Delicious In Dungeon – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Stewed Cabbage/Orcs

Episode 4 of Delicious In Dungeon begins with Laios and his party wandering the third basement floor of a dungeon. Laios pinpoints several creatures, humans, and others via their footsteps. They reach a new area and Laios suggests they go left instead of right due to a Golem’s intuition.

Before Senshi speaks, Marcille stops and tells him that Golems aren’t edible beings and she can make them. Senshi says he’s interested in the Golem’s bodies and shows them his base. He confirms he doesn’t use it often for multiple reasons and says he noticed Laios and the others during one of his shopping trips. 

Senshi mentions the third floor contains a few edible creatures. He argues that Golems are valuable since they’re high in nutrition and maintain appropriate temperature and humidity. Chilchuk realizes Senshi’s using them for gardening purposes and Senshi explains why that’s not a bad idea. 

Senshi leads Marcile and the others to a lair filled with Golems. Senshi defeats each Golem without his friends’ aid. The Golems turn into mush and Senshi tells his comrades to harvest the Golems’ vegetables. After harvesting, Marcille discovers Senshi was the one who planted the Golems in this area, which gave him insight into where to find their cores. 

She tells Senshi it’s illegal to activate a magical creature without permission. Senshi argues why what he’s doing isn’t a bad thing. Marcille leaves for a minute to use the restroom. Senshi uses the opportunity to gather some soil and bury his Golems. Laios asks him questions about the Golem revival process and Senshi briefly explains it to him. 

Laios commends Senshi for showing the Golems proper care and asks him if he finds his lifestyle challenging. Senshi says he commits these acts out of enjoyment and doesn’t find his lifestyle difficult. Marcillle returns and we see everyone partaking in food prep. Marcille notices Senshi physically making a fire with flint and offers to use a fire spell to save him time. 

Senshi objects, confusing Marcille. Senshi argues why he prefers making fire this way. Everyone digs into the Golem-inspired dish and adores it. After eating, Senshi leaves to use the bathroom and Marcille shares her fondness for this floor’s bathroom cleanliness and decorum. After thinking about it for a while, our trio looks for Senshi. 

They find Senshi and Senshi tells them he’s collecting feces and urine and carrying them to the chamber pots due to their significance. Laios confronts Senshi about his lifestyle decision. Senshi explains why he does what he does down here, enlightening his comrades. Additionally, he says it’s okay for him to travel with Laios and the others since he can count on the Golems to protect this place. 

After handling his task, we see Senshi and the others traveling somewhere while holding various vegetables. Marcille asks him what he plans to do with the vegetables. Senshi says he usually sells them to wandering travelers on lower floors. Chilchuk suggests they should trade them to this floor’s merchants for nice rewards. 

They visit a diner and confront a short merchant about trading their vegetables. The merchant tells them to leave and says if they want to make a deal with him, they should trade him gold coins instead. Suddenly, a group of orcs arrive and start killing the diners’ customers. Before Laios attacks them, Senshi stops him because these orcs are his customers. 

The orcs reveal the Red Dragon appeared in their settlement so they traveled to this floor to seek shelter. While the orc commander’s army gathers materials from the diner, he confronts Senshi and asks him to share his crops with him. The orc commander’s willing to kill Senshi if he doesn’t comply. Senshi strikes a deal with the commander. 

Laios and the others confront Senshi about his decision and learn he doesn’t have a proper plan. The orc commander places our heroes inside a cage with a few chickens at his settlement. Senshi asks him to hand him some ingredients so he can make everyone some bread. An orc toddler asks Marcille a question and the orc commander gives him a history lesson about humans, elves, and their people. 

Marcille fires back with facts about the orc’s harsh actions in the past. The two settle down for a bit and the orc reminds Laios what he can achieve if he defeats this dungeon’s magician. He asks Laios what he plans to do if he gains control over this entire kingdom. Laios doesn’t know, resulting in the orc commander comparing him to other greedy adventurers he’s stumbled upon. 

Marcille confronts the orc commander and asks him why he doesn’t compete for the throne. The two argue again and Senshi eventually finishes the bread dish. The orc commander tells him they’re not allowed to eat the bread. However, the orc commander’s son asks him why. Marcille and Senshi discuss things with the orc’s son.

This persuades the orc commander to tell the other orcs to prepare meals for Marcille and the others. Marcille compliments the orcs for making them a lovely meal. Laios confronts the commander about his question to him earlier. Laios confirms he wants to travel to the dungeon’s depths to save his sister and defeat the Red Dragon. 

He promises the orc commander that they won’t involve his people in the matter. The orc commander grabs a map and shows Laios and his friends where they can find the Red Dragon. Laios says he’ll ponder the orc’s words about becoming this area’s king. After enjoying their meal with the orcs, the episode closes with our squad continuing their quest. 

The Episode Review

Delicious In Dungeon continues to expand upon its world and cast in wonderful ways. From the rich lore surrounding the Golem creatures and the third floor’s dining areas to the tidbits we receive about Senshi’s duties, fans will find it all fascinating and thoughtful. Additionally, viewers will find the orc commander’s prejudice against humans, elves, and other species intriguing. 

It gave this chapter significant tension and added more depth to the world our characters inhabit. Hopefully, the future creatures Laios and his crew stumble upon produce similar results. On top of tackling deep topics like discrimination, this episode also delved into the themes of hard work versus convenience, which is something that will resonate with many individuals.

By and large, Delicious In Dungeon continues to impress with its nice balance of relaxing scenarios, thrilling action, and astonishing world-building. I’m excited to see what our heroes encounter next.  

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