Delightfully Deceitful – K-drama Episode 15 Recap & Review

Finishing It Our Way

Episode 15 of Delightfully Deceitful begins with news breaking out that Jang Kyung-ja is dead, and then police go to arrest Lee Ro-um, as we saw at the end of the previous episode. Lee Ro-um is then taken to the police station, and Jae-hyuk begins interrogating Lee Ro-um. We’re then taken to 24 hours before Jae-hyuk begins questioning Lee Ro-um about her alleged involvement in Jang Kyung-ja’s murder. 

Jae-hyuk, together with his team investigating Navis Well-Being and now Jang Kyung-ja’s death, are updating each other on the progress of the investigation in regards to Jang Kyung-ja’s murder. One of the investigators suggests that they release to the media that Lee Ro-um is the suspect behind Jang Kyung-ja’s murder. But, Jae-hyuk disagrees since they don’t have a warrant. 

This upsets the investigator, and he even questions Jae-hyuk’s priorities in this case.  One of the investigators then informs Jae-hyuk that Lee Ro-um has agreed to a late-night interrogation. They had arrested Lee Ro-um at night. 

Jae-hyuk goes in to interrogate Lee Ro-um, but it’s immediately obvious that Lee Ro-um may not have murdered Jang Kyung-ja. Jae-hyuk tells Lee Ro-um that the police have surveillance camera footage of her going to meet Jang Kyung-ja while carrying a revolver. However, when Lee Ro-um asks Jae-hyuk if Jang Kyung-ja was shot, he doesn’t give a definite answer. She also asks if it’s possible she physically harmed Jang Kyung-ja, considering she’s shorter than her, but, Jae-hyuk brushes that off. 

After the interrogation, Jae-hyuk finds Moo-young outside waiting for him. As expected, Moo-young tried to defend Lee Ro-um, saying the evidence against her is circumstantial.  However, Jae-hyuk tells him it’s still strong enough to detain her. Jae-hyuk asks Moo-young how long he’ll keep defending Lee Ro-um, and Moo-young asks him why he stopped helping them get justice for the Jeokmok kids. 

Jae-hyuk then explains to Moo-young how hard he tried to help them even though he was practically powerless then. He also tells Moo-young that the only evidence he has on Jay is a  payment bank slip from back when he was a bodyguard, which isn’t helpful. Jae-hyuk tells Moo-young that the evidence he has points to Lee Ro-um as the one who killed Jang Kyung-ja and not Jay. He then tells Moo-young that if he has any evidence that could prove otherwise, he should bring it to him. And Moo-young promises to do so. 

Young-ki then calls Moo-young to advise him not to represent Lee Ro-um as her lawyer in this case. This is because Moran Daily, the media outlet he formerly worked with, will be releasing an article about Moo-young’s father being one of the people who killed Lee Ro-um’s parents. 

Later, Moo-young goes to Park & Cue Law Firm to hand in his resignation letter to Park Kyu. He then tells him about the article that will be released tomorrow about his dad being one of Lee Ro-um’s killers and how it may most likely affect the law firm. When the article is released, people will think that Moo-young released the recording of Choong-sik admitting to killing Lee Ro-um’s parents to the media to cover up the fact that his father was also one of the killers.

Elsewhere, Jay is covering his tracks regarding his involvement in Navis Well-Being. He’s also preparing to flee the country. He then asks the messenger he’s sending out to deliver messages on his behalf if he can manage to take care of the Jeokmok kids before he gets arrested. So, Jay wants the messenger to turn himself in as Jang Kyung-ja’s killer so that Lee Ro-um is released. 

But, before he does it, he should get rid of the Jeokmok kids, Da-jung, Na-sa, and Ring-go. Jay’s aim is for Lee Ro-um not to have anywhere else to go after she’s released from police custody, so she’ll have no other choice but to come to him. As for the messenger turning himself in as Jang Kyung-ja’s killer, it’s most likely he didn’t kill her, and this is just an arrangement like that of Choong-sik. Remember, Choong-sik had agreed to take full responsibility for Lee Ro-um’s parents’ murders in exchange for payment. 

Moo-young arrives home and pulls out the revolver Lee Ro-um has had and has been after throughout the show. When Lee Ro-um kissed Moo-young in the previous episode before she was arrested, she slipped a key to a certain locker in his pocket. Inside the locker was this revolver. 

The next day, the news that Moo-young’s father has turned himself in as one of Lee Ro-um’s parents’ killers is out. At Da-jung’s comic books store, Jay calls Da-jung via her computers. He asks her where Ring-go is hospitalized and mentions that Lee Ro-um can’t concentrate because of them. Moo-young walks in on that phone call and hangs up. 

