Delicious In Dungeon – Season 1 Episode 24 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Dumplings -2-/Bacon and Eggs

Episode 24 of Delicious In Dungeon begins with Laios and his friends venturing through a new part of the dungeon. Chilchuk stops everyone and they all discuss different species’ age ranges. Chilchuk brought this up because he assumes the mushroom-changing phenomenon is temporary, otherwise, the mushrooms would be a sought-after ingredient in their world. 

What Changeling-related ideas does Laios have planned for Falin?

Laios ponders Changelings further and relates it to Falin’s predicament. He knows it’d be difficult for Falin to live amongst them in the surface world. Laios says he wanted to entice Falin to enter a Changeling’s ring circle. He planned to have Falin undergo the Changeling species conversion process until Falin’s lower half converted to a reasonable specimen. 

How do Laios and his friends defeat the gargoyles? How do our heroes return to normal?

The gargoyles from the previous episode arrive because Laios forgot to shut the door properly. One of the gargoyles grabs Laios’s sword (Kensuke) and throws it between Chilchuk and Marcille. Kensuke spawns a strange mist. Chilchuk and Marcille realize the mist evokes the Changelings’s spores. Chilchuk reminds Marcille that Kensuke dropped between their arms, which formed a ring of some kind. 

This gives Marcille a plan. She asks everyone to hold hands and form a circle. Marcille wants one of the gargoyles to fly within their circle. If it does, Marcille predicts it’ll transform. Although matters don’t go accordingly, our heroes transform the gargoyle into a stone plate-like device. Laios realizes non-living creatures transform faster than living ones. 

Laios and his friends perform an amusing group circle plan to turn the second gargoyle into a fountain. Once it transforms, Laios learns that all they need to do to return to normal is wash the Changeling spores off their bodies. Laios says it’ll take a while for them to return to normal, so he asks Senshi to prepare a meal for them while they wait. 

Senshi suggests making dumplings but Izutsumi refuses to eat them. Senshi puts one of the dumplings through the plate gargoyle’s mouth. The dumpling transforms. Izutsumi’s unsure if she should eat it. However, Senshi reminds Izutsumi that she ate the Hippogriff’s meat and nothing happened to her. Therefore, our heroes eat the Changeling dumplings and take a nap afterward. 

Chilchuk and the others wake up and learn they’re all normal again. Before they go, Marcille notices Kensuke still has his Changeling design. She orders Laios to wash Kensuke off with water before they go. 

What new details do we obtain about Laios and Falin’s past during the former’s train discussion with Senshi?

 Our heroes stumble upon an old yet functional train and use it. While riding, Senshi asks Laios why he and Falin wanted to become adventurers. Laios tells Senshi he fled from numerous societies during his teen years and tackled several odd jobs. Simultaneously, Laios says Falin lived at a magic school so he’d occasionally visit her. Falin fled her school to join Laios on his adventure and eventually, they arrived at the island that houses the dungeon. 

When they arrived, they tackled numerous jobs, met new folks, and continued adventuring. Senshi wonders why Laios chose to let Falin accompany him. Senshi argues Falin could’ve had a better life at the magic school. Laios argues Falin didn’t have a remarkable childhood because people shunned her for her magical talent. Laios says he didn’t like the environment they grew up in, so he fled their village, a year before Falin did. 

Laios argues Falin remained a lonely person until Marcille got involved in her life. Therefore, Laios took an oath to be there for Falin until someone else could carry that mantle in his place.

How do our heroes plan to return Falin to normal?

After Izutsumi comforts Marcille, Senshi ponders Izutsumi and Falin’s current build. Senshi brings up the Red Dragon meat he used to have and says some of the meat they ate in the past didn’t transform into a dragon. Therefore, Senshi says if they consume Falin, it’s possible they could use their excretions to resummon her to her normal state. Laios ponders this idea and wonders how long it’d take them to complete that goal.

Senshi suggests Laios rely on all the allies he’s made to help him complete this Falin-eating and reviving plan. Laios is unsure if everyone would comply, but he’s willing to try the plan. Laios highlights his mission step-by-step. First, Laios wants to free the winged lion. Next, Laios wants to use the Winged Lion’s power to exterminate Thistle’s power. Lastly, Laios wants to recruit everyone to assist them in consuming Falin’s dragon parts. 

How does Delicious In Dungeon Season 1 end?

We receive brief cutaways of Namari and Falin’s groups traversing the dungeon. After that, we return to following our heroes. Izutsumi says she’s hungry, so Senshi suggests they make a meal before they arrive at their next destination. After the narrator reminds the audience about the dungeon’s rules, the episode closes with everyone getting ready to eat, followed by a “To Be Continued” screen.

The Episode Review

Delicious In Dungeon has ended, but fortunately, the story’s far from over, at least anime-wise. Trigger Studios announced via X/Twitter that another season will happen, so fans’ worries can be put to rest. That said, this episode features our heroes fighting numerous gargoyles and finding a cure for their species-swapping dilemma. Although the way they resolved their issues was convenient, fans are happy to see our heroes traverse the dungeon again in proper form. 

At the same time, this episode sets up the second season’s content wonderfully. From the Canaries to Thistle, we can expect a lot of drama and action to ensue once their factions encounter Laios’s party. Additionally, it’s great that our heroes developed a plan to return Falin to normal. Although it semi-leans toward cannibalism, it fits within the tone and lore the series has bestowed its audience with. 

Nonetheless, if all else fails, we’re certain our heroes will ponder a different solution that doesn’t involve chopping up Falin’s body to bits. Lastly, if there’s one thing fans will miss with Delicious In Dungeon’s anime’s departure, it’s the show’s creativity. From winter-like labyrinths to abandoned train stations, this anime’s enclosed setting is brimming with life, intrigue, and imagination.

Hopefully, the second season can continue to add more distinct layers and knickknacks to this captivating locale. All in all, this was a wonderful way to conclude the first saga of Delicious In Dungeon. 

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