Delightfully Deceitful – K-drama Episode 10 Recap & Review

Past Traumas and The Demons Within

Episode 10 of Delightfully Deceitful takes us back to one of the therapy sessions Moo-Young had with Mo Jae-In. During the session, Moo-Young talked about his father, how he was an alcoholic, and even when he had Moo-Young drink alcohol.

Back to the present, Da-Jung returns to her comic book store where she also lived. She then asks Lee Ro-Um to live with her. Lee Ro-Um accepts and borrows a laptop from Da-Jung. She embarks on writing everything that was in the records An Chae-Hong had about Jeokmok Foundation, thanks to her exceptional memory.

Later, Moo-Young takes the flash drive with everything Lee Ro-Um wrote to Jae-Hyeok. But, before Moo-Young gives Jae-Hyeok the flash drive, he tells him that this investigation might cost him his job as a prosecutor. So, if he wants to back out, now is the time. But Jae-Hyeok still insists on helping Moo-Young with the investigation.

Moo-Young, Young-Ji, Jae-Hyeok, Lee Ro-Um, Da-Jung, Ring-Go, Yoo-ll, and Yoo-Neung are now a team, and they begin their investigation on Jeokmok Foundation. They now know that “the president” has been using pyramid schemes like Navis Well-Being to generate income. They also discover that Navis Well-Being is about to be shut down by “the president,” so they have to quickly find an informant who will join Navis Well-Being and find out the identity of “the president.” Moo-Young recommends asking Yeon Tae-Hoon to be their informant since he also wants justice for his daughter, Yeon Ho-Jung.

At Navis Well-Being, it’s clear there’s tension because of what Kang-So told Jang Kyung-Ja in the last episode. It turns out Jang Kyung-Ja is now no longer calling the shots now that Kang-Soo is back.

Moo-Young meets with the lawyer, Mr Kang, who helped him when his father became bankrupt, and his parents ran away, leaving him with the burden of his debts. Mr. Kang tells Moo-Young that he has found his father, and he wants to meet him. Well, how about that!

Lee Ro-Um and Moo-Young visit Yeon Tae-Hoon to ask him if he could join them in seeking revenge against Darusa International, Navis Well-Being, and Jeokmok Foundation. Yeon Tae-Hoon, who’s drinking down his sorrows, refuses to help them and insinuates that he will kill Kang-Soo to avenge his daughter’s death.

Moo-Young begins confronting Yeon Tae-Hoon about him being a bad father to Yeon Ho-Jung. Yeon Tae-Hoon’s excessive drinking may have triggered memories of Moo-Young’s father drinking, explaining why Moo-Young goes off on Yeon Tae-Hoon.

At Navis Well-Being, Jang Kyung-Ja tries to bring Kang-Soo as an assistant. But he beats the assistant up and tells Jang Kyung-Ja that he has his own people working for him. Later, Da-Jung informs Moo-Young on the phone that Kang-Soo brought his team to work with him at Navis Well-Being as he doesn’t trust Jang Kyung-Ja. But, he doesn’t have a biotech researcher either, so Da-Jung suggests that Yeon Tae-Hoon applies for that position so he could be their informant at Navis Well-Being. Moo-Young, however, tells Da-Jung that Yeon Tae-Hoon won’t be helping them.

Lee Ro-Um goes to Moo-Young’s house to ask him why he doesn’t want Yeon Tae-Hoon to help them. Moo-Young then begins telling Lee Ro-Um about his alcoholic father. He tells Lee Ro-Um that Yeon Tae-Hoon reminds him of his father. Moo-Young also tells Lee Ro-Um that his father now wants to see him.

Later, Mr Kang tries calling Moo-Young. Mr Kang had asked Moo-Young to meet him and Moo-Young’s father for dinner, but it seems Moo-Young isn’t up for it. And I don’t blame him for not wanting to see his dad after what he put him through.

Elsewhere, Jang Kyung-Ja confronts Jay about lying to her regarding not meeting with Lee Ro-Um during the talk show. Jay also confronts Jang Kyung-Ja about the notebook Lee Ro-Um was looking for in the hotel’s vault. Jang Kyung-Ja denies that there is such a notebook.

We’re then taken back to the night An Chae-Hong apparently hung himself. It turns out Jang Kyung-Ja killed him, and Jay hung An Chae-Hong’s body, making it look like he had taken his life.

Back to the present, Moo-Young returns to Yeon Tae-Hoon’s house to convince him to join them in seeking revenge against Darusa International, Navis Well-Being, and Jeokmok Foundation the right way. Remember, Yeon Tae-Hoon insinuated that he wanted to kill Kang-Soo. It seems he agrees because later, he joins Moo-Young and the others and prepares to go for the interview for the biotech researcher job position in Kang-Soo’s team at Navis Well-Being. Fortunately for them, Yeon Tae-Hoon is hired by Kang-Soo.

Meanwhile, Mo Jae-In goes to Da-Jung’s comic books store and finds Lee Ro-Um. She then tells Lee Ro-Um about the case studies Shin Seo-Ra engaged them in. Mo Jae-In then apologizes to Lee Ro-Um for participating in recommending Lee Ro-Um to Jeokmok Foundation, even though she didn’t know. Mo Jae-In then tells Lee Ro-Um that she can come to her for therapy if she wants to.

Yo-Han meets with Na-Sa and convinces him to continue working with Lee Ro-Um to avenge Jeokmok Foundation. Later, Moo-Young takes Na-Sa to Da-Jung’s comic book store, where the group meets. As expected, Lee Ro-Um isn’t happy to see him. Lee Ro-Um and Na-Sa begin arguing about what happened at the hotel, and Na-Sa leaves.

Da-Jung follows Na-Sa and tries to convince him to stay r but, Na-Sa refuses. Na-Sa mentions that he’s more scared of Lee Ro-Um than he is of Jeokmok Foundation, and he doesn’t trust her. He then assures Da-Jung that he won’t tell anyone about their plans to seek revenge against Jeokmok Foundation. All this emotionally drains Da-Jung once again, and she breaks down crying.

The next day, Yo-Han meets with Lee Ro-Um and tries to convince her to reconcile with Na-Sa. He also mentions he sent Mo Jae-In to offer therapy sessions to Lee Ro-Um.

Later, Mr Kang calls Moo-Young to ask him why he didn’t come to meet his father as they had planned. However, Moo-Young seemingly confesses he can’t face his father. After the phone call, Mr Kang reveals his own investigation against Jeokmok Foundation that he’s secretly conducting in his house.

Elsewhere, Lee Ro-Um goes to Na-Sa’s auto repair shop to reconcile with him but stops in her tracks as if she has seen something. The episode ends with Na-Sa meeting with Kang-Soo.

The Episode Review

I’m glad Yeon Tae-Hoon has agreed to join Moo-Young and the others to seek revenge against Jeokmok Foundation. On the other hand, I’m afraid for Na-Sa because he may be treading on a dangerous path now that he seemingly wants to work with Kang-Soo. I guess Lee Ro-Um was right about Na-Sa not being focused.

As for Mr Kang, I wonder why he’s investigating Jeokmok Foundation. Could it be because of what happened to Moo-Young’s father’s company? It has now been revealed that Jang Kyung-Ja killed An Chae-Hong. I wonder if she and Jay trust each other, considering they’re keeping secrets from each other. I also wonder what Lee Ro-Um saw when she went to Na-Sa’s auto repair shop to reconcile with him.

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