Delightfully Deceitful – K-drama Episode 12 Recap & Review

He Does Have the Last Laugh, Or Does He?

Episode 12 of Delightfully Deceitful begins with Moo-Young and Lee Ro-Um at a hotel’s storage room. She finally recognizes Moo-Young as Number 25 from the show she was on when she was young.

The hotel they’re in is the one Kang-Yoon will be hosting the party that Kang-Soo will be attending, so they must be there to plan how the team will execute their plan of stopping Kang-Yoon from giving Kang-Soo the money to go ahead with his stock manipulation. As they leave the hotel, Lee Ro-Um asks Moo-Young why he didn’t tell her he was Number 25. He tells her that he did tell her, as we saw back in episode 5.

The team continues to plan how they’ll cause a rift between Kang-Yoon and Kang-Soo, so he will be unable to receive the money from Kang-Yoon. Yo-Han will still attend the party with a plus-one as they had planned. Moo-Young finds out that Yo-Han is bringing Mo Jae-In to the party, and he’s not happy with him involving her in all this. But they continue with their plan, anyway.

So, the plan is for Mo Jae-In to accidentally spill wine on Kang-Soo once he arrives at the party. Then, Yo-Han will hand him a business card, asking Kang-Soo to contact him so he can take care of the dry cleaning cost for his shirt. The business card will indicate that Yo-Han is into cryptocurrency, something that Kang-Soo has been interested in, so he will most likely be more interested in contacting Yo-Han. This will take his attention away from Kang-Yoon.

Meanwhile, Ring-Go will pretend to be a start-up company’s CEO and try to convince Kang-Yoon to invest her money with him. While he’s doing that, Lee Ro-Um and Moo-Young will be spreading rumours about Kang-Soo among guests at the party to ruin his chances of Kang-Yoon investing her money with him.

After the team goes through their plan, Yo-Han and Mo Jae-In head home. As they’re leaving, she asks Yo-Han if they should pretend they’re dating or married at the party. This question takes him by surprise. But he tells her that they should pretend that they’re dating. Judging by how he’s been acting around her ever since they met, Yo-Han could be attracted to Mo Jae-In.

It’s the day of the party, and the team arrives and begins executing their plan. Meanwhile, Jay and some of Jang Kyung-Ja’s guards go to her office to look for the revolver she took from Lee Ro-Um. One of the guards then finds the camera Na-Sa installed for Kang-Soo to spy on Jang Kyung-Ja.

At the party, Kang-Soo arrives, and Mo Jae-In accidentally spills wine on him as they had planned. Yo-Han is about to give him the card that indicates he’s into cryptocurrency when Kang-Soo recognizes him. It turns out that Kang-Soo knows Shin Seo-Ra and knew Yo-Han when he was young. So, this part of the plan backfires.

Meanwhile, Kang-Yoon arrives at the party and is immediately interested in Lee Ro-Um, not Ring-Go as they had planned. But she decides to go with it and tells Kang-Yoon she’s called Bae Ha-Na.

Kang-Soo heads to the restroom and calls one of his men to bring him another shirt. As he’s waiting for the shirt, Moo-Young arrives at the restroom and begins telling him how unpredictable Kang-Yoon can be when it comes to investing her money. He then gives Kang-Soo the business card Yo-Han was to give him.

Lee Ro-Um is still talking to Kang-Yoon, when Da-Jung, who’s in the storage room where Lee Ro-Um was at the start of the episode, signals to them that Kang-Soo is going back to the party. So, Moo-Young comes and escorts Lee Ro-Um away before Kang-Soo sees her and recognizes her.

Kang-Soo is about to pitch his business plan to Kang-Yoon when Jang Kyung-Ja arrives at the party. Jang Kyung-Ja called her the previous night and convinced her to invest in her project instead. So, Kang-Soo won’t be getting the money he expected from Kang-Yoon.

Elsewhere, Lee Ro-Um tells Moo-Young that she has to get Kang-Yoon’s attention no matter what. So, she returns to the party and finds her. Lee Ro-Um then convinces her to meet with her again.

Kang-Soo is angry because things didn’t go as planned. As he leaves the party, he asks one of his men to find Na-Sa. He is convinced that Na-Sa went through his phone when connecting it to the surveillance camera he installed in Jang Kyung-Ja’s office. Na-Sa then sent Jang Kyung-Ja details about the party. Only one part of what he believes is true, but, Kang-Soo doesn’t know that.

His men bring in Na-Sa to his office, and Kang-Soo beats him up until he’s barely conscious. Kang-Soo asks one of his men if Kang-Yoon’s father, Min Chae-Pyo, reached out. He tells Kang-Soo that Min Chae-Pyo told him not to worry about not getting the money.

But, Kang-Soo is still doubtful because of what Moo-Young told him about Kang-Yoon being unpredictable. He then gives one of his men the card Moo-Young gave him and asks him to check whether the cryptocurrency company is real.

At Da-Jung’s comic books store, the team are now re-strategizing their plan. They discovered that Kang-Soo will be having an investment briefing soon and that he is checking out their fake cryptocurrency company’s website, so he may take their bait. Lucky for them, Kang-Soo calls and asks to see Moo-Young.

