Delightfully Deceitful – K-drama Episode 11 Recap & Review

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Episode 11 of Delightfully Deceitful begins with Lee Ro-Um telling Moo-Young that Jay will be joining their team.

Elsewhere, Kang-Soo is asking Na-Sa what Lee Ro-Um tried to steal from Jang Kyung-Ja recently. Na-Sa replies, telling him about the notebook and what information it contains. Remember, Na-Sa had come to ask Kang-Soo for an opportunity to work for him. Now Kang-Soo knows Jang Kyung-Ja kept one of An Chae-Hong’s records about the Jeokmok Foundation to herself after she handed the others to “the president.” She also knows that Jang Kyung-Ja possibly knows the identity of the president too.

Kang-Soo then asks Na-Sa to plant surveillance cameras in Jang Kyung-Ja’s office at Navis Well-Being. This would enable Kang-Soo to spy on her, leading him to know where Jang Kyung-Ja has kept a copy of the notebook. That way, he could have something against her. Remember that Jang Kyung-Ja burnt the notebook in episode 8 when she caught Lee Ro-Um trying to steal it from her.

At Da-Jung’s comic book store, Moo-Young isn’t pleased with Lee Ro-Um’s decision to bring Jay to their team. I’m also wondering why she’s doing this!

Moo-Young then calls Lee Ro-Um aside and asks if she called Jay or if he was the one who came to her. It turns out, what Lee Ro-Um saw when she went to Na-Sa’s auto repair shop to reconcile with Na-Sa, was Jay. Lee Ro-Um then asked Jay to get her the revolver she used to shoot Na-Sa when they were trying to steal the notebook from the hotel vault.

Back to the present, Moo-Young tells Lee Ro-Um that if she insists on Jay joining their team, they won’t be talking directly. Instead, they’ll communicate through Moo-Young. Meanwhile, Jay is trying to talk to Da-Jung and Ring-Go, and judging by their conversation, they’re uncomfortable with Jay.

Jay then goes to talk with Moo-Young outside. Moo-Young asks him why he wants to help them in their revenge mission against “the president” and Jeokmok Foundation. Jay tells Moo-Young that “the president” has chosen Kang-Soo over Jang Kyung-Ja to run Navis Well-Being before they shut it down. So, Jang Kyung-Ja may be in danger. Jay now wants to help Lee Ro-Um in exchange for her keeping him and Jang Kyung-Ja safe. Moo-Young then tells Jay that he should only communicate with Lee Ro-Um through him.

Lee Ro-Um explains to Da-Jung that he met Jay on her way to see Na-Sa. Da-Jung asks Lee Ro-Um why she brought Jay to their team, and she tells her that she did so to drive Jang Kyung-Ja crazy. Da-Jung then tells Lee Ro-Um of Na-Sa’s plans to go work at Navis Well-Being. She also asks Lee Ro-Um to bring back Na-Sa. Lee Ro-Um knows Jang Kyung-Ja quite well because she has someone follow Jay. She knows he met with Lee Ro-Um, and it is driving her crazy.

We’re given more insight into what Kang-Soo has been tasked with by “the president” before they shut down Navis Well-Being too. Kang-Soo is to manipulate the stock price of a certain item to get a lot of money. He has already identified the item in question, but they still need a huge sum of money to make this work. Since “the president” cannot use his own money, Kang-Soo has been tasked with finding a financier. And Kang-Soo has found someone called Min Kang-Yoon.

Min Kang-Yoon is the daughter of a loan shark called Min Chae-Pyo, whom Kang-Soo had known since the days when Darusa International was operating. Now Kang-Soo has a business plan to present to Min Kang-Yoon so she can finance his stock manipulation plan.

Lee Ro-Um and the team plan to get the business plan from Kang-Soo through Yeon Tae-Hoon. Kang-Soo is very careful. For starters, Yeon Tae-Hoon is still considered by Kang-Soo as an outside advisor even though he is helping him with the business plan. Kang-Soo also has security outside his office, and he always checks for recording devices in his office. Finally, Kang-Soo has his business in a separate portable drive that he carries with him.

Da-Jung made an undetectable recording device that Yeon Tae-Hoon could wear so they can listen to what Kang-Soo is saying each time Yeon Tae-Hoon is in his office. Da-Jung also gives Yeon Tae-Hoon several flash drives to drop around Navis Well-Being headquarters. That way, unsuspecting staff can pick them up and plug them into their computers, enabling Da-Jung to hack into Navis Well-Being’s intranet.

Na-Sa sees Yeon Tae-Hoon at Kang-Soo’s office and immediately suspects him. He follows the guy and tells him to warn Lee Ro-Um not to go on with her to Kang-Soo’s place, or he’ll tell Kang-Soo about it. So, the team is now back to square one. However, they now know that the information about the meeting between Kang-Soo and Kang-Yoon will be texted to his phone, so they need to get that information.

Lee Ro-Um asks Moo-Young to ask Jay for Jang Kyung-Ja’s guards’ schedule. Of course, Moo-Young is skeptical about this, but he does it anyway. Lee Ro-Um then goes to see Na-Sa at his auto repair shop.

