Delightfully Deceitful – K-drama Episode 14 Recap & Review

Do You Promise To Stand By Me?

Episode 14 of Delightfully Deceitful starts with a flashback of when Jang Kyung-ja murdered An Chae-hong. Jang Kyung-ja killed An Chae-hong the night they were to run away after An Chae-hong discovered the identity of “the President,” whom we now know is Jay. 

Jang Kyung-ja was talking to Jay on the phone, telling him she has all of An Chae-hong’s records on Jeokmok Foundation. She also tells Jay that An Chae-hong is dead and he should come and help her take care of this mess. After the phone call, Jang Kyung-ja takes a notebook out his pocket and reads it. That is when she realizes Jay is “the president.” 

While Jang Kyung-ja is reading, we’re taken back to when An Chae-hong visited Ji Seung-don at the hospital, thinking he’s “the president.” An Chae-hong finds Jay in Ji Seung-don’s hospital room. Jay then tells An Chae-hong that he is actually the President and that Ji Seung-don agreed to let him use his identity. 

It turns out An Chae-hong went to see Ji Seung-don to get rid of him and become the President of the Jeokmok Foundation. Jay then tells An Chae-hong that he’ll be closing down the Foundation, and that he has 24 hours to flee since he knows he’s “the President.” 

Jang Kyung-ja finishes reading the contents of the notebook and decides to run away with it before Jay arrives, but Jay arrives before she flees. 

Back to the present, Jay shoots Ring-go. Meanwhile, Jang Kyung-ja arrives at where Jay and Ring-go are and sees Jay shooting him. Elsewhere, Da-jung receives a message from Ring-go revealing that Jay is “the president.” Da-jung and Na-sa decide to go find Ring-go because they know he went to see him. 

Jay sees Jang Kyung-ja at the place where he just shot Ring-go. Jay then approaches Jang Kyung-ja and asks her why she never told him she knew he is “the President.” Jang Kyung-ja tells Jay that she hid the truth from him for his sake. She even tries to convince Jay how much she needs him now. Well, Jay goes with Jang Kyung-ja’s excuse and gives her instructions on what to do before and when she leaves the country, as she had planned. 

At Moo-young’s house, Mr Kang tells Moo-young that his father is missing. He then drops a bombshell revelation that Moo-young’s father was one of the people who murdered Lee Ro-um’s parents. Mr Kang also tells Moo-young that the money he used to pay his fees when he was in law school was from his father, who had been paid for killing Lee Ro-um’s parents. 

Mr Kang then tells Moo-young that his father wanted to turn himself in, but he’s currently nowhere to be found. All this information becomes too much for Moo-young that he collapses. 

Meanwhile, Lee Ro-um is still at the place the unknown number had directed her. She sees a man tied up and a bag placed over his head. This man turns out to be Moo-young’s father. Next to him are the pictures Lee Ro-um’s parents’ killers took after they killed them. In one of the pictures, one of the murderers is circled, and behind the picture is Moo-young’s father’s identification card. Lee Ro-um puts two and two together and realizes Moo-young’s father was one of the murderers that killed her parents. 

Jay then calls Lee Ro-um and asks if she has seen the “gift” he left her. The gift he’s talking about is Moo-young’s father. Lee Ro-um tries to get Jay to meet her, but he declines and mentions he has given her what she wanted, which is the third person who killed her parents. Jay also mentions to Lee Ro-um that he has Ring-go with him, and he is badly hurt. This infuriates Lee Ro-um even more. 

After the phone call, Moo-young’s father starts getting strangled by a rope attached to his neck. Lee Ro-um tries to stop the rope, which is operated by some type of machine, and she manages to do so, preventing Moo-young’s father from getting strangled. 

Da-jung, Na-Sa, Yoo-ll, and Yoo-neung are on their way, trying to find Ring-go by tracking the location of his watch. They try calling Lee Ro-um and Moo-young, but none of them pick up. Lee Ro-um finally picks up Da-jung’s call. Da-jung tells her Ring-go sent them a picture of An Chae-hong’s notebook stating that he is Jeokmok Foundation’s president. She also tells her that Jay is the orphan who was taking care of Ji Seung-don. 

Lee Ro-um asks Da-jung if they’ve found Ring-go, and she tells her that his watch pinged at Geumseong. Lee Ro-um then tells Da-jung to go to the location where Ring-go’s watch pinged and call the police. After the call, she asks the President’s messenger, waiting for her, to take her to Jay. 

Jang Kyung-ja is on her way to the airport when she hears news that Jae-hyuk is now investigating Navis Well-Being. In the previous episode, Jae-hyuk received a call to inform him that he would be taking on a prosecutor position at the Central Prosecutors’ Office. Upon hearing the news, Young-ki calls Jae-hyuk to catch him up on their investigation on Navis Well-Being and Jeokmok Foundation, but, Jae-hyuk doesn’t seem interested. 

Da-Jung and the others arrive at the place where Jay shot Ring-go. They find blood on the ground along with Ring-go’s watch, but they don’t find him. Da-jung then realizes that Hyeseung Hospital, the hospital that Ji Seung-don was in, is nearby, so they decide to go look for Ring-go there. 

