook and asks Lee Ro-Um to come for it herself. Of course, Lee Ro-Um is having none of that and heads to the vault. They begin arguing, and Lee Ro-Um fires the revolver used to kill her parents. Da-Jung, Yoo-II and Yoo-Neung hear the gunshot and realize there’s something wrong. As a result, they decide to rescue Ring-Go and flee from the hotel.

Lee Ro-Um is about to take the notebook when Jang Kyung-Ja and her men walk in. Jang Kyung-Ja asks one of his men to call the hotel’s security, but Lee Ro-Um tells Jang Kyung-Ja that now “the president” knows she tried to rob her, he’ll want to know what she’s hiding. As expected, this makes Jang Kyung-Ja really mad, and she mentions that Lee Ro-Um has to suffer more.

While all this is happening, Moo-Young returns to his house and goes to his bathroom, where he hid the revolver. He doesn’t find the gun but does find a flash drive. He opens the contents of this and discovers the truth about Jeokmok Foundation being behind his father’s company’s bankruptcy. He is shocked and hurt.

Moo-Young goes to the hospital where Da-Jung, Yoo-ll and Yoo-Neung took Ring-Go. He meets Da-Jung, who tells him what happened after he left. She tells him that Lee Ro-Um probably shot Na-Sa because she may have no use for him now. Da-Jung tells Moo-Young that Lee Ro-Um uses people to get what she wants, just like “the president,” which is why he’s obsessed with her.

Moo-Young asks Da-Jung about what he found in the file Lee Ro-Um left him after she took the revolver. And Da-Jung confirms that it’s all true.

Elsewhere, Jang Kyung-Ja takes Lee Ro-Um to her parent’s house, where they were shot dead and their bodies burnt. Jang Kyung-Ja starts mocking Lee Ro-Um, and she burns the notebook. She then leaves Lee Ro-Um there. Of course, being there brings back all the memories regarding what happened when Lee Ro-Um’s parents were killed, and this breaks her once again.

The episode ends with Moo-Young arriving where Lee Ro-Um was left by Jang Kyung-Ja, to pick her up.

The Episode Review

I must say that this episode has taken us on a rollercoaster ride of events. What Da-Jung said about Lee Ro-Um using others to get what she wants is true, even though she’s a victim in this show. Now that everyone in her group has scattered, I wonder if this is the end of her seeking revenge against the Jeokmok Foundation.

As the series continues, the curious identity of “the president” continues to grow and hopefully we’ll find out who this is soon. As for Jang Kyung-Ja, I’m convinced she has been involved with the Jeokmok Foundation way more than we know now.

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