Later, at Moo-Young’s house, Lee Ro-Um asks him if he has ever seduced a woman and how he did it. She tells him that she has tried to get Kang-Yoon’s attention but hasn’t quite got it. He then tells Lee Ro-Um that he has seduced a woman before, and he did it by being sincere. Judging by how Moo-Young is talking, it’s possible he could be talking about seducing Lee Ro-Um.

Afterwards, Lee Ro-Um meets with Jay, who tells her he’ll be leaving the country, so he’ll get her the revolver once he gets back. Of course, she isn’t happy about that, but Jay asks her why she needs the revolver when she already has a “weapon.”

It’s the day that Kang-Soo will be meeting Moo-Young, who’s pretending to be into cryptocurrency. At Da-Jung’s comic books store, she receives an alert from Na-Sa’s watch. The watch starts recording Kang-Soo’s conversation. Remember, Na-Sa is still at Kang-Soo’s office, still barely conscious after he beat him up.

Da-Jung and Ring-Go then hear Kang-Soo telling Na-Sa that if Kang-Yoon doesn’t invest in his stock manipulation plan, he’ll kill Na-Sa and Jang Kyung-Ja. While all this is happening, Lee Ro-Um is meeting with Kang-Yoon as they had agreed. Kang-Soo is also meeting with Moo-Young to try and get him to “invest” his money in his plan.

Lee Ro-Um is about to tell Kang-Yoon the truth about her plan to seek revenge against Jeokmok Foundation and convince her not to invest money in Kang-Soo’s business plan. Just then, Da-Jung calls to tell her what they heard Kang-Soo say about killing Na-Sa and Jang Kyung-Ja if Kang-Yoon doesn’t invest her money in his plan. So, Lee Ro-Um convinces her to invest her money in Kang-Soo’s stock manipulation plan to save Na-Sa.

Meanwhile, Kang-Soo meets with Moo-Young, and he starts ranting about why he shouldn’t have gone to jail because of people who lost their money in his pyramid scheme at Darusa International. Just then, Kang-Soo receives an alert that Kang-Yoon has sent money for him to invest in his stock manipulation plan, so he leaves.

Kang-Soo immediately uses the money to manipulate the stock prices of his selected items, and it works. The day of the Navis Well-Being investment briefing that Kang-Soo will be having arrives. As he leaves for the briefing, Yo-Han approaches him and tells him that he has come to pick Na-Sa up because he is his probation officer. While Kang-Soo doesn’t want to give up Na-Sa, he agrees for Yo-Han to take him anyway.

Kang-Soo arrives at the venue where he’ll hold the Navis Well-Being investment briefing. He begins when suddenly, a recording of his conversation with Moo-Young earlier begins to play in front of everyone at the briefing. His stock manipulation plan is played on the screen for everyone to see so everyone knows his true colours.

It turns out, Na-Sa plugged in one of the flash drives Da-Jung gave Yeon Tae-Hoon to drop around Navis Well-Being headquarters in the last episode. This enabled Da-Jung to hack into Kang-Soo’s computer and get the stock manipulation plan. Also, while Moo-Young and Kang-Soo were talking about him “investing” his money in his stock manipulation plan earlier, Moo-Young recorded the entire conversation.

Lee Ro-Um also called Jang Kyung-Ja and offered her a deal once again. She asked Jang Kyung-Ja to tell her who “the president” is in exchange for her ruining Kang-Soo’s investment briefing. She then told Jang Kyung-Ja that if she disagreed, she’d send a recording of their phone conversation to Kang-Soo so he’ll know Jang Kyung-Ja wanted to ruin his investment briefing.

As expected, Jang Kyung-Ja refuses Lee Ro-Um’s deal. So, she ruined Kang-Soo’s investment briefing and sent him their phone conversation.

Kang-Soo receives the phone call recording between Jang Kyung-Ja and Lee Ro-Um, and he gets mad that his investment briefing has been ruined. He finds Jang Kyung-Ja at the top of Navis Well-Being’s headquarters building and begins strangling her. But one of her men comes in and pushes Kang-Soo off the building, and he falls to his death.

Meanwhile, Mr Kang finds a note in Moo-Young’s father’s house. It seems he has left and won’t be meeting Moo-Young. Episode 12 ends with a recording of Lee Ro-Um when she was on the show while she was young, playing on Da-Jung’s computers. Da-Jung asks Lee Ro-Um who’s making this happen, and she says it’s “the president.”

The Episode Review

Kang-Soo’s death was something very unexpected. Now that Jang Kyung-Ja has gotten him out of her way, it’ll be interesting to see how she’ll now prove her worth to “the president.” It seems Lee Ro-Um finally followed what Moo-Young told him this time, and she managed to get Kang-Yoon on her side.

It’s a relief that Na-Sa is okay after Kang-Soo severely beat him up. It’s also good to see he never really betrayed Lee Ro-Um and the others. I wonder what “the president” is trying to tell Lee Ro-Um by playing that recording of her while she was on the show.

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