Da-jung then tells Moo-young that Jay is most likely planning to get rid of her, Na-sa, and Ring-go and take Lee Ro-um away. But, Moo-young assures her that he’ll protect all of them. Moo-young then calls Na-sa, who’s at his auto repair shop, preparing to go see Ring-go in the hospital. Moo-young tells him to come to Da-jung’s comic book store instead. But Jay’s men, including the messenger, come to kidnap Na-sa. Fortunately, Yo-han and the police arrive just in time to save Na-sa. But they don’t catch any of Jay’s men. 

At the police station, Jae-hyuk interrogates Lee Ro-um again. This time, he plays her a recording of her phone conversation with Jang Kyung-ja the day they exposed Kang-soo’s stock manipulation scheme at his investment briefing. Of course, Lee Ro-um knows Jae-hyuk is going in circles about this when he knows who he should be looking for regarding this case.

At Da-jung’s comic books store, Yo-han brings in Na-sa. Moo-young then asks Yo-Han to go look after Ring-go. Moo-young had earlier asked Mo Jae-in if she knew any hospital he could take Ring-go to. Mo Jae-in told him about a hospice her cousin works in, so they took Ring-go there. 

Now, Moo-young is coming up with a new plan to protect all of them, including Lee Ro-um, from Jay. So, Moo-young asks Lee Ro-um to say that Da-jung and Na-sa were her accomplices in Jang Kyung-ja’s murder. This will cause Da-jung and Na-sa to be arrested, but they don’t actually confess to killing Jang Kyung-ja, which puts the interrogation on hold. However, one of the investigators discovers that Yo-han is Lee Ro-um and Na-sa’s probation officer, so, Jae-hyuk calls him to interrogate him.

Yo-han tells Jae-hyuk during his interrogation that he’s looking into the wrong people. Yo-han then tells him about how his mother, Shin Seo-ra, was the one who psychologically analyzed Lee Ro-um, Na-sa, Ring-go, and Da-jung before they joined Jeokmok Foundation. Yo-han tells Jae-hyuk that if he wants to make Shin Seo-ra come to the police station easily, he should tell her that Yo-han has been arrested for helping the Jeokmok kids. 

Of course, Shin Seo-ra comes as soon as possible, but when she realizes she’s also being interrogated, she is upset at Yo-han.  

Later, Lee Ro-um is transferred to the detention centre. On her way out of the station, Lee Ro-um tells Jae-hyuk that she went to see Jang Kyung-ja with the intention of killing her the day she died. We’re taken back to that day. Lee Ro-um wanted to kill Jang Kyung-ja, but she couldn’t bring herself to do so. 

Lee Ro-um then confronted Jang Kyung-ja for betraying her the night her parents were killed. But Jang Kyung-ja said she did all she did because of her devotion to Jay. Lee Ro-um then told Jang Kyung-ja that Jay asked her to kill her, so if she didn’t want to die, she should tell her how to kill Jay. Jang Kyung-ja then called the hotel; she had a private safe and asked them to give Lee Ro-um access to it. She then told Lee Ro-um that there’s more than enough evidence proving that Jay is the president inside the safe. 

Lee Ro-um then went to the hotel safe, took the evidence, and gave it to Da-jung the night she was arrested, as we saw at the beginning of the episode. 

Back to the present, Jae-hyuk asks Lee Ro-um if what she just told him is true. Lee Ro-um tells him he wouldn’t have believed her even if it was true. Just then, the lights at the police station go off, and Lee Ro-um escapes. It turns out, Moo-young, Da-jung, Na-sa, and Young-ki all worked together to help Lee Ro-um escape. Earlier, Moo-young had told Lee Ro-um their plan and told her to go finish things with Jay herself. 

It turns out Jay actually killed Jang Kyung-ja. He forced her to drink what seemed like poison and then strangled her to death. 

Now that Lee Ro-um is out, she texts Jay that she’s going back to where she belongs. The episode ends with Moo-young taking the revolver and deciding to follow Lee Ro-um as she meets with Jay. 

Episode Review

Jay’s obsession with Lee Ro-um is very creepy, to be honest. But this obsession will most likely be the end of him. I feel quite sad for Jang Kyung-ja because she ended up getting used by Jay, but I’m glad she gave Lee Ro-um what she wanted, and that was the evidence that Jay is Jeokmok Foundation’s president. Now that Lee Ro-um has escaped police custody and gone to meet Jay, the next episode, which is the last one, will surely be an interesting one. 

As for Moo-young, it’s surprising and interesting to see how courageous he has become when it comes to protecting Lee Ro-um. Let’s see how things will transpire in the next episode now that Moo-young has followed Lee Ro-um as she meets with Jay. 

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