Delightfully Deceitful – K-drama Episode 4 Recap & Review

Let Me Join You

Episode 4 of Delightfully Deceitful begins with Moo-Young arriving at Ro-um’s house and finding him sitting on a big pile of cash, claiming it’s Seo Gye-Sook’s insurance money. Moo-Young asks Lee Ro-Um what she did, and she calmly says she committed fraud. Lee Ro-Um asks Moo-Young where he has been, and judging by how she’s talking to him, she knows he went to see Seo Gye-Sook.

Meanwhile, Yo-Han is still at the door, insisting on entering Moo-Young’s house. So, Moo-Young hurries to hide the money, then makes Lee Ro-Um hide. Remember Yo-Han doesn’t know that Lee Ro-Um now lives with Moo-Young.

Yo-Han comes into his and immediately makes himself at home. He starts drinking and even coerces Moo-Young to drink as well. They soon get drunk, and Yi-Han spends the night. Meanwhile, Ring-Go is ambushed by a man whom he helped get some money through a phishing scam. But the man never got the money, so he has Ring-Go beaten up until he’s unconscious. While he’s being beaten up, Ring-Go uses his phone to alert Da-Jung that he’s in danger.

The following morning, Yo-Han wakes up at Moo-Young’s house and finds Lee Ro-Um sitting there looking at him and Moo-Young, who’s still asleep. Later, Yo-Han asks Moo-Young and Lee Ro-Um why she’s in Moo-Young’s house, and Lee Ro-Um tells him that she and Moo-Young are “in love,” and her apartment is flooded.

When they’re outside, Yo-Han asks Moo-Young about the probationer’s case, and Moo-Young tells him Lee Ro-Um wasn’t charged. He then tells Moo-Young that he knows the probationer provoked Lee Ro-Um first as he’s a registered sex offender. However, Yo-Han tells Moo-Young to warn Lee Ro-Um not to punish others as she pleases, especially now that she’s on probation. He then tells Moo-Young not to get too close to Lee Ro-Um as she’s just his client.

Da-Jung is with Ring-Go at the hospital when he tells her why those men beat him up. It turns out some teenagers who were a part of the phishing scam fled with the money, leaving Ring-Go in trouble.

Back at Moo-Young’s apartment, Moo-Young gets back from seeing Yi-Han off and asks Lee Ro-Um to explain to him how she scams people. Lee Ro-Um gives Moo-Young a detailed explanation of how she got Kim Bo-Ra and her husband to give her all the insurance money. Lee Ro-Um apparently promised Kim Bo-Ra and her husband that she’d secure their troublesome son a spot at a prestigious school in the US.

Moo-Young then starts packing the money, telling Lee Ro-Um to return it to Kim Bo-Ra and her husband as he worries they might call the police on her. Lee Ro-Um then gives Moo-Young Kim Bo-Ra’s daughter’s phone and tells him that what’s inside the phone is her “insurance,” so Kim Bo-Ra and her husband can’t call the police.

She urges Moo-Young to check what’s inside the phone, but, Moo-Young refuses. They start going back and forth about why Lee Ro-Um’s way of getting Seo Gye-Sook justice for her son isn’t the right way. Lee Ro-Um then tells Moo-Young that if he wants her to return the money, she’ll also return the phone, and if she returns the phone, Moo-Young might regret it. She then gives him a week to decide.

Lee Ro-Um goes to Da-Jung to ask her where Ring-Go is. Da-Jung tells her that Ring-Go was hospitalized and his situation with the man whom he helped carry out a phishing scam. However, Lee Ro-Um doesn’t care about any of that and tells Da-Jung to bring back Ring-Go in a week. Da-Jung asks Lee Ro-Um why she doesn’t care about Ring-Go as he cares about her. Lee Ro-Um tells her that Ring-Go caring about her is none of her business.

Later, Da-Jung returns to the hospital to see Ring-Go but finds he’s gone. She goes to Moo-Young’s house to ask Moo-Young for help getting Ring-Go, as she suspects he was abducted. But she finds Lee Ro-Um there, making things awkward. Da-Jung explains to Moo-Young Ring-Go’s phishing scam situation. She also explains how the man who was a part of the scam thinks Ring-Go conspired with the teenagers, who were also part of the scam, to take the money.

Lee Ro-Um tells Da-Jung she knows what to do in this situation. Later, Lee Ro-Um and Da-Jung prepare to kidnap the teenagers who ran off with the phishing scam money. She plans to send them off to the man who has abducted Ring-Go so he can release him.

Moo-Young contemplates whether or not to check what’s inside Kim Bo-Ra’s phone. Seo Gye-Sook texts him to inform that Kim Bo-Ra is willing to give her more money so she can’t go on with the case, but she refuses.

The next day, Da-Jung, Lee Ro-Um, and Ring-Go’s two friends, Yoo-Neung and Yoo-II, head off to kidnap the two teenagers as they planned. On the way, Lee Ro-Um asks Da-Jung why she asked Moo-Young for help.

Da-Jung tells Lee Ro-Um about Moo-Young asking her to delete the sexually explicit pictures and videos found on the probationer’s phone from the internet. Da-Jung tells Lee Ro-Um that his doing that showed he cared that’s why she asked him for help with Ring-Go’s situation. But Lee Ro-Um tells Da-Jung that Moo-Young is just a lunatic.

Da-Jung snaps back at Lee Ro-Um, telling her that the only she’s getting Ring-Go back is because she needs him. She also tells Lee Ro-Um that she only sees people as means to a goal.

Lee Ro-Um and the others arrive to kidnap the teenagers so they can hand them over to the man who has abducted Ring-Go. Moo-Young then calls Da-Jung and asks her not to proceed with this plan. He tells her to report Ring-Go’s disappearance and phishing scam situation, so they should leave it to the police to take care of.

We also see Moo-Young narrating what happened that day to his therapist. This includes him seeing what was inside Kim Bo-Ra’s daughter’s phone. He also later handed the phone and the evidence he gathered regarding Seo Gye-Sook’s case to Woo Young-Ki so he could expose Kim Bo-Ra to the media.

Now that Moo-Young has apparently gone to the police station to report Ring-Go missing, she has no choice but to approach this situation differently. So she asks Ring-Go’s friends to release the teenagers who then trick the man who has abducted Ring-Go into releasing him. They also trick him into returning the money through the phishing scam. Finally, they return the money to the victim.

Later, news breaks out about how Kim Bo-Ra and her husband let Myung-Hoon drown during their vacation. It turns out Kim Bo-Ra’s daughter’s phone had a video of Kim Bo-Ra and her husband ignoring Myung-Hoon as he drowned on it.

The episode ends with Moo-Young later telling Lee Ro-Um that he wants to join in her fraudulent activities.

The Episode Review

Moo-Young has now decided to join Lee Ro-Um in solving problems her way. But is he willing to throw away his career for this? Or is he just pretending to join Lee Ro-Um in her fraudulent activities so he can dig out more information about her?

Also, will Lee Ro-Um believe Moo-Young is willing to join her? By now, we know Lee Ro-Um doesn’t trust people that easily. Well, let’s see how their new partnership will be in the upcoming episodes.

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