Delightfully Deceitful – K-drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

Revenge is an act of passion; vengeance of justice.

Episode 7 of Delightfully Deceitful takes us back to when Moo-Young was a teenager. His dad’s company had gone bankrupt, and his debtors arrive to ask for their money. In the process, Moo-Young’s mum gets hurt, and Moo-Young rushes to her side.

While this is going on, Lee Ro-Um, who was also a teenager at that time, watched this happen to Moo-Young and his parents. It’s still a mystery why Lee Ro-Um was there in the first place.

We’re also taken back to when Moo-Young had his disciplinary hearing. During the hearing, Moo-Young explains to the committee about his Hyper-empathy syndrome and why he betrayed Choong-Sik when he was his client. While the committee sympathize with Moo-Young’s condition, they still suspend him from practising law for three months.

Back to the present, Ring-Go gives Sim Kyung-Hwa all the money Jong-Gu lost while gambling at Na-Sa’s secret den in the last episode. It seems she took the money since the plan to get Jong-Gu arrested for using company funds to gamble failed.

Elsewhere, Na-Sa is trying to justify to Lee Ro-Um why he has been accepting money from Jang Kyung-Ja. Lee Ro-Um then tells Na-Sa that the reason he hasn’t been able to free himself from Jeokmok Foundation’s grip is that he can’t focus. She then tells Na-Sa to remember that she still has the revolver.

Moo-Young goes to Jae-Hyeok and gives him the insurance money Lee Ro-Um got from Kim Bo-Ra and her husband. He then asks him to return it to “where it belongs”. It’s unclear what he means by that; could he be requesting Jae-Hyeok return the money to Kim Bo-Ra or Seo Gye-Sook?

Jae-Hyeok then tells Moo-Young that Young-Ki revealed Moo-Young told him to investigate Jeokmok Foundation. He asks Moo-Young if he can be part of this investigation, but Moo-Young doesn’t give him a definite answer.

At Da-Jung’s comic book store, Da-Jung explains to Lee Ro-Um that they were the ones who caused Moo-Young’s father’s company to go bankrupt under the instructions of the Jeokmok Foundation. This now explains why we saw Lee Ro-Um nearby when Moo-Young’s father’s debtors came to collect their money earlier.

Da-Jung tries to convince Lee Ro-Um not to include Moo-Young in their quest for revenge against Jeokmok Foundation, but Lee Ro-Um refuses. At this point, it’s clear Lee Ro-Um uses people’s weaknesses or past mistakes to get them to do what she wants. She’s threatening Na-Sa with the revolver he assembled. And now, she’s threatening Da-Jung because she participated in causing Moo-Young’s father’s company to go bankrupt.

Lee Ro-Um leaves Da-Jung’s store after that altercation. It seems she’s shaken by what Da-Jung told her about them being the ones behind Moo-Young’s father’s company going bankrupt. She then heads to Moo-Young’s house. Lee Ro-Um begins telling Moo-Young the events that led to her parents’ murders.

Jeokmok Foundation’s Director, An Chae-Hong, discovered the identity of “the president.” He then wanted him, Jang Kyung-Ja, and Lee Ro-Um to leave the country because he feared “the president” would kill him since he knew his identity. It turns out Jang Kyung-Ja, the CEO of Navis Well-Being, is An Chae-Hong’s wife.

Before they left, An Chae-Hong instructed Lee Ro-Um to memorize all the records he kept about Jeokmok Foundation. Remember, Lee Ro-Um has exceptional memory.

However, there was one notebook that An Chae-Hong took with him and didn’t allow Lee Ro-Um to see its contents. Lee Ro-Um wanted to return to her parents, so she later called Jang Kyung-Ja and asked her to give her a black bag that An Chae-Hong came with, so she couldn’t leave the country.

Jang Kyung-Ja didn’t want to leave the country because she was secretly seeing another man named Jay. And she suspected something was going on between Lee Ro-Um and Jay since they knew each other. Well, nothing was going on between them. But they knew each other because Jay was the first Jeokmok kid.

