Delightfully Deceitful – K-drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

Do You Trust Me Now?

Episode 6 of Delightfully Deceitful takes us back to when Na-Sa was in Jeokmok Foundation. Na-Sa is inside a cell when a man comes and starts beating him up. After the man leaves, Lee Ro-Um approaches Na-Sa and advises him to do as the people at Jeokmok Foundation tell him. Lee Ro-Um tells Na-Sa that they are beating him up because he mentioned that he was beaten often as a kid, so they are using his weakness to tame him.

Back to the present, Lee Ro-Um has locked Moo-Young, Na-Sa, Jong-Gu, and the other gamblers inside Na-Sa’s secret gambling den. Now, the police are there, threatening to force their way into Na-Sa’s auto repair shop, which is the cover-up for the gambling den. They received a tip-off about a gambling den being there.

Na-Sa is panicking about the police being there when Moo-Young tells him that he’s his lawyer from now on and that he shouldn’t speak to anyone except when he says so. He then tells him to shut down the auto repair shop’s electricity.

Meanwhile, Lee Ro-Um, who’s already outside the gambling den, receives a call from Da-Jung telling her that the surveillance camera from the gambling den has been shut off. Lee Ro-Um then asks her to make a backup of that footage showing Jong-Gu gambling.

It turns out Lee Ro-Um was in cohorts with Jong-Gu’s wife, Sim Kyung-Hwa, to lure Jong-Gu into gambling with their waste management company’s funds so he could be arrested. Kyung-Hwa had told Lee Ro-Um how Jong-Gu had been taking advantage of her and had multiple affairs since they were married.

Lee Ro-Um then suggested they lure Jong-Gu into using their company’s funds for gambling. That way, he could be arrested for embezzlement of company funds and sent to jail, enabling Kyung-Hwa to get rid of him. As expected, Kyung-Hwa agreed to this plan without hesitation.

Back to the present, Da-Jung and Ring-Go are worried about Moo-Young and Na-Sa since they haven’t heard from them, and the surveillance camera in the gambling den has been shut off. At Na-Sa’s auto repair shop, the police finally gain access to Na-Sa’s repair shop, and Yo-Han is among them.

Yo-Han is also Na-Sa’s probation officer after Na-Sa was placed on two-year probation for illegal gambling. Of course, Yo-Han is curious as to why Moo-Young is Na-Sa’s attorney and wonders how Na-Sa and Lee Ro-Um are related.

Elsewhere, Lee Ro-Um arrives where Da-Jung and Ring-Go are. Da-Jung asks Lee Ro-Um what happened at the gambling den, and she tells her that the police ambushed the auto repair shop. Da-Jung asks Lee Ro-Um if she’s the one who tipped off the police, and she doesn’t deny it.

Just then, Ring-Go’s men arrive, including the one playing against Jong-Gu at the gambling den. They tell Ring-Go that Moo-Young told them another person would play against Jong-Gu, so he allowed them to leave. They then see another man via the surveillance camera, now playing with Jong-Gu.

This man wins all the card games he plays with Jong-Gu, making him lose all his money. Jong-Gu gets furious and removes the mask this man is wearing, asking him if he’s duping him. It turns out this man was card sharp Moo-Young helped win the case against him in the first episode. All this makes Lee Ro-Um furious because she doesn’t know who this card sharp is.

Back at Na-Sa’s auto repair shop, the police don’t find any evidence of a gambling den being there. But then, they see a secret underground passageway. As they’re heading to check it, Moo-Young tells them that the real secret gambling den is in another location, and they confirm there’s a secret gambling place there. So, the police have no choice but to leave Na-Sa’s auto repair shop, and all this doesn’t settle well with Yo-Han.

Moo-Young then calls Lee Ro-Um and asks to meet her the following morning so they can talk. The card sharp then gives Moo-Young all the money he duped Jong-Gu by winning all the card games they were playing.

The next day, Moo-Young meets with Lee Ro-Um. Moo-Young begins telling her that he thought about what happened and concluded that either Lee Ro-Um wanted to test him or just get rid of him. He then asks Lee Ro-Um if he has passed her test since he managed to get out of the situation she put him in the previous night. Lee Ro-Um tells Moo-Young that was she’s doing isn’t fit for a lawyer. Moo-Young then tells her he isn’t a typical lawyer because of his Hyper-empathy Syndrome.

Just then, police approach and arrest Lee Ro-Um for allegedly paying a prisoner, Hong Chang-Ki, to kill Choong-Sik. Later, Jae-Hyeok explains to Moo-Young how Chang-Ki murdered Choong-Sik. He also tells him that Chang-Ki said he could prove that Lee Ro-Um paid him to kill Choong-Sik if he met her. So, the police have decided to cross-examine both together. Jae-Hyeok voices out his curiosity about Moo-Young still being Lee Ro-Um’s attorney, even after the defamation lawsuit was suspended. But, Moo-Young brushes it off.

Ring-Go and Da-Jung go to check up on Na-Sa after what happened the previous night. But, Na-Sa doesn’t want to speak to either of them because he suspects they may be the ones who tipped off the police about the secret gambling den. Ring-Go and Da-Jung deny being the ones who told the police about the gambling den. Then Da-Jung brings up an issue about Na-Sa receiving money from Jang Kyung-Ja, the woman in who Lee Ro-Um seems very interested.

Na-Sa immediately goes off on Da-Jung and Ring-Go. He starts by saying how Lee Ro-Um has kept them in the dark about her plans for the past ten years they’ve been a gang. He even tells them to consider parting ways with Lee Ro-Um as she may betray them next. But, Ring-Go tells Na-Sa that they were the ones who betrayed Lee Ro-Um first.