Meanwhile, Lee Ro-um arrives at Hyeseung Hospital to see Jay. She then spots Ring-go unconscious in one of the hospital rooms and goes to check on him. Remember, Hyeseung Hospital was closed down years ago, so there’s no one there. Jay then stops Lee Ro-um as she’s going to check on Ring-go and begins strangling her. 

Jay asks Lee Ro-um why she saved Moo-young’s father from getting strangled. He asks Lee Ro-um if she saved Moo-young’s father because of her affection towards Moo-young. Jay begins telling Lee Ro-um how soft-hearted she has become. Jay also tells Lee Ro-um how he was the one who saved her when he paid her parents to let her join Jeokmok Foundation. 

Jay then tells Lee Ro-um that he decided to kill her parents because she wanted to return to them. Jay then tells Lee Ro-um that he’ll kill anyone that gets in the way of him and her being a family. Well, what Da-jung told Moo-young about the president being obsessed with Lee Ro-um is true. 

Jay tells Lee Ro-um that he’s planning another project like Navis Well-Being, and he plans on making her the face of that project. This means he’s ditching Jang Kyung-ja. At the airport, Jang Kyung-ja sees on the news that a warrant has been issued for her arrest since she’s the CEO of Navis Well-Being. She’s now also banned from leaving the country. 

At Hyeseung Hospital, Lee Ro-um tries to Ring-go out of there after Jay leaves. Da-jung and the others arrive just in time and call an ambulance to help take Ring-go to the hospital. Na-sa and Da-jung accompany Ring-go to the hospital while Lee Ro-um, Yoo-ll, and Yoo-neung follow them. However, Lee Ro-um goes her way instead of heading to the hospital. 

Elsewhere, Moo-young regains consciousness and finds himself in hospital. Mr Kang, who had brought him there, tells him his father has arrived. Moo-young confronts his dad about his participation in killing Lee Ro-um’s parents. Moo-young’s father begs him for forgiveness, and Moo-young tells him he should ask Lee Ro-um for forgiveness instead.

Moo-youngcalls Lee Ro-um, but Jay picks up the phone. Lee Ro-um had given the messenger her phone when he took her to see Jay earlier. 

Jay tells Moo-young that Lee Ro-um is busy. He then tells Moo-young about his father participating in killing Lee Ro-um’s parents and how he didn’t know he was his father when he was planning Lee Ro-um’s parents’ murders. Moo-young puts two and two together and realizes Jay is the President of the Jeokmok Foundation. 

Jay accuses Moo-young of causing Lee Ro-um to be soft-hearted. Moo-young threatens to kill Jay if he hurts Lee Ro-um.

Meanwhile, Da-jung returns to her comic book store and realizes Lee Ro-um has taken one of her burner phones. Da-jung calls the phone, and Lee Ro-um tells her that she has to put an end to all this. Moo-young, in turn, calls Da-jung, who gives her the phone number of the burner phone Lee Ro-um has. She also tells him that Lee Ro-um is at a particular train station. 

Moo-young heads to the station looking for Ro-Um. While he’s out, he calls the burner she has and tries to convince her not to leave. But, Lee Ro-um tells him that she has to kill the President herself to put an end to this. 

Da-jung finds out that Jae-hyuk is heading the investigation against Navis Well-Being. She then calls to inform him that Jay is the President of the Jeokmok Foundation. But, Jae-hyuk tells her he’s not investigating Jeokmok Foundation, so he can’t help them. Moo-young later confronts Jae-hyuk about not wanting to help them. Jae-hyuk tells Moo-young that he has to follow the law to put these people to justice, but Moo-young is having none of it. 

Lee Ro-um goes to see Jang Kyung-ja, who’s now being accused of the one behind Kang-soo’s stock manipulation plan. She tries to convince Jang Kyung-ja that Jay is throwing her under the bus, but Jang Kyung-ja doesn’t believe her. Lee Ro-um then points a revolver at Jang Kyung-ja and mentions that there are people she has to protect. This is the same revolver that Jay used to shoot Ring-go and the one that was used to kill Lee Ro-um’s parents. 

Lee Ro-um then returns to Da-jung and goes to see Ring-go at the hospital. Da-jung calls Moo-young to tell him that Lee Ro-um is back. Moo-young goes to see Lee Ro-um, who asks him if he’ll defend her no matter what, as he had promised. Moo-young assures Lee Ro-um that he’ll always defend her. Lee Ro-um kisses Moo-young, and the episode ends with the police arresting Lee Ro-um for allegedly murdering Jang Kyung-ja. 

The Episode Review

It’s sad that Moo-young happens to be connected to Lee Ro-um’s parent’s murders because of his father, but it’s good Lee Ro-um didn’t hold that against him. This episode has shown that all Jay has really been caring about all this while is Lee Ro-um. Even though he was romantically involved with Jang Kyung-ja, he didn’t hesitate to throw her under the bus. 

I really hope Ring-go recovers because he doesn’t deserve what Jay did to him. But his being shot is kind of a blessing in disguise as it brought Da-jung, Lee Ro-um, and Na-sa closer together. It’s unclear if Lee Ro-um actually shot Jang Kyung-ja dead, so I’m looking forward to seeing if she really killed her. 

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