As expected, Na-Sa isn’t pleased to see Lee Ro-Um. She asks Na-Sa to get her the information about the meeting between Kang-Soo and Kang-Yoon from Kang-Soo’s phone. In exchange for the information, Lee Ro-Um tells Na-Sa that she’ll send him Jang Kyung-Ja’s guards’ schedule so he can know the best time to set up the cameras in her office, as Kang-Soo instructed.

Na-Sa thinks Lee Ro-Um’s desire to help him is a trap, but Lee Ro-Um assures him it’s not. They seemingly make amends with each other, and before Lee Ro-Um leaves, he tells Na-Sa that he’s not the kid he used to be and that he can fight back if they beat him up. Earlier, Kang-Soo mentioned that Na-Sa was the most obedient after being beaten up. This was how he was trained at Jeokmok Foundation.

Elsewhere, Mr Kang asks Park Kyu to look into what Moo-Young has been up to since he was suspended from practising law. He also voices his concerns about Moo-Young being associated with Lee Ro-Um. I wonder how he knew about them.

Later, Moo-Young asks Lee Ro-Um about her relationship with Jay. Lee Ro-Um then tells Moo-Young that she once had a crush on Jay.

A while later, Da-Jung and Ring-Go tell Moo-Young that Kang-Soo fired Yeon Tae-Hoon. He dropped the recording device and said there wasn’t any information they could get from the recording. However, Moo-Young still insists on hearing the recording.

It turns out Kang-Soo was brought some mandarins, and he insisted on sharing one with Yeon Tae-Hoon. These mandarins reminded Yeon Tae-Hoon of Ho-Jung, her daughter, which explains why he keeps one in front of her picture at his house. When Kang-Soo gave him some to eat, he couldn’t contain his anger so he seemingly resigned.

After hearing the recording, Moo-Young calls Yeon Tae-Hoon and commends him for trying his best to get justice for his daughter the right way. Moo-Young calls Mr Kang and tells him he’ll meet his father. After the phone call, Mr Kang takes out another phone, and it seems he’s talking to someone about completing a suspicious task in exchange for payment.

At Navis Well-Being, Na-Sa asks Kang-Soo for his phone to connect the security cameras he planted in Jang Kyung-Ja’s office to his phone. That way, he can spy on her easily. Kang-Soo gives Na-Sa his phone, and while Na-Sa is connecting it to the security cameras, he also gets a message about the meeting between Kang-Soo and Kang-Yoon. He then sends the information to Da-Jung.

It turns out Kang-Yoon is hosting an exclusive party, and Kang-Soo will be attending to pitch his stock manipulation plan to her so she can be his financier. Lee Ro-Um and the team plan to have someone attend the party so they can ruin things for Kang-Soo. They then discover that Shin Seo-Ra, Yo-Han’s mum, will be attending.

Moo-Young suggests Yo-Han ask his mother for invites to the party. Although Yo-Han doesn’t want to, he still asks his Shin Seo-Ra to do just that. Yo-Han then goes to ask Mo Jae-In to accompany him to the party.

At Park & Cue Law Firm, Park Kyu tries to gain access to Moo-Young’s office to find out whether he’s working with Ro-Um, as Mr Kang requested him. However, he finds it locked. Meanwhile, Jae-Hyeok is seemingly forced to resign from his job at the prosecution office because he was discovered to be investigating Navis Well-Being. Moo-Young was right about his work being at risk when he decided to help Lee Ro-Um and the others.

Moo-Young later finds Park Kyu in his house. Park Kyu went through documents in his house and now knows Moo-Young is still helping Lee Ro-Um. Of course, he isn’t happy about this. Jay calls Moo-Young and asks him to tell Lee Ro-Um that it’ll take time for him to get that “thing.” The thing Jay is talking about is the revolver. Of course, this angers Moo-Young, causing him and Lee Ro-Um to argue.

Jang Kyung-Ja is at her office with a lighter in her hand. She then reveals a memory card inside. Kang-Soo sees her removing that memory card through the surveillance camera. Could this have the copy of An Chae-Hong’s notebook that contained the identity of “the president?”

Elsewhere, Moo-Young and Lee Ro-Um go to a hotel and pretend to have lost Lee Ro-Um’s engagement ring. They want to use that excuse to access the hotel but aren’t unsuccessful.

Lee Ro-Um then visits the restroom but goes to the hotel’s storage room instead. It’s unclear what she’s looking for though. Moo-Young follows  to get her out of there, but some hotel attendants happen to pass by, and Lee Ro-Um pulls Moo-Young inside the storage room so the hotel attendants don’t notice them. The episode ends with Lee Ro-Um finally remembering that Moo-Young was Number 25 in the show she was on when she was young.

The Episode Review

I applaud Yeon Tae-Hoon for trying his best to cooperate with Lee Ro-Um and the others to seek revenge against Jeokmok Foundation. It seems his efforts moved Moo-Young to finally want to meet his father.  Mr Kang is getting more suspicious after this episode. For starters, how did he know Moo-Young was helping Lee Ro-Um? Also, who is working with? And what exactly has he been tasked to do?

As for Jang Kyung-Ja, one can’t help but wonder how she plans to prove herself to “the president”, as she mentioned. Now that Kang-Soo knows about her secret memory card, she better act fast. Otherwise, Kang-Soo will be the end of her. While I’m glad Lee Ro-Um recognized Moo-Young as a part of her past, I wonder why it took so long, considering she has exceptional memory.

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