Jang Kyung-Ja agreed to give Lee Ro-Um the bag. But, it seems things didn’t go as planned because Lee Ro-Um’s parents were killed in front of her, and Jang Kyung-Ja escaped with An Chae-Hong’s notebook. As she was escaping, it looked like An Chae-Hong hung himself. It turns out the notebook contained details about “the president’s” identity.

After Lee Ro-Um finishes telling Moo-Young the events that led to her parents’ murders, Lee Ro-Um goes to the venue where a talk show host is interviewing Jang Kyung-Ja. Lee Ro-Um makes sure Jang Kyung-Ja sees her, and as expected, Jang Kyung-Ja is shocked to see her. Lee Ro-Um then briefly meets with Jay.

After the interview, Jang Kyung-Ja rushes to look for Jay as she noticed he disappeared when Lee Ro-Um showed up. She finds him and asks where he was, but Jay pretends he hadn’t gone anywhere.

Now Lee Ro-Um is planning to get the notebook from Jang Kyung-Ja. It turns out Jang Kyung-Ja hid the notebook in a vault in a particular hotel she had VIP access to, thanks to her parents. So, Lee Ro-Um is planning to get the notebook from the vault. Of course, she works with Na-Sa, Ring-Go and his men, Da-Jung, and Moo-Young, to execute a plan to get into the vault, take the notebook, and leave without being noticed.

However, they have to somehow get Jang Kyung-Ja’s phone to gain access to the vault. Da-Jung develops a certain technology that will enable them to do just this, but they need one person to be in close physical contact with Jang Kyung-Ja for this to work. Moo-Young offers to meet with Jang Kyung-Ja.

Later that night, Lee Ro-Um asks Moo-Young for the revolver, but Moo-Young refuses to give it to her.

The next day, Moo-Young meets with Jang Kyung-Ja to ask her about An Chae-Hong, Jeokmok Foundation, Lee Ro-Um, and “the president’s” identity. Of course, Jang Kyung-Ja is careful with what she tells Moo-Young. This is because she already did some investigation on Moo-Young. She knows a lot about Moo-Young, from his Hyper-empathy syndrome to his betrayal of Choong-Sik and representing Lee Ro-Um and even his suspension.

However, Moo-Young manages to access Jang Kyung-Ja’s phone using Da-Jung’s technology. That night, Moo-Young invites Lee Ro-Um over for dinner. Later, Lee-Ro-Um happens to find the revolver in Moo-Young’s bathroom.

Lee Ro-Um leaves to go to Da-Jung’s comic book store and finds Yo-Han there. He’s discovered Na-Sa, Lee-Ro-Um, and Da-Jung are working together. Moo-Young also arrives, and Yo-Han tells them he plans to expose Ro-Um and Na-Sa to the police. He then tells Moo-Young to come up with a good reason why he shouldn’t do so.

We then skip forward in time to the big event. As the others prepare to execute their plan, Moo-Young calls Yo-Han to give him his reasons as to why he can’t expose Lee Ro-Um and Na-Sa to the police.

The Episode Review

We now know why we kept seeing Lee Ro-Um in the flashback scenes when Moo-Young’s father’s company became bankrupt. While Lee Ro-Um doesn’t show it, her discovering that she took part in making Moo-Young’s father’s company bankrupt got to her. It may explain why she opened up to Moo-Young about the events that led to her parents’ murders. We’ve now seen how Jang Kyung-Ja is connected to Lee Ro-Um and Jeokmok Foundation too.

I wonder what Moo-Young will tell Yo-Han that will stop him from getting Na-Sa and Lee Ro-Um arrested. Also, will Lee Ro-Um and the others succeed in getting the notebook from the hotel vault? And what exactly does Jang Kyung-Ja know about Moo-Young and Lee Ro-Um? Because she’s been keeping tabs on them.

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