Delicious In Dungeon – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

Raspberries/Grilled Meat

Episode 8 of Delicious In Dungeon begins with Marcille waking up and checking on Laios. Although Marcille is concerned about Laios because of the previous chapter’s events, Chilchuk and Senshi inform her that Laios’s health has improved. Afterward, Marcille reflects on this dungeon’s design and its monsters. 

Then, we enter a school-related flashback involving Marcille. The other students are praising her because of her exceptional skills, with one of them stating that Marcille has the potential to become a court mage. Marcille’s flattered by her classmates’ comments and knows she wouldn’t be shocked if she became a court mage one day. 

Next, the teacher arrives and tells the students they’ll be partaking in a spirit-breeding experiment. Everyone takes a jar and heads outside. Marcille partakes in and explains the spirit breeding process to the audience. Also, she states how this phenomenon serves as a base for Summoning Magic.

She says the structure used to breed spirits resembles that of a dungeon, therefore, most refer to it as “dungeonium.” Everyone heads to the darkroom to place their breeding spirit jars inside. While in the darkroom, all the students flock toward Marcille and gawk over her breeding spirit’s barrier. Someone asks Marcille why she’s studying Summoning Magic. 

Marcille says she’s doing so because she wants to learn how to create a safe dungeon and focus on the ingredients of magic. She feels it’ll allow her to contribute to society if she can create one. Someone accidentally shoves another student who is trying to transport their barrier to a shelf. Thankfully, Marcille prevents her from falling. 

The girl thanks her and continues heading for the shelf. Marcille notices this girl’s barrier has imperfections, which will result in its magic weakening and the spirits inside perishing. Another girl informs Marcille about this girl’s lackluster academic habits. Several days pass. The teacher tells the students to reenter the darkroom to check on their barriers to see if their spirits survive. 

Some students’ spirits died, unlike Marcille’s. As for the girl Marcille assisted, their teacher says her spirits multiplied a lot, which impressed Marcille. Marcille rushes to the girl and asks her how she pulled it off. The girl says she visited a real dungeon that’s known for having a lot of spirits.

Later, the girl leads Marcille to a hidden passage. After they pass through this hidden passage, we receive a montage of the girl and Maricille navigating toward the real dungeon. Eventually, they reach the real dungeon and the girl heads inside without worry. She extends her hand and persuades Marcille to join her inside. 

They reach a land mass that’s surrounded by numerous spirits. The girl explains what she did to achieve her spirit-breeding multiplier phenomenon to Marcille. Marcille examines the area and ponders if it would be great to turn this spot into a safe dungeon. Then, a slime monster rises from the deep, startling Marcille. 

Before Marcille attacks it, the girl stops her. She explains why the slime monster isn’t a threat to them and what it does for the dungeon’s sake. The girl hands Marcille some berries. While the girl is sketching, Marcille reflects on dungeon design and the species that inhabit dungeons. She realizes she must improve her dungeon knowledge if she hopes to create the dungeon of her dreams. 

Marcille apologizes to the girl and we learn this girl’s Laios sister, Falin. The flashback closes and Chilchuk believes Marcille’s backstory is full of lies, angering Marcille. Then, Marcille prattles on about this dungeon’s design’s complexity. She tells Senshi he should consider finding a new home, but Senshi is against it, stating that Marcille shouldn’t be concerned about that. 

Laios awakens and provides Marcille and the others with info regarding Falin’s thoughts about Marcille and the impact she had on her during their school days. Marcille blushes and tells Laios that Falin praised him a lot during her school days. After some heartfelt chatter, Chilchuk and the others observe a map of the dungeon and construct a plan that will help them reach the Red Dragon’s area.

Before they go, Marcille tells Chilchuk that she wants to clean herself up. She enters another room to pamper herself before they depart. Then, we cut to a flashback involving Marcille, Chilchuk, and the other two dungeon explorers who were with Laios and company at the start of the series. The other two want to depart from the group, upsetting Marcille. 

Marcille says they should help her and the others find Falin, but one of the adventurers isn’t interested because they want to focus on making more money. In the present, Chilchuk tries waking Laios up. Marcille notices she boiled a lot of water and visits the dungeon’s water area to dispose of it. After she disposes of the boiled water, a water creature called an Undine rises from its depths. 

This creature startles Marcille, causing her to fall into the water. Chilchuk and Senshi take note of this and Chilchuk tells Senshi they need fire to defeat the Undine. Chilchuck tells Marcille to try to handle the Undine on her own. Marcille uses her water-crossing magic stand on the water.

Simultaneously, she tells Chilchuk she’ll try to find a way to defeat the Undine. Laios arrives and Marcille tells the others not to enter the water because their water-crossing abilities have faded. At the same time, the Undine fires a water bullet (of some kind) at Marcille’s leg, which severely wounds her. 

Marcille concentrates and examines the area. She notices the Undine’s covered in blood. She waits for it to come near her before performing an explosive spell on the water. This spell hurls her into the air, but thankfully Laios captures her. Chilchuk and Senshi grab and pull Laios to the surface to prevent him and Marcille from falling into the water. 

Noticing the Undine’s gotten larger, Laios and the others retreat to a safe location in the dungeon. Marcille informs our group that she’s low on blood and magic and can’t fully recover. While Marcille rests, Laios suggests that they wait it out. He hopes another adventurer or healer will stumble across their party. 

Chilchuk’s unsure this is a great idea because they don’t have anything to offer a potential healer or adventurer besides Kelpie meat. This gives Laios a barbecue-themed idea. Senshi and the others whip up a tasty Kelpie dish. When it’s complete, Laios wakes Marcille up and escorts her to the food.

Laios and Chilchuk dig in and try different portions of the meal. As for Marcille, they force her to eat the Kelpie liver, which gives her a small boost in energy. However, she wishes they’d let her try the other meats Senshi made. Marcille passes out. Laios wishes he knew of a meal that’d replenish Marcille’s magic power. 

Then, we see another party wandering the dungeon. One of them gets a whiff of Senshi’s dish and finds it odd that another group is cooking in a place like this. The episode closes, revealing that the person questioning Laios and his comrades’ actions happens to be one of their former allies. 

The Episode Review

Where the previous episode left off with Laios in a poor position, this one opted to give Marcille a similar, upsetting fate. Fortunately, it appears another party will be greeting our heroes soon. Yet, one of their members happens to be a former ally who bailed on Laios and the others for money. Having said that, it’ll be interesting to see them confront this individual about their decision. 

That aside, this chapter delves into Marcille’s backstory well. It doesn’t give fans a full glimpse into this elven mage’s life, but it gives viewers a few breadcrumbs worth observing. From Marcille’s stellar achievements to her companionship with Falin, many Delicious In Dungeon enthusiasts will be pleased with the information we received in that flashback.

Additionally, it shows that Marcille, Laios, and Falin have a tighter connection than some may have expected. As with Marcille, it’ll be spectacular for the series to delve deeper into Chilchuk, Laios, and Senshi’s past lives, too. Especially Senshi’s backstory since there’s a lot the showrunners could explore with his character. 

Overall, this was a great episode of Delicious In Dungeon. It had nice character development, enjoyable comedy, and brief yet compelling action scenes to keep fans engaged.

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