Moo-Young then calls Da-Jung asking to meet her. Moo-Young tells Da-Jung what Choong-Sik told him about him being paid to take the fall for Lee Ro-Um’s parents’ murders. Da-Jung tells Moo-Young that Choong-Sik was bound to be betrayed after he went to prison. She also tells Moo-Young that Chang-Ki, was Jeokmok Foundation’s Director, An Chae-Hong’s chauffeur before the foundation went bankrupt.

Moo-Young asks Da-Jung how Lee Ro-Um ended up being involved in her parents’ murders. Da-Jung tells him that Lee Ro-Um suspected that Chae-Hong was murdered for knowing the chairman’s (the president) identity and didn’t commit suicide, as people say. Moo-Young then asks Da-Jung why Lee Ro-Um’s parents were killed.

Da-Jung tells him that Lee Ro-Um’s parents reconnected with her after ten years of not seeing each other. They visited Lee Ro-Um at Jeokmok Foundation and asked her to return home, and she agreed. So, Jeokmok Foundation may have killed Lee Ro-Um’s parents because of her decision to return home.

At the police station, Lee Ro-Um is being interrogated about her possible involvement in Choong-Sik’s death, but Lee Ro-Um isn’t saying a word. She then asks for Moo-Young. Meanwhile, Moo-Young is at Lee Ro-Um’s studio apartment to pick up her bag when he meets Yo-Han. Yo-Han is still curious about what is going on between Moo-Young and Lee Ro-Um.

At Park & Cue Law Firm, Park Kyu is trying to convince Moo-Young not to be involved with Lee Ro-Um now that Choong-Sik is dead. He’s afraid that if Lee Ro-Um is found guilty of killing Choong-Sik, it may harm Moo-Young’s career. Moo-Young had exposed Choong-Sik, who was his client and supported Lee Ro-Um. But, Moo-Young doesn’t care about any of that.

Later, Moo-Young visits Lee Ro-Um at the police station. Lee Ro-Um gives him a note to take to Ring-Go. She then asks Moo-Young if he isn’t going to ask her if she had Choong-Sik killed. He then tells her he won’t assume she’s behind Choong-Sik’s murder until she confesses.

In the note, Lee Ro-Um asked Moo-Young to give Ring-Go; she instructs him to get the revolver that Choong-Sik used to kill her parents before it was disposed of in Jong-Gu’s company. It turns out, Jong-Gu’s company was given the job of disposing of tons of old pieces of evidence from several police stations. And the gun revolver that Choong-Sik used to kill Lee Ro-Um’s parents is among those pieces of evidence.

It also turns out that Na-Sa was the one who assembled that revolver when he was in Jeokmok Foundation, as instructed by Shin Ki-Ho. Na-Sa suddenly remembers he engraved his name on that revolver, so he rushes to meet Da-Jung at her comic book store.

Na-Sa tells Da-Jung that Lee Ro-Um knows that he was the one who assembled the revolver used to kill her parents as she saw his name engraved on it. Na-Sa fears Lee Ro-Um may use that revolver to send him to jail. But, Da-Jung tells him that they should beg Lee Ro-Um for their lives because they don’t know what her next move is. Da-Jung had helped the people at Jeokmok Foundation locate Lee Ro-Um’s parents so they could kill them.

The next day, Ring-Go and his men finally get the revolver before it’s disposed of, as Lee Ro-Um instructed.

At the police station, Chang-Ki and Lee Ro-Um are finally cross-examined. Chang-Ki draws a ribbon and shows it to Lee Ro-Um, telling her this was just like ten years ago. He wants Lee Ro-Um to stay awake, as he’s always watching her.

Chang-Ki then tells the detective interrogating them that Lee Ro-Um had nothing to do with him killing Choong-Sik. And that he just wanted to kill him. When asked about the money Lee Ro-Um sent him, he tells them that she sent the money as payment for information about Choong-Sik while he was in prison.

Ring-Go takes the revolver to Moo-Young since he didn’t find the golf bag, she instructed him to put it in at her apartment. When he meets Moo-Young, Ring-Go tells Moo-Young how Lee Ro-Um saved her when he was severely beaten while at Jeokmok Foundation. Ring-Go tells Moo-Young that Da-Jung and Na-Sa took part in Lee Ro-Um’s parents’ murders, even though they were forced to do so.

Ring-Go then tells Moo-Young that he feels guilty that he ran away while Da-Jung and Na-Sa stayed and took part in Lee Ro-Um’s parents’ murders. While Da-Jung and Na-Sa have an excuse for why they did what they did, he doesn’t have one, as he escaped. Moo-Young later goes through Lee Ro-Um’s bag and sees the photos she was sent of her dead parents.

Lee Ro-Um is released from police custody, and she goes Moo-Young’s house. She finds him with her bag and the revolver. Moo-Young tells her to trust him for the next three months as he won’t be a lawyer. The disciplinary committee suspended Moo-Young from practising law for the next three months.

Lee Ro-Um remembers Da-Jung telling her that Moo-Young is Han Jae-Seok’s son. The episode ends with Lee Ro-Um agreeing to trust Moo-Young and her telling him her plans to take down Jeokmok Foundation, starting by destroying Jang Kyung-Ja.

The Episode Review

Lee Ro-Um continues to be an enigma as the show continues. I wonder why Moo-Young has gone as far as causing himself to be suspended from practising law just to help Lee Ro-Um. As for Lee Ro-Um, will she fully trust Moo-Young now? And how does she know his father?

Also, what exactly is she planning to do with Na-Sa? She now knows he assembled the revolver that killed her parents, so will she out him to the authorities? We’ll have to tune into the next episode to find out.

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