Delicious In Dungeon – Season 1 Episode 20 Recap & Review

Ice Golem/Barometz

Episode 20 of Delicious In Dungeon begins with Laios and his companions arriving at the spot where they fought the Red Dragon. Marcille says this used to be the dungeon’s deepest area, however, they discovered a magic door that leads to a lower level. While our crew gathers the materials they lost during their initial encounter with the Red Dragon, Chilchuk notices Izutsumi stealing something. 

Chilchuk stops Izutsumi and the two discuss each other’s origins. After Marcille uses a spell on the ground, an Ice Golem appears. Izutsumi fights the Ice Golem and Chilchuk tells Izutsumi she must shatter its core. However, he’s unsure where the Ice Golem’s core is located, so he asks Izutsumi to distract the beast so he can find its core. 

Chilchuk fires an arrow at the Ice Golem’s core seconds later. He tells Izutsumi to attack that area, allowing her to defeat the Ice Golem. Later, our heroes relax at a warmer location and Senshi prepares a meal for everyone. While eating, Chilchuk hands Izutsumi a bag and apologizes for the cruel remarks he told her earlier. Additionally, Chilchuk insists that Izutsumi adjusts to the way they handle things. 

The next day, Laios and his friends put on jackets and plan to head out. Senshi hands everyone a Mandrake food item, but Izutsumi orders Laios to take hers. Laios refuses several times, resulting in Izutsumi scratching him. Izutsumi tells the others she refuses to eat monsters. Next, our heroes continue traveling and seek refuge in a new cave. 

Laios highlights the food rations they have left and Izutsumi argues Laios is hiding the “good food” from everyone. Laios tells Izutsumi that she shouldn’t be a picky eater, especially if she wants to continue traversing the dungeon with them. Izutsumi spots a sheep growing from a plant nearby but Laios tells her not to wander toward it. Izutsumi ignores Laios and heads toward that creature. 

Laios tells Marcille it’s a Barometz, a harmless creature that allegedly attracts carnivores. Next, Laios heads toward Izutsumi and several Dire Wolves arrive. While Laios deals with the wolves, Izutsumi enters a cave. Marcille follows Izutsumi and Izutsumi explains why she left Laios with the Dire Wolves. Eventually, the two girls stumble upon two paths. Izutsumi uses her beast-man abilities to sniff out the correct path. 

Marcille senses the Dire Wolves approaching and tells Izutsumi they should retreat. Additionally, she offers to use explosion magic to deal with the Dire Wolves. Izutsumi tells Marcille to do as she pleases and continues heading toward her chosen path. Marcille uses her explosion magic on the Dire Wolves and we enter a flashback involving Izutsumi and Shuro’s group. 

One of Shuro’s retainers yells at Izutsumi for putting Tade in harm’s way, but Izutsumi tells the retainer she didn’t. The retainer thinks Izutsumi’s lying so she suggests Izutsumi show more gratitude toward others, especially since they chose to take her in. Izutsumi meets with Tade and asks her why she did what she did. Unfortunately, Izutsumi doesn’t recall what Tade said, so in the present, she continues heading toward that succulent scent’s destination. 

Then, Izutsumi encounters a Dire Wolf, who bites one of her arms. Thankfully, Marcille arrives and uses a blinding spell on the Dire Wolf. Izutsumi uses the opportunity to silence the Dire Wolf with her dagger. Marcille and Izutsumi continue traveling through the cave. During their venture, Marcille explains why she’s putting up with the things she dislikes about her adventure with Laios and the others. 

Most importantly, Marcille tells Izutsumi that if she avoids everything she dislikes, it’ll keep her from accomplishing her goals. Therefore, if Izutsumi wants to meet the lunatic magician and continue traveling with Marcille’s group, Marcille suggests she accept their journey’s shortcuts. Eventually, the girls regroup with Laios and the others. They learn how Laios scared off the Dire Wolves Izutsumi left him with. 

Also, Laios tells the girls he couldn’t retrieve the mature Barometz. However, he obtained one of its fruits. Senshi prepares a dish with this ingredient, much to Marcille’s disappointment. Senshi hands the Barometz meal to Izutsumi and she finds it delicious. Izutsumi recalls Tade’s response and learns Tade did what she did because she wanted to be helpful to everyone. 

Next, Tade suggests Izutsumi not let bothersome things hinder her from her goals. Senshi, Laios, and Marcille praise Izutsumi for eating the meal. Izutsumi scratches them for treating her like the group’s pet and reminds them that she won’t eat gross monsters. Then, Senshi notices Marcille hasn’t eaten her meal yet. The episode closes with Izutsumi telling Marcille to eat her meal. 

The Episode Review

The previous chapter delved heavily into Marcille’s grief, giving fans emotional and wonderfully animated sequences between her and Laios. Although that chapter was necessary, many wondered if we’d receive a chapter focusing on Laios’s new traveling companion, Izutsumi. Thankfully, this episode gave fans a taste of that, but nothing too special as some may have hoped for. 

Although it was nice seeing Marcille and the others confront Izutsumi about her dislikes, many would’ve preferred if the chapter delved into her time with Shuro and his retainers. While the chapter alludes to Izutsumi’s genuine connection with Tade, it’d be great to see her past interactions with Shuro, Maizuru, and others. 

Her interaction with the other female retainer during those flashback sequences will likely fuel fans’ desires for that to happen. Therefore, as our heroes progress in the dungeon, the anime should delve more into Izutsumi’s character, giving audiences a bigger picture of how things went between her and Shuro’s group. Besides that, this episode contained some nice tension, action, comedy, and a slice of teamwork on Chilchuk and Izutsumi’s end of things. 

All in all, episode 20 was a satisfying outing. It gives Izutsumi some meaningful development, fans some notable Ice Golem and Dire Wolf encounters, and a touching scenario between Marcille and Izutsumi. 

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