Delightfully Deceitful – K-drama Episode 16 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Everything Eventually Falls into Place

Episode 16 of Delightfully Deceitful begins with Jay receiving a text from Lee Ro-um telling him that she’ll return to where she belongs, which Jay thinks is with him. Jay calls Lee Ro-um to confirm what she just texted him is true, and she confirms it. They then plan to meet up. Moo-young had left a change of clothes, a watch, and a phone in a certain locker, so Lee Ro-um goes to take them. 

Meanwhile, Jae-hyuk realizes Da-jung, who’s still in police custody, had helped Lee Ro-um escape. Jae-hyuk asks Da-jung if she and Na-sa helped Lee Ro-um escape, and she confirms it. Jae-hyuk then tells Da-jung that they’ll search her residence, which is her comic books store, to gather evidence against her. And Da-jung gladly gives him the keys to her comic books store and explains how to access her workroom, where we have seen her work with her computers throughout the show. 

Elsewhere, Lee Ro-um is listening to a recording on her phone made by Da-jung. In this recording, she explains what she found inside the briefcase Lee Ro-um took from Jang Kyung-ja’s private safe in the hotel vault. 

The briefcase had documents on everything there is to know about Navis Well-Being, Jeokmok Foundation, and Ji Seung-don. Remember, Jay had taken Ji Seung-don’s identity to run his schemes and Jeokmok Foundation all this while. Da-jung explains to Lee Ro-um in the recording that the documents she found in the briefcase prove that Navis Well-Being was engaging in money laundering. 

Da-jung explains to Lee Ro-um how Navis Well-Being was laundering money with the help of a law firm in Panama. Navis Well-Being was also keeping their funds at a bank called B Bank in the Netherlands, and the bank accounts were managed by one, Kevin Ju, a Korean Native living in America. Da-jung also explains to Lee Ro-um that Navis Well-Being had five accounts under the name Ji Seung-don. But, all the money from those accounts ended up in one encoded account. Jay most likely owns this account. 

All this while, Da-jung was explaining all this information to Jae-hyuk. Da-jung also tells Jae-hyuk that she has already arranged all the evidence for the police at her comic books store. So, Jae-hyuk and his investigating team go there and indeed find that Da-jung laid out all the evidence against Navis Well-Being for them. 

However, they don’t exactly have evidence proving that Jay owns the encoded account. And that is why Lee Ro-um is going to meet Jay. Her plan is to get proof that Jay owns that encoded account. Meanwhile, Moo-young takes the revolver and follows Lee Ro-um. He had placed a tracking app in the phone Lee Ro-um currently has. 

So, now Lee Ro-um is about to expose Jay.

What Happens to Jay? 

Jay meets with Lee Ro-um, who lures him into gaining access to the encoded account. Da-jung had planned that when Jay accessed that account, an alert would go off at her comic books store, where Jae-hyuk and the other prosecutors are. They would then get the evidence that Jay owns that encoded account and is the president of Jeokmok Foundation and owner of Navis Well-Being. 

Jay realizes what Lee Ro-um has done and begins strangling her. As he’s about to shoot her, Moo-young, who is nearby, shoots him. Just then, Jae-hyuk and the police arrive and arrest Jay. He is finally charged as being the person behind Jeokmok Foundation and Navis Well-Being. 

What Happens to Lee Ro-um? 

Lee Ro-um lures Jay into gaining access to the encoded account, exposing him to the authorities as the president of Jeokmok Foundation and owner of Navis Well-Being. Jay almost kills her, but, Moo-young saves her by shooting Jay. She is later arrested and charged with escaping from police custody. Lee Ro-um accepts full responsibility for the charges even though Moo-young had seemingly convinced the judge to let her, Da-jung, and Na-sa go since they were victims in this case. 

Lee Ro-um is then sentenced to a year and six months in prison. 

What Happens to Moo-young? 

Moo-young was anticipating being charged with carrying a firearm and shooting Jay. He also confesses to helping Lee Ro-um escape from police custody. But, all these charges don’t go through, and he doesn’t go to prison. Moo-young also helps his mother get her money from Navis Well-Being, and they start rekindling their mother-son relationship. 

What Happens to Da-jung, Na-sa, and Ring-go? 

Da-jung is charged with helping Lee Ro-um escape from police custody. She is sentenced to a year in prison. Na-sa is also charged with participating in helping Lee Ro-um escape from police custody and is sentenced to ten months in jail. 

What Happens to Young-ki? 

Young-ki starts his media outlet, Big News, which does well. 

What Happens to Yo-han and Mo Jae-in? 

Yo-han and Mo Jae-in end up getting married. How cute! Yo-han becomes Lee Ro-um’s probation officer again after she finishes her prison sentence. 

How Does Delightfully Deceitful End?

Lee Ro-um, Da-jung, and Na-sa all serve their sentences and are released. Na-sa is the first person to be released from prison, followed by Da-jung and then Lee Ro-um. Ring-go finally recovers from the health complications caused by when Jay shot him. 

Moo-young helps Lee Ro-um file a lawsuit against the Republic of South Korea for the wrongful charges against her in her parents’ murders. And fortunately, she wins the lawsuit and is awarded a million dollars, which increases by 12 % every year. 

Later, Jae-hyuk asks Da-jung to join the prosecution office and help them uncover the crimes of Jay and Jeokmok Foundation. After how Da-jung presented them with evidence that helped the authorities apprehend Jay, they figured they could use her expertise. As for Jay, he had over 30 lawsuits against him, and the more the charges against him came up, the more he stayed in prison.

After getting released from jail, Lee Ro-um goes to prison to see Moo-young’s dad. She assures him that she has moved on from what happened the night her parents died and has forgiven him. 

Lee Ro-um, Da-jung, Na-sa, and Ring-go move into a new house together. It seems Lee Ro-um hadn’t told Moo-young that they were moving, but one of the others told him so he came to see them. The episode ends with Moo-young seemingly confessing his romantic feelings toward Lee Ro-um. 

Episode Review

What a show this has been! I’m glad it ended how most viewers would have wanted it to; Jay was arrested for his crimes against Lee Ro-um and the others, and Lee Ro-um, Da-jung, Na-sa, and Ring-go finally settled down and lived the life they deserved. It’s also cute that Yo-han and Mo Jae-in got married. 

If there’s one thing that this show has portrayed throughout its episodes is the power of friendship. Lee Ro-um initially didn’t fully trust Da-jung and Ring-go as her friends. Na-sa, on the other hand, didn’t fully trust Lee Ro-um at some point. But, how they stood up for each other in so many instances brought them closer together till the end. 

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